Magical Mystery Oops

Twilight Sparkle has spent months researching chaos magic, developing a new spell to unlock magic nopony has ever experienced before. But when something goes wrong with casting, Twilight finds herself turned into a Draconequus and unable to control her new chaos magic. If she ever wants to be a pony again, there is only one who can help her learn to control her new magic.

Of course, learning from Discord was never going to be simple. And after a while, being a draconequus doesn't seem so bad anyway....


3. Woke up with a Discord

Twilight rolled over in her bed as she tried to escape the piercing rays of the morning sun. Her bed chamber had several excellent features - the massive over-stuffed bed with plenty of pillow, the additional bookshelves, the wall on which she had framed pictures of all of her friends. One feature she wasn't a fan of was the massive floor-to-ceiling windows that inevitably would let light in at the early hours no matter what she did with the blinds.

But, that morning, Twilight found herself not rolling as far as usual this morning. With a grumble, she cracked one eye open to see if Pinkie Pie had snuck into her bed again.

What she found was an agent of chaos, just not the one she had been expecting. "Discord."

"Twilight." Discord replied calmly as he stared back at her. He was splayed out on the bed next to her, one arm propping up his head as he laid nearly nose-to-nose with Twilight. "Might I say, you are looking lovely this morning."

"Why are you in my bed, Discord?" Twilight asked him flatly. It was far too early to be dealing with this sort of insanity.

"Sleeping of course." Discord replied as if was the most obvious thing in the world. "Where else would I be sleeping?"

"Fluttershy's house?" Twilight suggested. "Like you have been since you got here?"

"Oh, I dunno." Discord rolled over onto his back, playing with a pillow. "I think a change of scenery is good for one from time to time - don't you agree? Besides, I think you have a more pressing concern."

Twilight sighed as she finally gave up trying to get Discord out of her bed and instead rolled out of it herself. "And what would that be?"

"Why your princess is sitting outside." Discord replied calmly.

Twilight nearly tripped over herself in shock. "Princess Celestia is here?! How long?"

"Oh..." Discord said with a shrug. "Maybe twenty minutes."

Twilight paled before flying out of her room and through her castle. The palace interior flew past her in a blur before she barreled through the front doors and came to a halt.

Sure enough, Princess Celestia was there just as Discord had said she was. Her chariot was parked behind her and further beyond a hoof full of guards were keeping town residents at bay. There wasn't many at this hour, but it was still a sight more than usually gathered around her new residence, as Ponyville had long since become used to her brand of excitement.

The Princess herself had been talking to one of the guards when the sound of Twilight's entrance caught her attention. Her eyes went wide as she saw her student. "Oh, my dear Twilight..." Twilight stiffened as the princess approached her, gazing at her forlornly. "What have you done to yourself...?"

Twilight fidgeted under her former teacher's stare. "I'm fine, Princess, really! It just took a little... adjusting to." She found herself still nervous standing in front of Celestia, even after her ascension and now that - wait, wasn't Celestia supposed to be taller than her? Why was she at eye level with the princess? "I mean, really, that time I jumbled everypony's cutie marks was much worse than this."

"Perhaps," Celestia replied, "But of that I was much more sure of the outcome..."

Well, that was foreboding. "W-what do you mean, Princess?" Twilight asked.

Before Celestia could reply, the sound of heavy wing flaps echoed across the town before a dark and ominous looking chariot, pulled along by a pair of armored bat ponies, came to a landing next to Celestia's chariot and its sole passenger disembarked. "Tia!" Luna bellowed - though, thankfully, not in her Canterlot Voice. "I understand you are worried but was it really necessary to run off with such haste without myself? I am just as... worried..." Luna trailed off as she noticed Twilight.

Twilight waved meekly. "H-Hello, Princess Luna." If her teacher's worry made her nervous, then Luna's gawking probably got her the closest she'd ever get to knowing what being Fluttershy must have felt like.

"Twilight... Sparkle?" Luna asked, unsure. When Twilight nodded, Luna turned to Celestia. "Sister, the letter said that Twilight Sparkle had been turned into a draconequus, yes?"

"Yes," Celestia replied, slightly confused. "I would think that such was-"

Luna cut her off as she gestured at Twilight with one hoof. "You mean to tell me that this adorable creature is of the same ilk as that scruffy looking fellow Discord?"

"Who's scruffy looking!?" Came a shout from one of the windows above them, making all three of them looking up as Discord stuck his head out and looked downward at them.

"Twilight Sparkle," Luna said as they watched Discord disappear back through the window. "If I am not mistaken, that was the window from your bedroom. What was Discord doing within your sleeping chamber?"

"I have no idea," Twilight replied as she rubbed at the bridge of her nose. "He was in bed with me when I woke up and won't leave." Twilight looked up when she noticed the extended silence following her statement.

What she saw was Celestia and Luna both staring at her with various levels of shock. "Mayhaps you could repeat that again, Twilight Sparkle?" Luna asked somewhat nervously. "Since it sounded as if you just said Discord was in bed with you this morning..."

"Well, he was," Twilight replied. "Why are you-" Her eyes went wide as her morning brain finally caught up. "Not like that! He just let himself in!"

"Indeed," Twilight nearly jumped as Discord popped up behind Celestia. "No need to fear, sunbutt - your dear student still remains a massive stick-in-the-mud."

"You will learn some manner of self-control, Discord!" Luna said heatedly, "You will not-"

"Now Luna," Celestia said as she interrupted her sister, "I believe that there are larger issues at hand." She turned from her sister to Discord. "I am giving you the benefit of the doubt because, despite how matters turned out with Tirek, you have aided us before. So, you will explain yourself and what has happened."

"He didn't do anything, Princess!" Twilight quickly said, earning a surprised look from Discord as she came to his aide. "This was my fault, not his - Discord's actually been helping me since yesterday."

"You might have done this to yourself," Celestia replied, "But I have little doubt who was the primary source of your research," she turned to Discord. "I applaud that nopony has actually been hurt, but I find it hard to believe that this much chaos was not your doing."

"I'm not sure if I'm insulted or flattered, Tia." Discord said with a chuckle. "You think I could manipulate your prized pupil that well?

"I think you have a vested interest in creating chaos," Celestia replied. "Whether intentional or not, it is simply your nature. Your recent self control has been admirable, but-"

"Oh, how predictable," Discord said with a roll of his eyes before getting face to face with the princess. "You think I'm one step from turning everything into cake or something - you ponies really do like recycling your material, don't you?"

"Mayhaps it would be better to continue this discussion indoors?" Luna suggested before turning to Twilight. "If that would be agreeable."

"Of course!" Twilight said as quickly stepped back, a slight delay as she gave the doors a quick glance before one swung open with a small crackle of power. "Discord, please let Princess Celestia through." Discord acknowledged her no-nonsense order with a dramatic bow before he popped over to one of the doors, holding it open and gesturing Celestia through in a fair facsimile of manners. Celestia eyed him with equal measures unease and distrust, but gave him a polite nod all the same as she followed Twilight into the castle, Luna close behind.

"Spike?" Twilight called out as they stepped into the castle's entry way. The small purple dragon was in the middle of eating something as he appeared from around a corner that, if she recalled correctly, led to the kitchens. "There you are - could you prepare some tea for our guests and bring it to the reading chamber?"

Spike nodded as he quickly swallowed. "Sure thing."

Twilight considered her assistant for a moment with a tilt of her head. "What are you eating?"

Spike replied by holding up a familiar looking fruit. "Those apples you made yesterday - they taste a little funny though..." Spike shrugged as he tossed another into his maw as he headed off toward the kitchen.

Twilight watched him go before turning to Discord. "Oh, relax," He assured her with a dismissive wave of his paw. "It's chaos magic - not the cutie pox. He'll be fine."

Twilight let out a relieved sigh as she continued toward the library. "Thank you..."

Discord gave an exaggerated shiver. "Would you stop saying that? It's not natural."

Twilight rolled her eyes as they passed through the archway and into the familiar library, the purple draconequus leading the way to the collection of chairs and couches. "And anything else about this situation is?" She turned to the other princesses before either could comment on her... interesting interactions with Discord. "I apologize that I don't have a more formal chamber to meet in, but nothing else is really, uh... furnished."

"That is quite alright, Twilight Sparkle," Luna replied as she settled herself on a large chaise lounge. Next to her, her sister opted for a slightly more professional pose on one of the overstuffed wing back chairs. "I find myself quite preferential to the less formal means of meeting in recent days. Now, mayhaps you could explain this situation from the beginning so that my sister can stop - what is the phrase? - 'getting her feathers in a bunch'?"

Celestia shot Discord a glare as he half-heartedly tried to hide his chuckling and Twilight ignored both as she gave an explanation of her research, her attempted spell, and the fallout of casting it. Neither princess said anything as she told the rather short story, and neither showed any real reaction to her tale. Both retained expressions that betrayed nothing of their thoughts, even as Luna spoke. "Strange circumstances indeed, Twilight Sparkle - I think my sister agrees with me when I say that nopony could have foreseen this outcome."

"Nopony indeed," Celestia nodded in agreement before turning to Discord. "But 'nobody' I have more difficulty believing..."

"What, me?" Discord replied in mock surprise. "I don't know how it works with that big ball of gas you call a sun, but Chaos doesn't listen to me any more then I listen to you - I just know how to motivate it."

"So why have you not 'motivated' it to turn Twilight back?" Celestia shot back.

Discord shrugged. "Can't."

"Can't?" Celestia asked. "Or won't?"

"Can't," Twilight said with a sigh. "I already asked him, and he really doesn't have a reason to lie to me."

"Indeed," Discords agreed with a solemn nod, "She would just tattle to dear Fluttershy and then Fluttershy would give me that look and-"

"I believe I understand," Celestia said as she held up a hoof to cut off Discord. "I still do not believe that you could not have foreseen some sort of complication."

"Of course I foresaw something!" Discord replied drolly, "I figured it would have blown up in her face - maybe turned her a lovely shade of green. I've never even heard of this-" He gestured at Twilight, who was currently glaring at him. "Oh come on - even you thought it probably wasn't going to work."

Twilight's glare faltered as she blinked in surprise. "How did you-"

"I read your notes." Discord said as he summoned himself a cup of tea from the tray as Spike stepped through the doorway, laden with three cups and saucers along with a steaming teapot and a selection of biscuits. One of the biscuits poofed out of existence, its fate only apparent when a small crunch emanated from Discord's mouth.

"So," Luna said as she once again found herself bringing the conversation back on track as she accepted a cup of tea from Spike with a grateful nod, "I believe that quite effectively covers the situation up to the present. Perhaps you can enlighten us on what has yet to pass."

"Okay," Discord gave Luna a level stare, "Now you must be messing with me - you just asked me to tell you to predict chaos."

"I fail to see the - ah." Luna cut herself off as she caught on. "Then, mayhaps you could at least tell us what will not happen? Any chance of cataclysmic tears in reality?"

"From two draconequi?" Discord replied. "As much fun as that would be, no - not unless I can get Twily to start being more fun." Discord ignored the biscuit that bounced off his head along with Twilight's demand to refrain from that nickname while he continued. "I would be more worried about the burst of chaos magic."

"Burst?" Celestia repeated, raising an eyebrow as intrigue finally managed to displace the expression of annoyance that interacting with Discord seemed to induce. "What burst?"

"The one she created with her spell," Discord replied casually as he pointed to Twilight. "What? You thought a cross-species transformation was going to be subtle? The magical burst from when she grew wings was probably visible from Sieyrie Lione and that wasn't nearly as interesting."

"I assume that the exact repercussions of this 'burst' are as unpredictable as everything else you've discussed?"

"And the Alicorn learns!" Discord said with a sarcastic clap. "All I can tell you for sure is that it could make things very interesting around here." A glare from Twilight made Discord stop his clapping. "Oh, fine - if you want best guesses, you're looking at something like the Everfree forest turned up to eleven."

"How great of an increase are we speaking of?" Luna asked.

"Well, there's always a bit of chaos magic about," Discord explained as he finally slipped from his perch and into a more normal seat, albeit half-splayed across Twilight's lap. She quickly shoved him into the seat next to her on the couch. Discord smirked at her briefly before he continued. "It's why you get things like feral clouds."

"Where are you going with this?" Celestia asked, only a hint of her impatience making it through her calm demenour.

"Well," Discord replied as his plucked one of the biscuits of the platter. "Let's say this represents the normal amount of chaotic energy in Ponyville. Based on what I felt yesterday, you would need a biscuit... thirty seven hooves long and weighing approximately six hundred pounds."

Luna blinked owlishly. "That... is a large biscuit."

"Almost as large as Tia's cake habit." Discord replied as he popped the baked good into his mouth. To one side, Celestia was glaring at him so hard that Twilight briefly wondered that her old teacher might have been trying to force him to spontaneously combust. Which, if she thought about it, was a distinct possibility. Did Princess Celestia have heat vision, and if she didn't why not? Maybe she could come up with a spell that could give her heat vision and then...

Focus Sparkle.

"So," Twilight said as she brought her attention back to the topic at hand, "is there a reason you didn't start with this?"

Discord leaned back, kicking his legs up onto a leg rest that wasn't there. "Sunbutt wanted to know what damage I might cause or trigger - technically, this is all your fault."

Twilight rolled her eyes. "Of course - because there was no way you could have maybe warned me about the possibility of high-level chaotic magic bursts."

"I'm glad we agree on that then," Discord said with a small nod as he grabbed another biscuit.

"So," Twilight said while trying to suppress a small twitch that she was certain Discord was trying to cause, "How long will this magic take to dissipate?"

"Quite a while on its own," Discord replied. It seemed he was getting bored with the conversation, as he had summoned a couple of Twilight's books and currently had them fighting to the pain. "The magic will dissipate a little with each event as boring old normality reasserts itself. You could try to deal with them yourself, but I wouldn't recommend it."

"Why not?" Twilight asked.

"Well, I figured you want to be a pony," Discord replied. "Not a newt. Or a teacup. You've got a long way to go, kiddo."

"Then why can you not dissipate them yourself?" Luna asked.

"Chaos I may be good with, but tracking such things I am not." Discord replied. "I mean, why bother? They always pop in and out of existence - easier to just create my own chaos. I'm not even sure you can track them."

"Chaotic they might be," Twilight replied, "but they're still interacting with the world. If it interacts with the normal world, I can study it. And if I can study it, I can predict it."

"Oh, this I've got to see," Discord cackled as he rubbed his claw and paw together. "This should be almost as good as that thing with the time travel!"

"Discord," Celestia started, her voice serious, "If you do anything-"

"Sister," Luna cut Celestia off, "I understand your worries but I am afraid that you are overestimating our resident headache." She punctuated the statement with a gesture in Discord's direction, though he seemed to take it as a compliment. "He has yet to behave in any way that is truly beyond what we should expect, and he is still acting within acceptable bounds. Unless he exceeds those bounds, we have done all that we can."

Discord considered Luna curiously for a moment. "And If I do exceed those bounds?"

"What?" Luna replied as she turned to him. "Like you decide to pull one of your old pranks again? Don't do that - you'll be on the moon before you realized you've made a mistake."

Discord chuckled for a moment before he realized that the lunar diarch was completely serious. He quickly swallowed whatever smart comment he was about to make and retreated back toward Twilight. They'd hesitate to do anything until she was out of range... probably.

"Princess, this was my fault." Twilight said as she briefly watched Discord climb over her and the couch before peaking over Twilight's shoulder at Luna. "It's true that I wouldn't be in this mess if Discord hadn't shared what he had with me, but you can't blame him for what I did with the information."

"That is a very noble sentiment, Twilight, but-" Celestia began, but she was quickly cut off by her student.

"If he can be blamed," Twilight said while her teacher was still recovering from Twilight actually interrupting her, "then so can you - after all, without your tutelage I wouldn't have had the knowledge to construct the spell."

Luna chuckled and ribbed her sister. "She has you there, Tia."

Celestia's face contorted for a moment before she managed to school her expression, though it seemed she couldn't stop the sigh that escaped her lips as she rose to her hooves. "Very well then - if you believe that it is for the best, then I will let you take care of this matter - I will still be leaving a detachment of guards behind."

Twilight nodded as she stood. "Of course, Princess - and thank you for trusting me."

"My dear Twilight," Celestia said as she gave her student a smile, "I have always trusted you," she turned to Discord, who was now peeking out from under the now vacated couch like a cat - though the fact that the couch was displaced high enough to actually rise off all four legs dampened the effect. She gave him a scrutinizing gaze. "Others, however..."

"If that is all, then I believe our business is concluded." Luna said as she stifled a yawn. "... excuse me - it has been a long morning and my bed calls for me. Let us be off, sister."

Luna didn't wait for her sister as she started for the front door, leaving Celestia behind with Twilight. "I wish there was more I could do to aid you, my faithful student..."

"Unless you can turn me back into a pony," Twilight replied with a shrug, "And I'm pretty sure that would require the elements of harmony."

"Indeed," Celestia said with a nod as they made their way toward the front hall. "It seems all of our hopes rest with you and Discord..."

"Given how fast you were willing to trust him to handle Tirek, I'm surprised you seem so nervous about this Princess."

"Tirek did not require that I trust my brightest pupil to him," Celestia replied as she came to a halt at the front door. Outside beyond the doorway Luna was waiting next to their chariots, a few guards still milling about while others kept the crowd a reasonable distance back. Most of them had dispersed when it became apparent that another grand cataclysm had not centered itself on their town. Celestia ignored it all as she focused on Twilight. "Promise me you won't let him... change you."

Twilight looked down at herself for a moment before looking back at Celestia. "All things considered, I think I should be more worried about me changing me."

"I understand that you trust him, Twilight," Celestia replied, her tone serious, "and I don't know how much is intentional and how much is truly second-nature to him, but he will try to manipulate you - it's a game to him, same as everything else."

Twilight nodded. "Then I'll just have to play it better then him."

"Just... be careful, Twilight." Celestia said before she started out toward her sister. At some point the others had arrived, as Luna looked up from her conversation with the five of them as her sister approached.

"You stood up for me." Twilight was certain she would have jumped out of her fur if she could have managed it as she spun around as Discord suddenly spoke up from right behind here.

"You!" Twilight exclaimed, before noticing that Discord lacked his usual smirk or indifferent frown. Instead he looked surprised, along with something else she couldn't quite place. "I... what?"

"You stood up for me." Discord replied. "To your esteemed teacher no less. Frankly... I'm flabbergasted."

Twilight found herself fighting the urge to squirm under the draconequus's uncharacteristically intense gaze. Even then, she couldn't maintain eye contact. "S-She was wrong, it's as simple as that. I wasn't going to let her keep being wrong."

"Still," Discord replied as the two of them stood in the castle's doorway, "You are the only pony other than Fluttershy to do that," He took a step back before giving her a low bow. "and for that, you have my thanks."

"W-Well," Twilight stuttered in reply, "Think nothing of it."

"Au contraire." Discord replied rising from his bow to wag a finger at Twilight. "A Draconequus does not let debts go unpaid."

Twilight gave him a level stare. "Then what about the 20 bits you owe Rainbow Dash?"

"Different matter entirely," Discord replied with a dismissive wave. "For this, I owe you - I suppose I could grant you a boon..."

"A what?" Twilight replied.

"A boon," Discord repeated. "Ask for anything, and I shall give it to you."

Maybe it was the fact that it had been a long morning. Maybe it was the fact that she really needed some coffee. Maybe it was, perhaps, that he had just given her the perfect setup. Whatever it was, instead of her usual reaction she simply leaned forward, pressing one claw against his chest as she gave him a small smirk and a half-lidded stare. "Anything?"

She had been hoping to come off as unnerving, perhaps intimidating. She worried that it may have come across as something else.

Twilight recoiled in surprise as Discord puffed out with a small 'foof', his wings joining in as they snapped to their full extension. That his jaw literally managed to hit the ground was fairly impressive. "I-you-buh-" Discord stammered for a moment.

'Crap' Twilight thought, 'I managed to break the Lord of Chaos'.

What would happen if she had? Would she have to take up his mantle? Yes... you saw it all the time in old stories. Instead of a Lord of Chaos, they would have a Queen! Not dark but beautiful and terrible! All shall love me and-

Focus Twilight.

Twilight covered up her brief side-tangent into megalomania with a small cough and a subtle blush, "I have no idea what you are thinking of, but it's wrong."

Discord blinked a couple of times before he started to smooth his fur and feathers out. "Well, if you weren't coming on to me like you were Sunbutt eyeing a slice of cheesecake..."

"I-what!?" It was Twilight's turn to balk. "I was doing no such thing!"

"Yes you were!" Discord retorted with an accusatory finger point. "You had the come-hither stare and everything!"

"And I'm gone." The two draconequi turned to see the other girls standing a few paces away. Pinkie Pie was trying valiantly it seemed to not laugh out loud and failing while Fluttershy had retreated behind her long pink mane and seemed to be considering whether to exit stage left or right. Behind them, Applejack and Rarity were watching as Rainbow Dash started to fly off. "Day's already weird enough - I don't need this."

Twilight rolled her eyes as she started after her blue pegasus friend. "Come on Spike, if this is as potentially disastrous as Celestia made it sound we need everypony."

"What about me?" Discord asked as Spike trundled by in pursuit of his princess.

Twilight gave a small shrug as she passed her friends. "Tell them about the biscuit."

Applejack watched the purple draconequus for a moment before turning to Discord. "What about the biscuit?"

As Discord attempted to summarize the situation with his usual flare, Spike cast a quick glance back before turning to Twilight. "So, is this really as bad as it sounds?"

"Maybe," Twilight replied with a shrug as she trotted along on all fours. How Discord managed bipedal locomotion was beyond her. Much better to stay on all four hooves - er, paws... claws... whatever - then risk falling over flat on your face. "But we've faced bad before, right?"

"But that was, you know," Spike replied as he gestured vaguely, "acute bad. This is, like, chronic bad. We've never really had to deal with anything constantly."

"Well, with a little help from our friends, I'm sure we'll get by." Twilight replied confidently.

"Or get blown a mile high," Spike grumbled. "that's what happens in Power Ponies usually..."

"Well then it's a good thing I'm not a superhero then, isn't it?" Twilight replied as she continued along after Rainbow Dash. It was only after a moment that she realized her small draconic companion had come to a stop several steps back. "Spike?"

"You have an unusual upbringing," Spike said as he held up a claw, "You were chosen by a magical artifact that granted you awesome powers, you've saved the world on multiple occasions and have fought honest-to-Celestia super villans. You even have a secret base." Spike stared at Twilight for a moment. "You sure you aren't a superhero?"

"Of course," Twilight replied, but for some reason she didn't feel confident about it. "I don't have a secret identity."

"Neither does Major Arcana," Spike replied. "And he's a super powerful unicorn mage like you..well, like you were."

Twilight stopped for a moment. "Assuming for a moment my life is governed by the rules of narrative causality Spike, what happens next?"

Spike shrugged. "Depends on the genre. I figure either we get a really easy warm-up villain or the Big Bad make a brief cameo to kick all of our rears to force a training arc or something."

Twilight stared at her purple scaled assistant. "Seriously?"

"Well, that or you end up having to fight Discord." Spike suggested. "But you've already sort of done that twice. A third time is just lazy writing."

Twilight gave a small snort as she started after Rainbow Dash again. Luckily for her the speedster pegasus was moving at what was, for her at least, a sedate pace. "First rule of writing - your job is harder than Princess Celestia's."

"What does that mean?" Spike asked.

"It means that reality can get away with the most ridiculous circumstances and you'll still believe it." Twilight explained. "It doesn't care about lazy writing."

Spike shot a glance back toward Discord. "So you think you'll end up fighting him?"

"With my luck?" Twilight replied. "This will all end with Angel Bunny trying to take over the world." Spike gave her a strange look and she just sighed. "Come on - let's catch up to Dash before she decides to take off."

To Twilight's surprise however they managed to catch up to Rainbow Dash in short order, finding her sitting on a small cloud about eye level  that she must have summoned just for the seat. "Something the matter, Rainbow?"

"Oh, hey," Dash gave the draconequus a languid wave of her hoof. "Done flirting with the old goat?"

"I was not flirting!" Twilight snapped back defensively as she felt her cheeks begin to flush again. "And what are you doing here? I figured you'd be off to your flying practice by now."

"I was going to," Dash replied with a shrug. "but this seemed way more entertaining, you know?"

Dash gestured toward the center of town with a hoof, and Twilight followed her hoof to the view of town and came to an abrupt stop.

There was a cyclone currently rumbling around town square. Under any normal circumstances this would have been a major issue, but in this case not so much. For one, it was moving at something just below walking pace.

It was also made entirely out of cotton candy.

"I figured this was Discord's fault and that you would want a look first." Dash said as she continued to watch the town deal with the pink twister. Though, 'deal' might have been the wrong word, given most of the town seemed to be simply ignoring it. A few enterprising fellows stole bites as it drifted past. "Where'd this thing come from anyway?"

"Discord," Twilight replied with a sigh. "but not how you're thinking. Any reason you haven't gotten rid of it yet?"

"Like I said, I figured you'd want to take a look first." Rainbow Dash replied. "and besides, making giant piles of cotton candy vanish is more Pinkie Pie's thing."

Twilight started past Dash and toward town. "Well, I guess we'll just have to make do - we've got a meeting to get to."

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