Holding on

Carl Grimes and Saige Carson have known each other forever. They grew up together. They were best friends. So when the world turns and tragedy befalls their families, Saige finds herself growing up before her time, resulting in finding out the truth: Carl may see her as more than just a friend. She is soon torn between the damaged world she can't escape and the life she can't control. [The Walking Dead] [Season 1 - ] [Carl Grimes/OC]


3. Alone


"Hurry, dad!" I shouted as I sat on the couch with my mom. We waited for dad to sit on the couch before we started the movie. Dad was making popcorn. When he finally came into the room with the bowl and sat down, mom played it. It has been a long time I spent time with both of my parents. 

"What's this movie about?" Dad asked while the beginning credits started rolling. We decided to watch Home Alone. 
"I think it's about someone being alone," I answered. 
"Wow," Dad sarcastically exclaimed while slowly clapping his hands. "Best description I ever heard." I laughed as we continued the movie. This was probably one of the happiest days of my life. 
    The next day I had to go to school, while Mom and Dad went to work. Everything was okay until I got home. When I walked in I saw my dad on the couch crying. His head was in his hands as I heard loud sobs come out.

"Dad? What's wrong?" I asked, setting down my backpack. Dad lifted his head up to look at me. I don't think I'd ever seen him like this. I walked over and hugged him as he cried. "What happened, daddy?" I asked again. He took a deep breath and let it out. He turned so he could be face to face with me. 

"I don't know how to say this, Saige. Your mother is gone. She was driving home when a truck hit her. She died on the spot," he explained. He started crying again. His words struck me like a lightning bolt. To dad, my mother's death was a stab in the stomach. I know he loved her very much but not as much as I did. My mother's death was a shock. She didn't deserve this. Now she'll never get to watch her baby grow. Tears spilled out of my eyes like a waterfall. My mom was my whole world but now it felt like my whole world was gone. How could someone you love so much disappear like they were never there? 

I had lost my world. 


I sat by a tent just watching as Carl, Lori, and Rick laughed about different things by the fire. It was dark now and most of the other people who were camped up here were asleep. I looked down at the ground as I felt the tears come to my eyes. I was alone. No relatives to joke around with. No mother to cuddle up to. No one. When I looked up again, Carl was staring at me. I watched as he got up from his place between his parents and walk over to where I was sitting.
"Are you alright?" he asked as he seated himself next to me.I just nodded and looked anywhere except his face. "I know that isn't true. What's wrong?" I stayed silent. He sighed. "Please tell me," he begged. 
"I'm alone, Carl. You have your parents but I don't," I answered. I finally looked at him as tears ran down my face. Carl reached over and wiped them off with his thumb.
"You have me," he pointed out. "And my mom, my dad, and Shane," he added.
"But I wish I had my parents," I sobbed. Carl pulled me in for a hug. I could feel everyone's eyes on me as I cried but I didn't care. 
"I'm going to use the bathroom," Amy said. I heard her get up and heard her footsteps walk to the RV. After a while, we heard her scream. Everyone jumped up. Walkers came from every side. Lori ran over to Carl and me, pulling us near as Shane and Rick grabbed guns.
Two long hours of gunshots and finally all the walkers were dead. We lost Amy and Carol's husband. Andrea held Amy close to her. No one dared try to pull her away.
"We should probably start moving," Rick suggested as he came towards Lori, Carl, and me. Lori agreed. "Then it is settled. In the morning we will leave." Rick confirmed as we all went to bed. I slept in a tent with Carl.


When morning came everyone was up. My father had even came back. When he arrived I hugged him like I'd never let go. "Don't leave me again" I whispered softly to him. "Are you okay, Honey?" was all he said. I nodded quickly before We buried Amy and Carol's husband and packed up. Carl and I helped. 

Andrea was still upset about Amy. I knew how she was feeling. I know what that feels like. My mom popped into my mind again. I touched the necklace that was around my neck. Memories of the time dad told me my mom was gone on the couch while he cried. I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Carl. 
"Saige, it's time to go," Carl announced as he walked over to where I was standing. I nodded and followed him in the RV.  
We left Jim, as he requested. Dad grabbed onto my shoulder. After a moment of silence, everyone drifted back towards their car but I stayed back. 

"Why?" was all I managed to ask. 

"It's what I want" he insisted and then gave me a small smile. "Be brave, Saige. You'll beat this world. I know you will" 

"Goodbye, and Jim," I say before headed back to the cars and hopping in. My eyes didn't leave Jim's body even as we began to move and it was only before Carl grabbed my hand, did I look away to smile at him. 


"Saige, wake up," Dad said, shaking my shoulders. 

I woke up with a start and up ahead I could see what must have been the CDC. Climbing outside, I slipped my bag onto my shoulders and grasped onto my knife tightly. As soon as everyone one gathered up we began to move. 

The dead were everywhere and there was no sign of any other living people besides us. I felt a twinge of nervousness in my stomach as I noticed the sun beginning to set. 

    I felt someone's hand enclose mine and I look over to see Carl right beside me. I give him a small smile as we approach the heavy  steel doors. 

Rick and Shane quickly try to open up the steel doors but they wouldn't budge. My heart began to beat faster. I gave Carl's hand a light squeeze before biting my bottom lip. 

"Is there no one here?" I questioned, finally asking the question no one else wanted to ask. 

"There are people here" Rick insisted. "Why else why the doors be closed?" 

"To try to keep the dead inside" I stated. 

At that sentence everyone began staring at me. Sometimes I couldn't believe the words that came out of my own mouth. 

Suddenly, I heard faint growling and turned to find walkers slowly approaching. "Hurry!" Lori frantically cried. 

Many things happened at once. There were tears, screams, and looks of panic. Carl sobbed into his mothers side as dad pulled me close to his side, raising his gun to the walkers. 

"Aim for the head, Saige." My father said, handing me a gun. Of course I knew how to use a gun but this wasn't practice, this was life or death. I needed to be brave, like Jim told me. "

What about the noise?" I ask my father as I aim. 

"Doesn't matter anymore," Dad replied. "We're the defense. We'll hold out as long as we can." 

Without another word I shoot the walker. It falls to the ground, defeated. I can't believe I just shot my first walker. 

Rick and Shane's shouts of panic fill my ears along with everyone's cries of fears. I could barely concentrate. More gunshots filled my ears as Glenn and T-Dog tried to take down some more walkers. 

I raised my pistol with shaky hands and lined up my aim. Taking two calm breaths, I looked down the barrel and fired. The kick hurt my shoulders and I saw that I hadn't even hit the walker. I groaned in frustration as I lined up to aim again. Pulling the trigger again, I sighed in relief to see this time I had hit my target. 

"We need to go!" Lori yelled from somewhere behind me. 

"Rick, there's no one here!" Shane added. "We need to go to fort Benning!" 

Rick ignored the protests as he threw himself as the shutter doors and began pounding his fists against the door. "You're killing us!" 

"Rick, stop! We have to--" 

And then everything changed, one moment it seemed as if we were all going to end up with my mother, then all of a sudden I heard the sliding of steel doors being opened up and everyone froze as we headed into an unknown light with an unknown savior. 




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