How did I get here?

A 16 year-old girl struggles with a Mom that has breast cancer, a Dad that can't see her, and abusive sisters. Her only escape is her boyfriend, who made her promise not to cut herself anymore. When they get into a fight she stops cutting and finds an escape from everything, forever, but someone gets in the way. But her identity is revealed and things go downhill from there.(anything italicized is dialogue by the way.)


2. Chapter 2 Help

I grab him in a hug and start sobbing into him. It's been 3 months since I've seen him and I was so overwhelmed with everything going on in my life I just couldn't help but cry.

Shhhh. Scar don't cry. I'm here you don't have any reason to cry.

He pauses as if he's thinking intently. I look up at him. His eyes are closed. He always closes his eyes when he's thinking intently. Something is coming and I don't know what.


Yup, something is coming the only time he calls me by my real name is when he gets serious.

Is it your mother? Scarlett look at me. What is it? Have you broken your promise?

At this I sob harder. I want to scream. Yes it's my mother and yes I broke the promise. I just can't handle the stress anymore.

Alex, I-I I can't handle the stress anymore. I broke my promise and my mother's in the hospital again.

It's our stop so we both get off and Alex drags me to my room.

So that's why you're wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt on a 70 degree day! SCARLETT YOU SAID YOU WOULDN'T CUT ANYMORE!

I just can't contain it and I cower in fear against the wall and start sobbing harder, at this point I don't think I can sob any harder. I know what he's going to ask so I take off my sweatshirt and roll up my sweatpants. He walked up to me and gently touched my right arm, a look of disappointment in his eyes. He shakes his head and walks to the window.

You promised me Scar. You promised me. How could you do this to me? What if I came back and you were just gone?

He looked around with tears in his eyes. I couldn't think of the last time he cried. Alex sat on my bed in a daze.

You have to tell someone, Scar, you have to.

Alex, I have told someone, you.

Someone other than me, Scar. You have to get actual help.

I don't need help Alex. I'm fine how I am.

Fine. Don't come running to me when you're at the bottom of a cliff.

At this he stormed out of the room. I walk to my bed and lay down and sob into my pillow. I can't even keep a promise. Maybe Alex is right. Maybe I do need help. I sigh and grab a drawstring bag. I put my phone, a charger, my entire stash of money ($20,000), and 4 days worth of clothes. I roll my sweatpants back down and throw my sweatshirt back on. I grab my keys and head to my car, a 75 black Corvette. I put it into reverse and back out. I put it straight into first gear as soon as I'm out of the drive way. If everyone says I need help. I will get help.

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