Magical Mystery Oops

Twilight Sparkle has spent months researching chaos magic, developing a new spell to unlock magic nopony has ever experienced before. But when something goes wrong with casting, Twilight finds herself turned into a Draconequus and unable to control her new chaos magic. If she ever wants to be a pony again, there is only one who can help her learn to control her new magic.

Of course, learning from Discord was never going to be simple. And after a while, being a draconequus doesn't seem so bad anyway....


12. Ain't That a Shame

“Not much of a soldier, are you?”

“Flurgen,” the pegasus mumbled in reply as he laid sprawled on his back, legs kicking in the air lazily as Discord gazed down at him.

The lord and ruler of chaos considered him for a moment before turning and shouting, “Hey, Twily, I think you-Oh,” his shouting dropped to a more normal volume as he continued, “Mayor's still reprimanding you. Nevermind then.”

Across the field, Twilight and Mayor Mare were quickly trotting toward Discord and the grounded guard, the purple draconequus had a look of utter mortification on her face while the Mayor was in the middle of a rant, “-a princess, Miss Sparkle! I can understand your enthusiasm for your work – Celestia knows I'd bury myself in it if I was in your condition – but what were you thinking?!”

“That it wouldn't explode like that!” Twilight quickly replied as they neared the poor pegasus, “I wasn't putting that much pressure in it... I think.”

Discord raised an eyebrow, “You think?”

“It's Chaos Magic!” Twilight snapped at him as the pegasus pulled himself to his hooves, drawing the princess’s attention, “I'm so sorry! I didn't mean for that to happen, uh...”

“Sentry, your highness,” the guard replied woozily, his shock of blue mane wobbling slightly as he bobbled, “Flash Sentry....” He squinted for a moment, “I think I'm still seeing stars...”

“Well, you're standing at least,” Twilight said with a sigh of relief, “That's a good sign. So then, Flash-”

“Ah Aaaaaaaaaaah~” The two mares turned to glare at Discord, who just shrugged, “What?”

The mayor blinked at Discord while Twilight just rolled her eyes as she continued talking to Flash Sentry, “Anyhow, Flash...” Twilight paused for a moment, squinting at the royal guard, “...have we met?”

“I escorted Princess Cadence to town on one of her visits,” Flash replied as he tried to blink his eyes clear, “...Ah, that's better. I can finally...” Flash Sentry paused as he seemed to finally get a good look at Twilight. He stared at her for a moment before looking at Discord and paling,


“These pauses are getting annoying,” Discord muttered as Flash glanced between him and Twilight.

“T-Two of them,” Flash sputtered, eyes going wide and pupils constricting into pinpricks, “there's two of them!”

“Well, yes,” Mayor Mare replied, not following as she watched the guard backpedal, “why are you-”

“Aaaaah!” Flash Sentry screamed before turning and running out of the clearing.

The three watched the pegasus dash away for a few paces before taking wing and heading for town, “You know,” the mayor said after a moment, “I forget that this sort of thing isn't normal is most towns...”

“I think he forgot that you were here,” Discord quipped, “It looks like he's flying toward City Hall...”

“I'll go talk to him,” Twilight said with a sigh, “assuming he isn't just flying north, that is.”

“Nah,” Discord said with a shrug, “Wrong season to migrate.”

Twilight shot another glare in his direction but Discord just rolled his eyes, “Oh, please – you practically walked into that one!”

“Just... stay here,” Twilight asked as one claw came up to her face, trying to fight off her first proper headache of the day, “Please?”

“You have my word,” Discord stood a little straighter as he raised his right paw, “I solemnly swear that I am up to- no, wait, wrong joke,” he relaxed into his usual curved slouch a he snapped his claw, summoning a scroll and quill. He grabbed both of them, quickly jotting something down before finishing with a flourish and tossing the scroll toward the purple draconequus, “There – one signed promise to behave. You like notary, don't you?”

Twilight's eyebrow rose as she unrolled the scroll and giving it a quick read, “ signed this 'Q'.”

“Your point?” Discord replied with a smirk.

Twilight gave a groan as she tossed the scroll to the mayor, “Mayor Mare, would you kindly keep an eye on him while I handle this?”

The mayor glanced at Discord nervously, “I'm not sure I'm qualified, Princess...”

“He's mostly harmless,” Twilight assured her, adding after a moment, “actually, he could... nah.”

Discord raised an eyebrow at that, “What?”

“Oh, nothing,” Twilight replied with a shrug, “I was just thinking that this is really going to cut into my schedule for the day – I still need to help with the festival planning. You could but, well...” Twilight finished with a shrug.

“Oh, please,” Discord scoffed, “I am a lord of chaos! And I hang out with Pinkie Pie – an over-sized party like this is foal's’ play.”

Twilight gave a bark of laughter, “Twenty bits says you make a mess of it.”

“Up the stakes and you’re on,” Discord shot back with a smirk.

“Deal,” Twilight replied with a wave as she turned and started after Flash, “He's all yours, Mayor Mare. If he tries anything, just find Spike and ask for the letters.”

As Twilight headed toward town and wherever the panicked guard had gotten off to, the mayor simply turned to Discord with a quirked eyebrow, “...What letters?”

Twilight left Discord to get himself out of that particular hole as she headed into town. A small crowd had gathered near the front doors to the town hall, likely drawn by whatever had burst through the front doors in enough of a hurry to knock both doors off their hinges. Nopony gave the princess any mind, draconequus or not, as she trotted up the steps and inside. She'd transformed more than a week ago – old news.

Twilight paused in the main lobby, quirking an ear as she listened before the sound of crashing echoed from upstairs. Twilight calmly made her way up to the town offices, the curving hall giving expansive views out across town on one side. On the other, wood and fogged glass doors had been flung open as a familiar looking pegasus dashed between offices, “Where the hay is everyone!?”

“Taking the day off, I imagine,” the pegasus froze in the hall before he turned to stare at the purple draconequus as she continued, “or helping with the festival setup – the mayor really wants this to work out.”

The pegasus guard stared for another moment before he started to backpedal frantically, not even slowing down as he tripped and fell onto his rump, his eyes never leaving Twilight, “Oh, please Celestia no, you're one of them! You're one of them! No, nonono!”

Twilight sighed as she walked down the hall after the panicking guard, a wave of her claw lifting him off the ground up to eye level as she approached him, “You know, I really need you to calm down if either of us are going to do our jobs. You have a rail line to get approved, I have a festival in three weeks to plan...”

“Three days.”

Twilight blinked in surprise as she looked at the guard, “Come again?”

“Three days,” the still levitated pegasus pointed a shaking hoof at a nearby office, “the calendar in there said the harvest festival was in three days. The Daring Do festival is in three weeks.”

Twilight groaned as lowered the pegasus to the ground, “The mayor and her tourism plans...” she turned to the guard, “Flash Sentry, right?” The pegasus nodded silently, “Okay then, Flash – what did my sister send you down here for?”

“H-Hazard assessment of the route,” Flash stammered, “Princess Cadence was worried about possible megafauna along the proposed route.”

“And changes to a rail line route require royal approval,” Twilight added with a sigh, “Of course,” Twilight turned and started back down the hall as she continued to speak, “Well, come on then – we have work to do.” Flash Sentry just stared in confusion as Twilight turned and headed back downstairs while his brain tried to catch up with reality. Twilight's head emerged from the stairwell again as she shot him a look, “Come on, we don't have all day.”

“Yes princess!” Flash blurted as his hooves started moving, “Coming princess.”

Twilight started back down the stairs, the orange pegasus following behind her before she paused part-way down, “Oh – hold on,” Twilight glanced back at the floor they had just departed, face scrunching up in concentration before she snapped her claw. A heartbeat later, there was a flurry of sound and motion from behind them before suddenly dying down, “Much better,” Twilight said with a nod before starting down the stairs again.

“Uh,” Flash stammered as he glanced back up the stairs, “What was that?”

“Just cleaning up,” Twilight replied simply, “Don't worry about it.”

“Right...” Flash replied as he followed the princess out of town hall and back down the street.

“So,” Twilight said as they headed down the street, “We've got some time until we reach my castle – tell me about the rail line.”

“I thought we were going to the park grounds?” Flash asked, the confusion in his voice as obvious as her nervousness. Why he was nervous, Twilight had no idea. It wasn't like she was planning to dissect him or something.

“I need equipment for the Silverodeon,” Twilight explained, “and I don't trust Discord to find all of it. So, come on – start talking.”

Flash hesitantly began to give Twilight an overview of the situation as they made their way across town. The currently proposed route would pass just to the east of Cloudsdale's shadow before striking north across the plains in a more-or-less straight line from Ponyville to the Crystal Empire. The only problem was...

“There's a reason the northern plains are mostly empty,” Twilight said as she handed Flash Sentry another bundle of supplies as the pair made a slow lap of Twilight's workshop.

“Which is what has Princess Cadence worried,” Flash replied as he took the bundle with one wing and adding it to the growing pile of tools and supplies on his back, “Hence the route assessment by the smartest princess in Equestria.”

“Flattery will get you nowhere,” Twilight said with a smirk as she retrieved a book from a shelf, “Discord's already tried. Repeatedly.”

“Princess Cadence's phrase,” Flash replied, “Not mine.”

“So, what was all of this about a re-route?” Twilight asked as she did a quick tally of her equipment.

“Prince Shining Armor suggested routing the line around Canterlot Mountain and past Neighagra Falls.”

“But then you end up with a route nearly as long as the current line,” Twilight mused as she led the way out of her castle and back toward the park ground, “thus rather defeating the purpose of a new route.”

“Well, two routes would reduce-” Flash started to say, but paused as a pair of ponies rushed past them and toward the park ground, “Where are they going?”

“Not sure,” Twilight replied with a frown as she watched them go past, “maybe something happened?”

“Why does it always have to be a bad thing?” Flash asked, "maybe they're going to a swap meet.”

Twilight gave the guard a flat stare, “Discord is in that direction.”

“So...” Flash replied hesitantly, “...not a swap meet then.”

“Come on,” Twilight ordered, “and don't drop anything!” Twilight's pace increased and Flash moved to keep up as the pair made a beeline for the park grounds and its sea of tents, a steady stream of ponies proceeding ahead of them, apparently bound for the same destination.

The stream of ponies terminated not far from where Twilight had left Discord. Discord, for his part, was apparently being true to his word and not causing any trouble. Mayor Mare was directing him about as he floated tents around, though most of his attention seemed to be focused on spicing up the décor. Twilight could already spot a few planters of poison joke scattered around some of the tents. Twilight could tell that he'd at least been considerate enough to neutralize them, though based on how the other ponies were giving them all a very wide berth, he hadn't told them that.

What really caught her attention though was the small crowd of ponies surrounding Discord and the mayor. Ponies who were not staring at him in terror and or awe, were not currently suffering from some bizarre magic affliction and, in fact, all seem quite interested in talking – or at least listening to the Lord of Chaos.

“...Twilight true?” Twilight heard the gray pegasus stallion standing closest to Discord ask.

“Everything is true.” Discord replied with a shrug as he placed a tent and its slightly scared author back on the ground before snapping his claw and giving its décor an upgrade from 'sedate' to 'baroque grandeur'. It might have been a bit much for a pie stand though.

“Even false things?” The pegasus stallion asked, as few of the other ponies behind him murmured to themselves.

“Even false things are true.” Discord said simply as he moved the stage a few dozen paces to the right as he summoned forth a few more poles that promptly shot out a plethora of ribbons out to stretch down from their tops to the ground, marking out wide circles around the poles.

“How can that be?” the pegasus asked, the confusion evident on his face reflected by those behind him.

“I don't know, man, I didn't do it,” Discord replied with a shrug as he glanced at the crowd and finally noticed Twilight, “Ah – Princess! How's our orange pegasus friend?”

“Calmer,” Twilight replied, gesturing at Flash to deposit the pile of material on his back near the ruined calliope as she continued, “He was nice enough to help me bring my equipment back.”

“And I was just going to teleport it over,” Discord said with a shrug, “Or, you could have just teleported it over and... Twilight, what are you doing?”

“Nothing,” Twilight replied as she gave her forehead one final smack, “Just realizing that I'm not a clever pony...”

“No,” Discord said with a shrug as he turned back to re-arranging the festival, “You're a crazy draconequus. Much more fun. Are you going to blow something else up?”

“Why would she blow up something else?!?” Flash asked loudly from near the calliope as he finished unloading the equipment and supplies.

The elder draconequus just grinned, “Discord wants big boom.”

“I think the mayor would be upset if I put a crater in the middle of her festival,” Twilight replied as she rolled her eyes, “just help me with this calliope, will you?”

“Not going to go fetch Spike?” Discord asked as he none-the-less obeyed the order.

“He deserves a break after spending so much time around you,” Twilight said as she walked over to the ruined instrument and plucked a wrench from the ground where Flash had set it.

“And having to play minion to your sparkly purple tush has nothing to do with it, obviously,” Discord said sarcastically as Twilight started to crawl inside the wreck.

She pulled herself back out just long enough to give Discord a flat glare, "Don't make me send you to another dimension."

Discord gave a snort, “Like you would do it.”

“Need I remind you that I turned you into a statue once?” Twilight remarked as she crawled back into the calliope.

“So did Celestia,” Discord replied as he handed Twilight a roll of copper and a pair of emeralds from the pile, “What's your point?”

A sigh echoed out from inside the calliope, “I have no idea – just pass me another emerald.”

The afternoon passed quickly as Twilight began to systematically disassemble the calliope, refitting what she could and replacing wholesale anything too damaged or simply not to her liking. Slowly, the broken instrument was converted into neat rows of parts and components. Discord and Flash were kept busy helping her or, in Discord's case at least, improve the festival's decorations. By the time she finally pulled herself out of the now thoroughly torn apart calliope, she had to double-check that she was still in Ponyville.

While she had been working, she had apparently been transported through space and time to, based on the décor, Veneighce roughly four-hundred years ago. Based on the fact that she couldn't see the sea she figured she must have been on one of the larger islands, but she could definitely smell it – a late evening breeze carried the salty smell of the ocean to her nose. A pair of towering stone columns stood at one end of a large square which were where, if she recalled correctly, they strung up thieves.

“Like it?”

Twilight spun around to see Discord grinning at her, “How badly did you just wreck reality?” she asked, “since part of me is saying we've time traveled but another part of me is saying even you aren't that good,” She groaned as she brought a claw up to massage the bridge of her nose, “Darn it, I told you not to-”

“Discord!” Twilight was interrupted as Mayor Mare approached, a spring in her step and a large grin on her face. A couple of steps behind her, Spike was looking around the Veneightian market with much surprise as Twilight. The mayor's grin was still in place a she came to a stop in front of Discord, “Excellent work on the water features!”

“I live to serve, mayor,” Discord replied as he gave a bow, rising out of it before adding with a frown, “Well, technically I live for chaos – but same thing,” He gave a shrug before continuing, “Anything else mayor?”

“Not at all, Discord,” the mayor replied before giving him a polite nod, “Thank you.”

Discord considered her for a moment before looking past her at Spike, “Did she just thank me?”

“Sounded like it,” Spike replied with a nod.

“And I thought Twilight doing that felt weird!” Discord said as he shivered.

The mayor simply rolled her eyes before turning to the princess, “How is our fair Silverodeon looking, Twilight?”

“Better then I thought,” Twilight replied as she gestured at the parts she had laid out, “None of the harmonics are damaged, so it should be done in a day or two,” Twilight's eyes narrowed, “just in time for the festival.”

The mayor looked sheepish for a moment, “Ah, yes – I suppose I should have mentioned-”

“Do you have any idea what could have happened?” Twilight said, cutting the mayor off, “I'd started planning my entire schedule based on that piece of information! Do you have any idea what that would mean? I'd have started making check lists that Weren't. Valid!”

The mayor backed up half a step as Twilight pressed closer, “I, uh...”

“Do you have any idea how much I'm juggling right now?” Twilight continued, “My sister-in-law needs a rail line that won't get ponies eaten every other kilometer, I've got to figure out why that Shrubbery didn't turn my brain into soup, and I have to keep Discord in line!”

“Don't forget about trying to turn back into a pony,” Discord added.

“That too,” Twilight replied idly before bearing down on the mayor again, “How do you expect me to work without valid data!?”

“I, uh...” The mayor shrunk back with a nervous gulp before finally stammering in a voice barely above a whisper, “...sorry mistress...”

Twilight didn't seem to notice as she just brought a claw up to her face with a sigh, “At least I caught it early – Spike?”

“Already on it,” the young dragon said, quill and scroll already in-hand, “Let's see – you could probably handle that chaos magic survey you wanted tomorrow if you multi-task. That'll leave the day after free for finishing the callo...kali...calip – the music cart thing.”

“It's a calliope, Spike,” Twilight replied with a smile as she started packing up her tools, “Also known as a steam organ, or a- hrm...” Twilight paused as she looked around her work space, “ am I going to get all of this back to the castle?”

“I could just teleport it,” Discord suggested.

“I'd rather not have all of it turned into green jello,” Twilight replied simply, “I knew there was another reason I didn't ask you to do that earlier.”

“...fair enough,” Discord replied with a shrug, “You could teleport it?”

“For some of it, sure,” Twilight replied before pointing to a large steel and stone orb covered in piping, “But I have no idea how the spell core will react to it,” she turned to Discord, “Mind carrying it for me?”

“I would love to, my dear,” Discord began before pressing one paw to his back and literally bending backward, “Really, I would – but I threw my back out a basilica, so...”

“Right,” Twilight replied with a roll of her eyes as she decided pushing matters wasn't worth it. Besides, she'd just noticed plan B fishing the last of her tools out of the innards of the calliope, “Flash Sentry.”

“All tools accounted for, Ma'am!” the pegasus guard announced with a salute before giving the cart a nervous glance, “Is it just me, or is that bigger-”

“Never mind that right now,” Twilight quickly cut him off, “Can you carry the spell core back to the castle for me?”

“...yes?” Flash replied after a moment.

“Perfect!” Twilight said as she teleported the rest of the equipment away with a snap of her claw and a smile, “then just grab it and we can be on are way!” Twilight made it three steps before realizing she had no idea how to get from the middle of a Veneightian market to her castle, “uh...”

“Just follow me,” Discord said with a roll of his eyes before plucking up Spike and depositing him on his shoulder before shouting back, “Try to keep up, soldier!”

“I'm more worried about you pushing yourself,” Flash retorted as he fell into a step a few paces behind Twilight, just off to the side, “someone as old as you should slow down.”

“Don't be rude Sentry,” Twilight commented idly without looking up from the small notebook she had at some point started scribbling in, “talking about an immortal's age isn't polite.”

Discord raised an eyebrow, “Personal experience?”

“I ask one question about whether she's older than the castle, and suddenly it’s no cake for a week!” Twilight exclaimed as she threw her forelegs up in frustration, “I was twelve! I didn't mean anything by it.”

“Oh, Twilight,” Discord sighed, “I should have let you be in charge ages ago – all the chaos, none of the trouble!” He then gestured at the small canal running next to them, a gondola pushed along by a pony floating by, “plus I get to indulge in my hobbies again – always a nice bonus.”

“You have hobbies?” Twilight deadpanned.

“Of course I have hobbies!” Discord replied with feigned shock, “Architecture, bird watching-” he reached behind one of Twilight's ears before pulling back, a blue flower in his claw, “-gardening.”

“You are a draconequus of many talents,” Twilight replied as she let Discord tuck it behind her ear, “Thank you – I wasn't aware I'd lost the last one.”

“Probably inside the calliope,” Discord replied with a shrug, “or floating around town somewhere.”

“ have been neutralizing them, right?” Twilight asked.

Discord tapped at his chin, “...anypony in town not a teenager reporting strange changes to their body?”


“Then I've been neutralizing them,” Discord concluded as he started forward again, “Oh – we should take a detour. I know this place nearby that makes the best crepes...”

“You built this place three hours ago, Discord,” Twilight replied flatly.

“Which just means most ponies don't know about it yet,” Discord replied, “Come on.”

Twilight sighed and rolled her eyes, but followed all the same.

It wasn't until two hours, one stop for (admittedly excellent) crepes and Flash Sentry had been settled into one of her castle's many guest rooms that Twilight realized, a moment after her head hit her pillow, that she had completely forgotten about the train project.


Well, she couldn't call it a night with something like that gnawing at the back of her mind. She pulled her pillow closer as she reaffirmed the conclusion. Still... it had been a long day. Probably best to get a quick nap in to keep up her strength, “If only I could map faster...” Twilight mumbled to herself as she drifted off to sleep.

Twilight's slumber was marred by strange visions of gears, magic arrays and glowing runes all circling around and about each other in grand precision. She knew she'd never seen anything like it before, but none-the-less she knew what it was instantly. It was the solution to her every problem – the key to every riddle and mystery at hoof distilled into a single display of geometric perfection. “Yes, yes..” Twilight muttered to herself, “perfect – absolutely perfect...”

It would have been too, if not for that blasted pounding.

Twilight groped around for her pillow, only to notice that one, there were no pillows near her and two she didn't remember her bed being this firm or being made of cold crystal (save for the frame).

“You know, I think that's for you.”

Twilight's eyes shot open as she heard a voice she'd never heard before yet somehow recognized. She slowly lifted her head and looked around.

She appeared to be in what was supposed to be her dining hall. Not one to throw many parties, the room had until now seen pretty much no use outside of the one time Pinkie Pie had needed it after a party venue had been flooded with alfalfa courtesy of Discord. The room was now covered with a semi-uniform layer of tools, notepaper and machinery parts. The only clean spot seemed to be around where she had passed out on the table, and Twilight suspected this too was Discord's fault. Speaking of Discord...

The draconequus seated next to her just raised an eyebrow, “Problem, dear?” The draconequus sat on the edge of the table next to Twilight with serpentine elegance and a level of poise that Twilight didn't usually see outside of Celestia's court. An unkempt black mane poured down her – for Twilight had no doubt that she was looking at a she – back, terminating somewhere among the white fur that flowed around her neck like captured smoke. Crimson eyes glanced up from examining a claw to look down her long snout at Twilight before giving her a smirk, “See something you like?” The draconequus asked, a golden earing jingling softly as her ear twitched.

“'re a girl.” Twilight said flatly.

“I am a lady,” the gender-flipped Discord corrected her simply, “I thought I'd try on something new,” another round of pounding echoed through the hall as 'Lady' Discord went back to examining her claw, “you should probably get that.”

Twilight stared at her for another moment before picking her way across the hall to the door and, after a few tugs, managing to tug it open.

“Hey, Twilight,” Spike said as the door opened without looking up from a scroll, “So Flash managed to find your... whatever it was and its- woah,” Spike cut himself off as he finally saw Twilight's face, “You alright?”

“I just woke up in the wrong room, my dining hall is a disaster and I have no idea what's going on,” Twilight replied, “What do you think?”

“Just woke up?” Spike replied, confused, “but you gave me and Flash orders an hour ago!”

Twilight blinked, “I did?”

“Among other things, my dear,” Discord replied as she sauntered up next to Twilight, “you've had the three of us running around as your minions all night.”

“Woah,” Spike said as he looked up at Discord with a mixture of surprise and a hint of the same sort of look he tended to give Rarity, “Who's she?”

Discord gave a polite nod, “You may call me Lady Eris,”

“Pick a name already, Discord,” Twilight grumbled as she brought a claw up to her face.

Spike looked between Twilight and Discord before staring at the latter, “You make a really good girl.”

“Why thank you Spike,” Discord replied with a small smile as she fluffed the fur around her neck, “a lady does enjoy being complimented.”

“I.. you...” Twilight gave up with a sigh as she started massaging her temples, “...nevermind. Where's Flash?”

“Downstairs,” Spike replied as he gave Discord another glance, “Do you, uh, need me to come with you?”

“I think I can manage,” Twilight replied a she squeezed past Spike and out the door, leaving the drake and the draconequus standing there.

A moment after Twilight vanished around a corner, Spike turned to Discord, “Okay – where are my gems?”

Discord smirked as she snapped her claws, a cloth bag appearing out of thin air and falling into the dragon's claws, “A lady keeps her word,” she purred.

Downstairs, Twilight was still massaging her forehead as she wrenched open the front door, “Flash Sentry.”

Flash jumped in surprise as the princess seemed to identify him without so much as looking, given her face was still buried in her own claw, “Y-Yes, Ma'am?”

“Is whatever I built far away?” Twilight asked, still not looking at him as she continued her attempt to fend off a headache. Her efforts seemed to be in vain, however, given the throbbing building behind her eyes.

“Unfortunately, Ma'am,” Flash Sentry stammered.

“Perfect,” Twilight said as she slammed the castle door shut behind her and started walking, “Let's go.”

The two started out from the castle and headed north-ward, the sun already starting to climb higher into the sky off to their right.

Twilight had no idea where exactly what she built was, or even what she built. All she knew for sure was that finding out was going to take her all day. She was going to make sure of that.

Back at the castle, Discord and Spike watched from one of the upper balconies as the pair shrank into the distance. “So,” Spike asked around a mouth-full of crushed gem, “you think that was too much?”

“My dear drake,” Discord replied, smirking as she sipped her tea, “I have just begun."

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