How did I get here?

A 16 year-old girl struggles with a Mom that has breast cancer, a Dad that can't see her, and abusive sisters. Her only escape is her boyfriend, who made her promise not to cut herself anymore. When they get into a fight she stops cutting and finds an escape from everything, forever, but someone gets in the way. But her identity is revealed and things go downhill from there.(anything italicized is dialogue by the way.)


6. What they don't know.

Todor did this. This is what happens when Todor gets a hold of people. He tortures them until they bend to his will.

Alex ,who was still sitting in the corner until this point, got up and slowly walked over to me.

Scar? What happened to you?

If it weren’t for my vampiric hearing I wouldn’t have heard it. He was so quiet.

I’m fine Alex. Nothing happened.


Alex calm down. I’m fine.

No you’re not Scarlett. Look how you’re holding your arm.

Oh great. He just had to say something. Now my dad’s going to but in.

Scarlett. What did he say about your arm? Why are you holding it wrong? You’re hiding something aren’t you?

No I’m not hiding anything. Can’t you just trust me for once? I’m fine.

Scar I trust you. I can tell you’re hiding something from me, though. Show me your arm, Scarlett.


I lift my arm and show him my inner forearm. He gasps. I can tell he’s surprised. What is on my arm is the only vampire weakness. The mark of a unicorn horn. I see tears well up in his eyes. He knows I’m going to die soon. He doesn’t know something about me that can save me.

Scar. You know you’re going to die soon. You know that right?

Dad. I’m not going to die. I know something that can save me.

No Scar this is unhealable.

Dad, Mom When Todor kidnapped Mom, it wasn’t really Todor. I mean at first it was. Then, Poseidon took the place of him and raped you Mom. Even though you thought it was Todor. Then you got pregnant with me. I had blood mixed in me from both, Dad and Poseidon.

Scarlett I know you're mother. She knows what she saw.

Dad you don’t understand. She couldn’t. She told you herself she was drugged, weak. Right Mom?

She has a point there Zeph. I was drugged I didn’t really know what was going on. I easily could’ve been tricked.

See, Dad? Now can we stop fighting about it and go to the seaside..

Why would we go to the seaside? You’ve been marked by a unicorn horn. You’re delusional. Don’t even think about disobeying your father either.

Since when do I listen to you? I was a rebel then and I’m a rebel now. I’ll go if I want to. Alex, Mom, You coming?


Yes, honey.

Uhh.. Alex can you come here? I might need someone to catch me if I uh… you know pass out.

Fine, but you better not pass out. Or die. If you die you’re going to pay.

I can’t pay if I’m already dead, idiot.

Watch your mouth young lady.

Mom, a) I physically can’t watch my mouth and B) I will not watch my mouth.

        I really don’t care just not around your father.


    We walk to the seaside. All of us can tell that my dad is hiding in the trees. When we step onto the beach, I start to fall. Alex catches me and puts me upright. Until now he hasn’t touched me but now he’s keeping an arm on my waist. Halfway to the edge of the water my mother stops and watches me curiously. I start to fall forward but Alex catches me. I steady myself against his chest. We need to pick up the pace. I can feel the effects taking over my body. I won’t be able to walk much longer. We continue walking and I start to fall every once in awhile but Alex catches me every time. We’re almost there when I fall to my knees. The effects have strengthened too much I can’t even walk. Alex picks me up bridal style.

    Are you okay Scar?

    I’m fine. I.. Just h-hurry up.

    Scar you’re going to be okay.

    N-not if you keep walking at th-this pace.

    When I say this something must have clicked inside him because he started running. He hesitates when are about 3 yards from the water.

    Are you sure about this Scar?

    Yes. I’m p-positive. Put me down.

    Okay. If you’re sure.

    After he put me down, I slowly pulled myself to the water with my arms. I reached the water and rolled into the waves crashing down so it covered my entire body but my head. Then there’s black.  

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