How did I get here?

A 16 year-old girl struggles with a Mom that has breast cancer, a Dad that can't see her, and abusive sisters. Her only escape is her boyfriend, who made her promise not to cut herself anymore. When they get into a fight she stops cutting and finds an escape from everything, forever, but someone gets in the way. But her identity is revealed and things go downhill from there.(anything italicized is dialogue by the way.)


4. Chapter 4 My Real Life

I wake up with a searing pain in my right arm. I bolt right up into a sitting position and look around. My head starts pounding as soon as I’m up. Nobody’s in my room, so I get up and walk to the door. I head into the hallway and are about to go downstairs when I feel a hand on my left arm. I turn around and see Alex.

    Get off me you idiot.

    Sorry Scar, but you really shouldn’t be up and walking around.

    I’ll do what I what. Where’s my sisters?

    Umm.. They moved out two days ago Scar.

    That’s not true. 2 days ago They were here. Remember February 5?

    Scarlett.. It’s March 7.


    Scarlett you’ve been unconscious the entire time.

What? Why?

You-you g-got shot.

By who?

I d-did.

Guess you need to work on your aim then because if you hadn’t noticed you missed my head.

Do you not remember anything?

Alex, the last thing I remember is-is…

Scar. We got in a fight and I told you, you needed help. You went downtown and I followed you. You tried to shoot yourself in the head. Joe came and tried to stop you and you knocked him out. I sneaked up behind you and got the gun away from you and knocked you out. The gun went off when I was wrestling it from you and it went off and hit you in the arm.

Great trying to save me and shooting me anyway. What a great friend.    

    Would you rather I shot you in the head, Scar?

    Yes Alex I would.

    Scarlett I didn’t just shoot you in the arm you know that, right?


    Look down.

    I look down and see a ton of blood soaked gauze wrapped around my lower left thigh. I didn’t notice the pain before but now the I notice it. My entire thigh is enveloped in pain. I see black spots clouding my vision and I’m falling. I feel strong hands catch me and then black.

    I open my eyes and I’m in my room again. It all came flooding back to me. Alex, the gun, Joe, the Porsche, my Corvette. I bolt upward. Alex is sitting in the corner of my room and his eyes light up when I sit up.

Where’s my Corvette?

Scar. You just got shot and you’re worrying about your Corvette. Well, that sounds like something a Hunter would say. Anyway, it’s in the garage.

Alex… How do you know about the Hunters.

You haven’t noticed. I’m a Hunter.

I haven’t noticed! Look who’s talking.

What are you- Wait how do you know what a Hunter is?

See look who’s talking. I’m a Hunter too.

    Yeah, well we’ve all been inactive since the pureblood blood magician took a break. We haven’t heard anything from him since you got shot.

    At this I burst out laughing. He can’t even put two and two together. I’m a Hunter and the pureblood hasn’t given any orders since I’ve gotten shot.

    Scarlett. This isn’t funny. What if the pureblood got hurt or something.

    Alex, I always thought you were kind of stupid, but not this stupid.

    Scar... What do you mean.

    Well, let’s see. I’m a Hunter and the pureblood hasn’t been in contact since I got shot..

    I still don’t understand..

    I’m the pureblood, Alex. I have blood magic. I am your leader. It’s not a him it’s a her. Aargh. You’re so stupid sometimes.

    Scar, don’t you think I would have noticed if I was dating my leader?

    You want me to prove it don’t you?
    Yes I do.

    I walked over to my cabinet and reached in and grabbed a silver dagger. I hear a gasp behind me. Yeah, yeah the famous leader’s dagger. I roll my eyes it’s all stupid. I cut both my palms and feel my blood flow from me. I flick my wrists and it’s in a bubble around me. I flick my wrists again and it dissolves and wraps itself around Alex in the form of chains.

    Do you still doubt your leader?

    What surprised me was that I used my leader voice. The one that has power and command in it. I didn’t try to it just kind of happened. I looked at Alex and he was cowering in fear of me. Oh what have I done. I softened my voice.

    Alex I’m sorry. I can’t control myself sometimes. It’s just in my blood. I’m destined to lead the Hunters and the Hunters are destined to hunt and kill vampires. It’s in my blood to be intimidating. I can’t control it. The only thing I can control is my blood magic, which I am the only vampire alive with it, and my hair color.

    Scar.. Wh-what do you mean hair color?

    This is what I mean.

    I close my eyes and concentrate I feel my hair and eye color change both to a piercing white. Even my irises. I open my eyes to a shocked face. I’ve never seen Alex look like this. He carefully got up and walked around me in a slow circle.

    You-you’re a pureblood.

    Yeah I am. I told you. It’s my destiny to rule.


    There was a moment of silence and then there was a loud bang downstairs. I inhale deeply… Vampires. I rush to my cabinet and grab my other two matching daggers. I push Alex away and mouth go. I point to the window and he turns and run. I run downstairs and peek around the corner. They are sniffing for me I can tell. They think I’m still unconscious. I creep around and stab one in the back. The blood curdling scream ringing in my ears. They all turned around and rushed at me. I slashed them all until I felt a cloth on my mouth and the blackness overcame me.

    I woke up and I was chained to the ceiling. I felt cold and looked down. WHAT THE FUCK! I’M IN BOY SHORTS AND A SPORTS BRA!  I wiggle around and try to get loose. Great the cuffs are silver. Unbreakable. A vampire walks into the room with a whip covered in metal spikes.



    Glad to here so.

Wait I didn’t say that outloud did I?

Yes you did darling.

What the heck is wrong with me, my mouth and brain are on two different pages.

He just smirked. I pulled myself up on the chains biting both of my wrists with my sharp teeth. Does he not know I’m half vampire? My connection to my blood magic growing stronger as the blood flowed from my wrists He won’t be smirking for long.

Oh, little hunter, are you trying to bleed to death.?

No I’m trying to do this.

I flick my wrists and in a matter of seconds he’s pinned against the wall by blood. I take the little bit left and get the key from his pocket and unlock myself dropping down into a crouch. Let’s see what he’s going to do about this. I grab the whip laying on the floor and get in his face.

Where am I?

We’re in California.

Where in California?


You have a VAMPIRE BASE IN HOLYWOOD? What the heck is wrong with you? You’ll be discovered and the shitty world of supernaturals will be exposed.

That’s kinda the point. The purebloods will take over soon I being one of them..

Oh so does that mean I’ll take over to then?

You’re not a pureblood.

Yes I am.

The color of my hair and eyes change and I hear a gasp. I smirk as my fangs elongate from my mouth.

H-how do you have b-blood-d m-magic then?

My real mother is Roxanne Caprice Landon. And my real father is Zephyros Cyprianus Landon. King Zephyros will not be happy. You stole his slave, Roxanne, who he had feelings for. Almost killing her forcing him to change his love from a hunter with blood magic to a vampire. She kept her magic and passed it onto me her child. Now that I think about it, Queen Roxanne won’t be happy either. After all, you kidnapped and almost tortured there one and only daughter. What will they have to say about you.

Wait, no. Please I didn’t know it was you. Please!

I show traitors no mercy.

I dragged him across the land. All the way to the peak of Granite Mountain in Washington. The guards parted for me when they saw me as I stormed to the throne room.

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