Holding on

Carl Grimes and Saige Carson have known each other forever. They grew up together. They were best friends. So when the world turns and tragedy befalls their families, Saige finds herself growing up before her time, resulting in finding out the truth: Carl may see her as more than just a friend. She is soon torn between the damaged world she can't escape and the life she can't control. [The Walking Dead] [Season 1 - ] [Carl Grimes/OC]


2. His return




The rain and wind had disappeared from last night. The sky was a light blue and the air smelled like roses and apple cider. I lay still for a minute thinking about what would life been like if my mom was still around. What if that car didn't crash into her? Why did it have to be my mom? Would she be proud of me? 

    I hop out of bed and pull on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and head to the kitchen, finally slipping away from my thoughts. 
    I sat down and stared at the plate of pancakes in front of me. I wasn't hungry but I didn't want to hurt my dad's feelings, it was rare for him to make a real breakfast. 

  After breakfast, I sat on the couch and pulled out my book. After I read for about five minutes my dad sat next to me. 
 "I thought that you and Carl could enjoy some ice cream, strolling along the boardwalk, and browsing through the stores." My dad said handing me some money. 

  I walk outside and find Carl sitting on his porch, tying his shoes. I've lived next to the Grimes ever since my mom passed away. 

Cars crowded Warrington's Cove narrow streets. I hopped out of the car meeting my dad and Carl on the sidewalk. 
   My father left Carl and me at Serenity's, saying he had errands to run but he would meet us at noon and we would get something to eat.

    Katie was scooping ice cream for a few teenagers, when she finished she smiled at Carl and me. 
    We defiantly weren't any strangers to her, we got ice cream here practically every day. 

    "Long time, no see. Where have you two been?" Katie asked curiously. 

   "Hanging out at our beach, we just got out of school," Carl says before I can say anything. 

  "Hey, Saige. They have Bubble gum today. It's yummy." Carl says. 
      "I'll pass, I'm gonna get chocolate instead," I say looking at Katie.

         "Can I get Bubblegum?" Carl asks already knowing the answer. 

     She nods. While Katie scoops the ice cream into my cone, I look at Carl, standing in the doorway, watching people stroll past. A flag sways in the wind over Carl's head. Katie hands me my cone and then works on Carl's. 

  "What are your plans for today?" Katie asks. "We don't really have any plans for the day," I reply. Katie hands me Carl's cone and he looks over his shoulder. 

   "Is that mine?" He asks before grabbing it from my hands and walking back towards the door. I pay Katie for the cones and say goodbye before heading outside, Carl following. Carl and I sit on the boardwalk, eating our ice cream, slurping it down before it melts. 

  A few teenagers were playing volleyball on the sand laughing and cheering one another on. Their voices blended in with cries of the gulls and the wish, wash off the lake's waves. Down by the edge of the water, a man played with his Golden retriever. The dog had a handkerchief wrapped around its neck. The man threw the frisbee and the dog jumped in to get it. When he got it he ran out of the lake with the frisbee in his mouth and shook so much water a lady complained to the owner. 

       By the time my father joined us, we were absolutely starving. We walked along the boardwalk to a little restaurant with a deck built out over the lake and seated ourselves under a green umbrella. 

     My father and I ordered BLT's and peach tea while Carl ordered just a hamburger and a Pepsi.

     After we had eaten, my dad had told us there was one more thing he wanted to do before we go home. " You can ride the carousel, the Ferris wheel, the bumper cars- anything but the tilt-a-world, you'll barf for sure." 

   By the time my father came back, Carl and I had ridden the carousel three times, the Ferris wheel once, and the bumper cars four times. We'd also eaten cotton candy and shared a box of popcorn. We were ready to go home. 

   I walked Carl the short distance back to his house and stayed there for about twenty minutes before heading back to my house.      Before I left Carl's mom, Lori, stopped me. 

  "Thank you so much for taking Carl with you guys," Lori said. 
"Yeah, of course, he's my best friend. We had tons of fun, I'd like to do it again sometime." I answered before exiting their house.  

    When I got home I saw my dad asleep on the couch so I  quietly walked up the stairs to my room and curled under my blankets, falling asleep extremely fast, with the plan of staying over at Carl's tomorrow. 


 A faint alarm began ringing in a distance. Carl pulled me to my feet and gave me a small smile before running into his mother's waiting arms. 

"Do you think it's them?" Amy asks nervously. She was talking about the group that had gone on a supply run earlier this week. 

The alarm was getting louder each second. Then a red sports car came into sight. The car stopped and out came none other than Glenn Rhee.

He smiled widely. "Hey, kiddo" he greeted. 

"Are you okay? What happened out there?" I asked. 

"Yeah, we're fine... well everyone except for Merle." 

"What's wrong with him? Is he dead?" I ask unsure of how to take this forthcoming news. 

He bit his bottom lip. "I don't know. You'll have to ask the new guy" Glenn explained, just as a large, white van came pulling up behind the red sports car. 

I exchanged a weird look with Carl at the thought of a new guy. Then the screams of happiness came. Andrea hugged her sister while Morales did the same to his wife and kids. 

"How did you guys manage to escape?" 

"Ask the new guy. Hey, helicopter boy comes out and say hello" Morales shouts. 

Carls loud cries grab my attention as I watch, I see Lori trying to calm him down.

A man steps out of the white van, I look at his face. I gasp, the man I thought was dead is now standing a few feet from me. It is none other than Rick Grimes. 

"Dad!" Carl yells running to his dad. They embrace each other before Rick does the same with his wife. I can't watch anymore, I turn the other way and head down to the lake. Tears start rolling down my face. I wrap my hand around the key pendant around my neck. It was the only other reminder I had of my mother. I have a picture but I want the real thing. I never wanted my mother and father so badly, but right then I needed them more than ever and they weren't there. 

I had never felt so alone. 

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