How did I get here?

A 16 year-old girl struggles with a Mom that has breast cancer, a Dad that can't see her, and abusive sisters. Her only escape is her boyfriend, who made her promise not to cut herself anymore. When they get into a fight she stops cutting and finds an escape from everything, forever, but someone gets in the way. But her identity is revealed and things go downhill from there.(anything italicized is dialogue by the way.)


5. Todor's mark

The guards parted for me when they saw me as I stormed to the throne room. I could here the vampire’s cries for mercy as he glided along the floor behind me. I wasn’t paying any attention to him though. I was focused on trying to find Alex. Good he’s still alive and at home. I’ll tell him I’ll meet him there.  I walk through the grand double door entrance. My dad is sitting on his throne, looking bored. When he sees me and my cargo, his interest perks up and he sits straight up in his chair.

Hi Dad.

Hello, Scarlett. Who is your.. Uh.. friend?

He’s no friend of mine. He kidnapped me and guess who this is. The same person who kidnapped Mother.

You caught him?

Yes. I guess he didn’t realize I was your daughter and thought I was a Hunter since my hair was different.

You make me so proud Scar. I can't believe you caught him after all these years. Do you want the privilege of executing him yourself?

Yes it would be my honor, Father.

Guards! Take him to the dungeon and prepare the torture room. I would like to speak with my daughter alone.

Yes King Zephyros.

Yes Father?

Do you know why he captured you?


He knew who you were. He wanted to see if you had blood magic like your mother.

My mother walks in.

Did you call me Zeph? I heard my name.

Oh my little Hunter. We were just discussing Todor.

Todor Van?!?

Yes he captured my little midget Hunter.

Dad, I told you not to call me that anymore.

I like it.

ALEX!?! I told you to stay at your house. That’s a direct order that you didn’t follow. Do you know how much danger you put yourself in? And what could have been revealed?

Sorry. I was worried.

HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU? I DON’T NEED TO BE WORRIED ABOUT. Go sit in the corner, I’ll deal with you later.

Umm, little midget Hunter? Who’s this?

My boyfriend Dad. Who is was also too stupid to realise he was dating his leader.

I think you need a smarter boyfriend midget hunter.

No dip Sherlock.

Who cares about her boyfriend Zeph? Todor kidnapped and probably tortured your daughter. Did he torture you Scar? Did he? Lift up your shirt. Show me!

Mother I’m not going to lift my shirt up. There’s one boy in the corner and my Father is in the room.

Fine come with me.

Where are we going?

Just come with me.

She walks out with me in her trail. We walk across the castle all the way to my room. We walk in the door and my mother beckons me to come closer to her. I walk over and she takes off my shirt. I stand there shivering my arms and stomach bear. She walks around me and mumbles something inaudible even to vampire-hunter ears. She grabs part of the unbruised part of my arm. We storm back to the throne room. I hope my dad didn’t do anything to Alex. We walk in and the conversation between Alex and my dad die down. There’s silence in the room. I feel awkward standing there. Oh, great my dad’s standing up


Todor did this. This is what happens when Todor gets a hold of people. He tortures them until they bend to his will.

Alex ,who was still sitting in the corner until this point, got up and slowly walked over to me.

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