How did I get here?

A 16 year-old girl struggles with a Mom that has breast cancer, a Dad that can't see her, and abusive sisters. Her only escape is her boyfriend, who made her promise not to cut herself anymore. When they get into a fight she stops cutting and finds an escape from everything, forever, but someone gets in the way. But her identity is revealed and things go downhill from there.(anything italicized is dialogue by the way.)


3. Chapter 3 The Fight

I see a red Porsche behind me. Great, Alex is following me. I shift into seventh gear and hit the pedal to the metal. I take a sharp left, right, left, left again, and right trying to lose him. Dang, Alex is good, he's still behind me. I realize where I am and put the car in park. I get out and grin wickedly. Alex gets out of his car to and is about to take a step forward but then thinks better of it.

Scarlett, Where are you going?

Going to get help of course. Like you said.

Why are you going this way then and why do you have your wicked grin on.

This is why.

I reach into my car and grab a gun loaded with bullets. I'm going to solve this problem once and for all. Alex finally speaks and his voice is shaking.

Scar, p-please, put the g-gun d-down.

Alex, you're the one who told mget help. So I go

My voice came out steady surprisingly. I flipped the hammer and I was ready to shoot as soon as he stepped forward. I rose the gun to my head.

Scarlett, please, I'm begging you. Put the gun down. I can't live without you. If you die I die. And I will use the same gun too.

He takes a step forward and I raise the gun up so it's level with his head. I grew up under a Dad that was in the Marines I know how to aim at a moving target and a still one and Alex knows that.

You said you would die by the same gun. Huh? Well I can take care of that.

I freeze. There's someone standing behind me. Once a marine, always a marine, is what the marines say I say raised like a marine, always act like a marine. I spin around quickly and see an Army Commander. Great, now my dad's best friend is here to talk to me.

Scarlett, your dad didn't send me here. I came here myself. You can't do this do your mom. She needs you. I'll tackle you if I have to.

Joe, you may be in the Army, but I was raised by a Marine and we all know I'm the strongest and fastest of all three of us.

Scar, just let Joe take the gun. Please.

ALEX, SHUT UP! You're the one that told me to find help in the first place.


I told you to SHUT UP ALEX.

I didn't mean this kind of help.

Alex mumbles the last phrase. He seems scared of me. Joe takes a step towards me and tackles me. I kick up and throw him off of me. I slam the but of the gun into his jaw which knocks him out. Someone hits me from behind and I don't remember anything after that.

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