Magical Mystery Oops

Twilight Sparkle has spent months researching chaos magic, developing a new spell to unlock magic nopony has ever experienced before. But when something goes wrong with casting, Twilight finds herself turned into a Draconequus and unable to control her new chaos magic. If she ever wants to be a pony again, there is only one who can help her learn to control her new magic.

Of course, learning from Discord was never going to be simple. And after a while, being a draconequus doesn't seem so bad anyway....


13. I Want You to Want Me

Twilight growled at nothing in particular as she stared at the contraption before her. Finding it had taken half a day; dragging it back and figuring out what it was for had taken the other half. As it turned out, she had at some point built a surveying device in her sleep two nights ago. She'd already retrieved a spool of paper from inside said device that turned out to have one of the most detailed maps of the northern route of Ponyville she'd ever seen drawn on it. Very useful – now if only she could figure out how she had built it.

“Problems, my dear?”

Twilight turned as she watched Discord float his way across the courtyard. She had returned from her impromptu expedition with Flash just before sundown to find a (still female) Discord and Spike discussing the best way for the young drake to approach Rarity. Twilight had headed downstairs just as they started discussing 'contingency plans', most of which seemed to involve Sweetie Belle.

A night of working with the oversized contraption had convinced her of was that she hadn't built it in her workshop, so she'd dragged the contraption out to the courtyard where the calliope was still sitting. This had two purposes – one, it let her work on both at once. Two, it let her compare systems to figure out their operation.

She gave a snort as she went back to work, “What do you want, Discord?”

“Just thought I'd see how I could help,” Discord replied as he nudged part the calliope. He'd returned to his original gender at some point last night. Discord glanced at what Twilight was working on, “What’s that?”

Twilight stopped her work and considered the contraption for a moment before she answered the question. A large portion of its mass was made up of the large purple lift envelope Twilight found very familiar. Attached to it by a collection of cords was a multi-faceted metal assembly covered in pipes, crystal-work and – most notably – a trio of large lenses assemblies dominating one side, “I think it's my balloon...”

“Your balloon,” Discord cut in, continuing non-nonchalantly, “one of your fnord-meters, an aurascope, three cameras – one which came from Pinkie, by the way – and a pneumatic nutcracker.”

Discord gave Twilight an amused stare, and Twilight gave a sheepish smile. “I like really like nuts,” she blinked after a moment as she realized something, “wait – if you know what it is, why are you asking?”

“Oh, I know what you used to build it,” Discord replied, “I just don't know what it's for. I was hoping you could enlighten me.”

“Funny,” Twilight replied, “I was going to say the same thing,” Twilight managed to get back to her work for a whole ten seconds before Discord interrupted her with a bout of hysterical laughter. That might have been a castle record, “Yes?” she asked as levelly as she could manage, unable to control the twitching of her eyebrow.

“Oh, nothing,” Discord replied as he summoned what looked like Rarity's couch and fell back onto it, “but if I had known how much fun working with you was, I would have done it ages ago! So much chaos, and nopony blames me for it!”

“Well, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself,” Twilight grumbled as she pried open a side-panel, “have you seen Flash Sentry?”

Discord frowned at her before replying, “Last I saw him he was recovering in his room.”

“Could you get him for me?” Twilight asked as she reached into the machine up to her shoulder, “I need to talk to him about some things.”

Discord watched Twilight for a moment before turning and walking out with a grumbled “Fine...”

Noticing the different behavior, Twilight turned toward the draconequus, but he was already vanishing around the corner. Twilight frowned at the now empty doorway. That had been decidedly... un-Discord like.  She pushed it to the back of her mind as she continued to poke at the two half-disassembled constructs. She recognized her own hoof – er, claw – work. She'd definitely built it, even if she didn't remember doing so. Which was annoying.

“You wanted to see me, my Princess?” Twilight looked up at the voice to see Flash Sentry standing at the edge of the courtyard.

“That was fast,” Twilight commented before turning back to her work, “you made good time.”

“Advantage of having wings,” Sentry replied, unfurling his wings briefly in demonstration before continuing, “though the bucket of water was uncalled for – I was already awake...”

“I'll let Discord know,” Twilight replied idly as she gestured for the pegasus to come closer as she turned back to the construct. “Now – about why I asked for you. I think I might have a theory about those read-outs from the balloon.” Before Flash Sentry could say anything, he found himself completely covered by one end of the massive print-out as Twilight scanned the other end. “We already knew that it was a map of the most reasonable route for the train line,” Twilight began before pointing to one the oddly colored patches covering the paper. “What I couldn't work out was these splotches were. Then I remembered that Discord had said that I had built my entropiscope into this. So, I wondered, what would a mapping system need a means to detect chaos for?”

After a moment of silence and pulling the paper off of his head to find Twilight staring at him with a slightly manic grin, Flash realized she was expecting him to say something. “Uh... mapping?”

“Exactly!” Twilight exclaimed as she pointed at a splotch on the map. “This system managed to chart the entire chaos magic distribution from Ponyville to Canterlot! In less than a day, and I built this in my sleep! With a box of scraps!”

“Okay...” Flash said after a moment, poking the map with one hoof. “So now what?”

Twilight sighed as she shuffled through the paper. She'd been spending too much time around Discord – she'd half-expected a one-liner. “Now,” she replied, “we get this thing airborne again and send it out to assess the rest of the route. Then we can start on my main project for the day - finishing the calliope!” Twilight pulled the spellcore out from... somewhere. “I need to finish it by tomorrow afternoon to have it working in time for the start of the festival – and if I want to have this and the map done in time, we've got no time to lose!” Before Flash Sentry could say anything in response, he found an assortment of parts and tools shoved into his hooves, “You saw me build this, right?”

“So did Discord, your highness,” Flash replied as he followed a step behind Twilight. “Couldn't he tell you?”

“Probably,” Twilight replied as she started laying out parts and tools, turning back to Flash and grabbing more tools once she finished with hers. “But he doesn't seem inclined to share today – besides, it's more fun this way!”

“Of course, your highness,” Flash replied, shuffling the parts between hooves as he balanced on three legs. “I don't mean to press, Princess Twilight, but-”

“The train route, of course,” Twilight replied as she started yanking parts out of the calliope and adding them to the balloon-device. “What sort of defensive systems were you considering?”

“Nothing active,” Flash Sentry replied with a shrug. “Just the same sort of spells and countermeasures they use along the Everfree stretch of Appoloosa line.”

“Of course,” Twilight mused as she considered the map. “Proven systems, requiring minimal upkeep – they're almost perfect. But... yes – I could modify the spells, improve their output, scale up their effects. Would open up some more routing options. Powering them would be an issue at that point though – arcane collectors wouldn't be an option... Wait! I could route power from the Crystal Heart! Install an accumulator on the train, have it charge the spells when it passes! That would require poking the Crystal Heart a little – Eh. I'm sure Cadence wouldn't mind if I-”


Twilight snapped out of her thoughts with a jerk. “Huh? What? I'm sorry, I missed that.”

“I said that I'm not sure we have time for, uh,” - Flash rubbed the back of his leg with the opposite hoof -  “that much development. Princess Cadence would prefer to begin on the rail line sooner rather than later.” He paused for a moment before quickly adding, “Your highness.”

Twilight sighed, “Of course, of course...” She slammed the panel on the side of the balloon shut before flipping a switch. After a moment, the balloon envelope began to re-inflate as Twilight tossed Flash a line. “Hold onto this.”

Flash fumbled with the line for a moment before getting it wrapped around one leg. “I thought you didn't know how it worked?”

“I don't,” Twilight replied as she watched in inflate, “but I managed to isolate its bouncy system and, more importantly, I added some stuff.” She held up a small stone in one of her claws. “This scrying stone is linked to another one inside. It'll let me monitor the operation of the system while it works. I should have its operational design worked out by the time it gets back.”

“Oh,” Flash replied before glancing down at the line. “So why am I holding this?”

“Well, we can't have it flying the wrong way, now can we?” Twilight replied as she watched the balloon rise. “Let out a little more rope, please.” Flash Sentry let some of the rope slip off his leg, and the balloon floated further up into the air. “And... perfect!” Twilight snapped her claw, and the line spontaneously cut itself, the balloon floating upward another few meters before catching an air current and floating south. “Aha! I knew modeling the Everfree's extended weather patterns would be useful!”

“You mean you didn't know if it would work?” Flash asked in surprise.

“Nope!” Twilight replied as she turned back to her other project. “While we wait for that to come back, we can work on the Calliope.”

Flash watched the balloon float away before turning toward the princess. “So, how long is that going to-” He paused as he noticed that Twilight had, in the span of (at most) two seconds, dismantled perhaps forty percent of the calliope and was already digging through its interior. “ did you do that?”

Twilight held up one claw, flexing one of the digits. “Opposable thumbs rule,” Twilight replied simply before setting back to work. “Can you hand me the new pressure vessel?”

Flash looked around briefly, but came up empty-hooved. “What pressure vessel?”

“It’s right-” Twilight paused as she extracted herself from the calliope, but frowned as she saw it was, in fact, not about. “...huh. Oh well, it was mostly redundant anyway.”

“How do you run a calliope without steam?” Flash asked as Twilight set back to work.

“You still use steam,” Twilight replied. “You just don't bother with an accumulator and pipe it straight through the system. Hand me that wrench.”

“That sounds...” Flash started as he obeyed, “...hideously dangerous, Princess.”

“It’s perfectly safe,” Twilight replied, before adding after a moment, “probably. Now stop asking questions and start helping!”

“Yes mistress,” Flash quickly replied as he moved closer.

With the help of Flash, Twilight quickly made excellent progress on the Silverodeon. In a matter of hours, what had once been a twisted mess of metal and ruined wood was now the beginnings of an instrument of obvious sophistication. The beginnings of an elaborate hoof-pedal system were already in place, and its wooden frame had already started to curve around where the keyboard would eventually rest.

Which was, structural location wise, the current problem was.

“All of these keys are mangled!” Twilight groaned as she considered a clawful of what was now good for little other than kindling.

“Couldn't you repair them, Princess?” Flash asked, “With magic?”

“Sadly, my chaos magic isn't quite up to that yet,” Twilight replied. Her progress had been decidedly idiosyncratic, “I might just make them explode a couple of times.”

Flash blinked at that before managing an “Oh.”

Twilight pulled herself onto her feet, dusting herself before she started walking out of the square. “So, I'll just have to find somebody who can fix them... probably.”

Flash quickly moved to follow her, “Can't you just make new ones?”

“No time,” Twilight said with a shake of her head. “Now I just have to-” She was cut off as a low, bass THUMF echoed across the fairgrounds. Twilight was one of maybe three ponies... err, people... who could recognize it as the tell-tale sound of atmospheric equalization through a space-time rift. And there was only one being within a dozen leagues who could have possibly caused it. “...or we just go toward the rip in reality.”

After a short walk and the rift being replaced with another one three times over, she finally reached the origin point. As expected, she found Discord at the source of the reality warping. What she wasn't expecting was to see Spike there as well, and seeing both of them dressed for a game of golf.

“Nice shot,” Spike commented as he stared into the rift. “How far do you think that went?”

“Several thousand kilometers, at least,” Discord recovered from taking his golf swing.

Spike nodded appreciatively as he switched spots with the draconequus, “That’s got to be a record.”

“Indeed,” Discord said as he stepped to the side, leaning on his golf club as he watched the young drake line up his shot. “So – Nightmare Moon or Queen Chrysalis?”

“Nightmare Moon,” Spike replied as he took a slow practice swing. “Obviously.”

“Gotta go with Chryssy here,” Discord replied with a shake of his head.

Spike looked up from his preparations to point at Discord with his club, “She was a psychotic egotistical maniac.”

“She was,” Discord agreed, “but she also has legs that go all the way up to the Crystal Empire.”

“So does Shining Armor,” Spike replied as he went back to his swing. “Doesn't mean I want to date 'em.”

“What the Tartarus do you think you're doing?” Twilight exclaimed, causing both drake and draconequus to jump and – in Spike's case – mess up his shot.

Spike flailed in surprise for a moment before recollecting himself and turning to his boss-slash-adoptive sister. “In the middle of my backswing!?”

“Why hello there, Mi'lady,” Discord replied as he swept his beanie off with a flourish as he bowed. “We were just discussing our predilections regarding some of your more... interesting adversaries.”

Twilight rolled her eyes at the elaborate wording. “You mean who you'd prefer.”

Spike blanched. “I... we... uh...”

Twilight waved a claw dismissively as she continued. “I have to say I'm disappointed in you – in both of you, actually.”

“Twilight, I can-” Spike started to say in an attempt to defend himself, but Twilight again cut him off.

“Why not both?”

There was a moment of silence as the two gentlemen stared at the princess before...


Twilight and Spike both turned at the sound as Discord suddenly puffed out like a sudden bad mane day. Twilight ignored him after a moment as she turned her attention back to Spike. “I mean, if you can recruit one of them, why not recruit both of them?”

Spike gave Twilight a confused look as she began pulling the ruined piano keys out. “Uh... are we talking about the same thing?”

Twilight paused as she finished sorting out the parts and turned to Spike. “What were you talking about?”

“...I have to go now,” Spike quickly replied before picking up his club and dashing off as fast as he could.

Twilight watched the dragon go before turning to Discord, “...what's wrong with you?”

“Bwah,” Discord said by way of reply, his coat still fluffed out.

“Pull yourself together,” Twilight ordered as she flattened some of his coat. “I have work for you.”

“I… Uh...” Discord stammered as he got his appearance under control. “What?”

“I need you to fix these,” Twilight explained slowly as she held out the keys, “since I don't have time to find replacements...” she paused as she looked around. “...and where did Flash go?” She brought a claw up to her face as she let out a groan. “Celestia, I hope he didn't fly into one of your portals...”

“Oh, of course,” Discord drawled, “I can be left alone with the drake, but Mr. Orange disappears and suddenly you're worried.” The draconequus shrugged as he busied himself with examining his golf clubs, taking a bite out of one. “I'm sure he's just off doing... whatever he does. Wife-stealing.”

“I can, actually,” Twilight replied with a flat stare, “leave you alone. I mean – it's not like I have to worry about the Crazy around here causing you any damage,” Twilight glanced down a nearby street with a frown. “I think he's just in denial right now.”

“He'll adjust,” Discord shrugged. “Or have a psychotic episode. So – what did you want?”

“Need you fix these,” Twilight repeated as she showed him the pieces. “My magic isn't refined enough to manage it – matter manipulation is finicky.”

“Did you try entropic reversal?” Discord asked as he picked up one the pieces and started examining it with a jeweler's glass – that he was wearing backwards. “Of course you didn't – no time-reversal either. Really, My dear Twilight, you need to think outside of the box more.” He popped the jeweler glass into his mouth with a sigh. “I suppose I can help you this once though...” Discord lazily waved a claw over the pieces and in moments they began to flow back together, until a full set of restored piano keys were neatly stacked in Twilight's claws. “Now, I expect you to solve your own problems next time, you hear?”

Twilight replied by giving him a quick hug. “Thanks! Don't know what I'd do without you!” Twilight loped back off, unaware of the flustered demigod she was leaving in her wake.

A winded Flash Sentry turned the corner just in time to nearly crash into the princess. “Sorry-” huff, “-about the-” wheeze – just how long was he running around? Twilight thought –  “-delay, Took a left turn at Albe-” another huff, and Twilight took the chance to interrupt him.

“It’s alright,” Twilight said as she breezed past him. “We've got the keys – back to work!”

The pegasus guard watched the purple draconequus walk past before giving a wordless nod and following after her, still wheezing.

Discord watched them leave before turning back to his golf clubs and temporal rifts. “I didn't want to talk to you anyhow – I have my own projects. With Blackjack. And Hookbills!” A loud squawk drew his attention toward his portal, through which a very large parrot was staring at him quizzically. “Oh, nobody asked you,” Discord snapped as he dismissed the portal with a sigh. “I wonder if I can get Chrysalis's hive on this...”

The next few hours were spent alternately flipping through coordinates of space-time and popping around town uninvited. All he had by the end of it as he took a lazy stroll back to the festival grounds was some cupcakes from Pinkie Pie and a wristwatch he was 'borrowing' from the mare with the candy on her flank.

It’s edge was glowing orange for some reason. It was probably important.

He had started pressing buttons at random, hoping to find the laser function when a sound brought him up short. Discord paused, listening carefully, before pulling out a brass horn and jamming it into his ear. Yup – it was music. A soft, melodic tune carried through the narrow alleys and canals, and Discord found himself floating along as he drifted toward its source. He managed that until the number of ponies under him grew dense enough that they started complaining about getting smacked in the head. With a grumble, he dropped back onto terra firma and peered over the crowd of ponies.

At the center of the crowd, left with a clearing of several paces all around, Twilight Sparkle sat at the keys of the now finished calliope. The orange rays of the setting sun tinted the contraption a dozen shades of blue, silver and bronze, an orange pegasus keeping an eye on the gauges as Twilight's claws danced across the keys.

Discord found his eyes sliding shut as the intricate tune was carried through the square, the symphony of notes something he hadn't thought possible to tease out of a single instrument.

The draconequus shook himself out of his acoustically-induced stupor before making his way over the crowd. Most of the ponies were too engrossed by the impromptu concert to notice Discord briefly borrowing their heads as stepping stones. He soon found his steps falling in time with the music, a steady rhythm of weaves and bobs synced to the unfamiliar song.

Twilight's piece suddenly picked up its tempo, and as Discord glanced up he caught the princess glancing back. She gave him a small smirk.

He grinned back.

The piece continued along at its new faster, jauntier pace as it drew the elder draconequus ever closer to the center, building to a crescendo as Discord closed the last few meters to the princess with a bound and a leap, the final note thrumming through the air as he came to a final landing at Twilight's side with a flourish and a bow.

“Done!” Twilight exclaimed as she pushed back from the keys, “An excellent test, if I-” the rest of her sentence was drowned out as the thundering applause of nearly a hundred ponies flooded over her. Twilight spun around, staring wide-eyed at the cheering crowd and a grinning Discord. “...when did they...”

“Probably when you started playing,” Discord replied with a shrug as he pulled out a bouquet of poison joke. “Flowers for the lady – how did you not see them?”

Twilight shrugged as she accepted the bouquet, “I was probably too busy watching you.” The purple former-pony princess was too busy admiring the floral arrangement to notice the rapid succession of expressions Discord's face rotated through, in a few cases literally. By the time she looked back up, his face was back to his usual half-bored smirk, “Thanks for the help, by the way – I'd never have gotten this finished in time without you.” Before Discord could reply, Twilight turned to her acting assistant. “Flash – how'd the readings look?”

“Never spiked above point-seven-eight-eight,” Flash replied with a salute.

“Excellent,” Twilight nodded before scanning the crowd with a frown. “Speaking of spikes – have you seen him?”

“Not since you barged into our golf game,” Discord replied with a shrug, “which I would have won, by the way! He's fine,” Discord paused before adding, “Probably.”

“I'm more worried about him spoiling his dinner,” Twilight replied. “Last thing I need is him using the royal treasury to buy himself some gems again.”

Discord was about to ask what, exactly, she met by 'again', when a familiar voice answered her first question, “I apologize for monopolizing the attention of your assistant, Twilight Sparkle – he informed me that he was quite unoccupied at the moment.”

On cue, the young drake emerged out from behind the just-arrived lunar diarch. “Hey Twi – look who dropped in!”

Twilight just gave him a knowing look. “You and I still need to have words about your golf game.”

Spike sighed. “Drat.”

“Golf, Twilight Sparkle?” Luna asked as she raised an eyebrow. “It seems you have more free time then I was led to believe.”

“More like my assistant has been picking up bad habits from my research partner,” Twilight replied, shooting Discord a quick side-ways glance. Discord did his best to look as innocent as possible – the effect was somewhat spoiled when the halo floating over his head flickered out and fell out of the air. “So,” Twilight continued as she turned her attention back to Luna, “What brings you into town?”

“I was hoping to partake in your town's festivities,” Luna answered with a grin. “And decided that arriving ahead of time would be productive – a decision that has proven most fortuitous. A truly impressive musical performance!” Luna's expression shifted to something more thoughtful as she tapped a hoof against her chin, “However, since you mention your research, I would greatly enjoy learning about your progress so far.”

“Of course,” Twilight said with a nod. “Spike – do you have the lab reports from the last set of trials?”

“Not on me,” Spike replied with a shrug. “If we're going to be out this much, I really need a bag or something...”

“Allow me,” Discord replied with a snap of his claws. An instant later, a satchel bag hung itself around Spike, the sudden increase of weight on one side nearly toppling the young drake. “There you go – I even loaded the reports inside.”

“Much obliged,” Spike replied as he pulled open the bag, sorting through the papers before plucking out a scroll and offering it to the princess. “Our latest report, your Highness.”

“Thank you, Spike,” Luna gave him a polite nod, taking the scroll with her magic and unfurling it in front of herself as she started to scan it over. “Hmm... interesting. Such a shame more of the tree-”

“Shrubbery,” the two draconequi and the dragon corrected on reflex.

“...shrubbery,” Luna corrected herself, “didn't survive – such a fascinating sample lost. I see Discord has been useful in making up some of the loss though.”

“Oh, don't say it like that Lulu!” Discord replied as she looped an arm amicably around the blue alicorn. “You make it sound like me being useful is unusual.”

“The last time a princess asked for your aid, we all had our power stolen and you ended up in a cage,” Luna pointed out.

“And Twilight had the grudge match of the millennium with a centaur,” Discord replied, plucking one of the flowers from the bouquet and tucking it behind Twilight's ear. “She does have quite the flare for settling things with overwhelming fire-power.”

“Well,” Twilight said as a small grin appeared on her face. “As one of Spike's comics say; if you're leaving scorch marks-”

“-You need a bigger spell,” Discord finished for her.

Luna rolled her eyes as the two chuckled softly, “I do suppose assuming you could maintain a level of professional decorum was mistake on my part, but you could at least make an effort.”

“Pardon me?” Discord replied in mock-surprise as he turned to Luna, “I've been very professional, I'll have you know! I've done paperwork and everything.”

“Please,” Luna replied, sounding unconvinced. “You haven't been this blatant since you went after my sister.”

Both Twilight and Discord blinked at that, in a brief moment of surreal synchronicity, “What?” Was all Discord said after a minute.

Luna blinked owlishly, head tilting a little as she looked as Discord in confusion, “Surely you remember such events – they were among your first interactions with my sister, after all.”

“Well,” Discord replied with a huff, “All I know is my first run-in with your sister was her opening salvos against my reign of chaos. Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I hear a cotton candy vendor.”

The two princesses watched the draconequus trotted off before hopping into the air and back-stroking over the crowd. Twilight watched him go for another moment before turning to Luna, “What was that about?”

“I do not know,” Luna replied, frowning as she continued to watch Discord vanish into the distance. “But it seems the Lord of Chaos still keeps some secrets from us...” Luna then turned to face Twilight. “I know for a fact that my sister’s first meeting with him was quite amicable – as expected with two pranksters of such a high caliber. That he doesn't remember such events is... troublesome.”

“But the other part you mentioned-” Twilight continued, “something about not acting like this since Celestia?”

“Oh, that,” Luna waved a hoof dismissively, “is but a trifling manner – Discord has shown this sort of behavior before, not long after he and my sister first met. That the subject matter this time is of a more academic nature leads me to believe that events will turn out better this time.”

Twilight was still lost. “What?”

“I have full faith in you, Twilight Sparkle,” Luna said as she continued, giving Twilight what was probably supposed to be a reassuring smile, “I am certain that such blatant courting attempts will do little to disrupt your work.”

Now Twilight was really lost. “What.”

“Oh, my apologizes,” Luna quickly said. “I had assumed you were aware of the meaning of his actions. My sister never mentioned it?”

“Mentioned what!?” Twilight nearly shouted.

“The flowers,” Luna replied, gesturing at the bouquet Twilight still held. “Has Discord been giving them to you often?”

“Well, yes,” Twilight replied. “Why?”

“Discord has always shown a fondness for the plant,” Luna explained. “Unsurprising, given its properties,” she glanced at Twilight with a raised eyebrow. “Apparently, draconequui are immune to its effects?”

“We are...” Twilight replied hesitantly. “The first time he handed me one, I almost freaked out before I noticed the lack of effect. Ever since I mentioned liking how they smell, he's been giving them to me at every opportunity.”

“And tucking them behind your ear, like earlier...?” Luna asked, gesturing at the flower Twilight was still wearing.

“I didn't see any harm in it,” Twilight replied nervously, resisting the urge to fiddle with the aforementioned flower with one claw. “Why? Are they dangerous? Do you think Discord is trying to influence me in some way? Is it-”

“Nothing so sinister, Twilight Sparkle,” Luna replied reassuringly. “I have no doubt that Discord would have already moved if he had ulterior motives. There is probably no harm in his actions – I just found the parallels most interesting. He had given Celestia such gifts of poison joke as well, just after they had met.”

“So...” Twilight asked, “what do the flowers mean then?”

“Well,” Luna replied, “you must recall that this information comes from Discord and must be considered suspect, but by his own words such gifts of poison joke are a standard part of draconequus courtship rituals.”

Twilight just absorbed this tidbit of information for a couple of minutes before finally figuring out a response.




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