the life of furrys

(before you read,
my english is pretty bad /.\ just info c: )


1. new school year

*she graps a note to the left side of her bed as she lookt at it, as she lets out a loudly sight*

"-Finaly the year at Furr High, is waiting for you <3  -"

"aww mum you ditent have to leave a note for me, "

*she giggled lightly as she grapt her brush as she slowly started to use it on her long white tails *

-so a bit about me ?,

my name is Star, im a cat i think, i got 3 tails really long ears, and i got my name from the stars on my cheek, i got 3 right under my eyes, and have 2 small horns in my forhead, also im pure white but my stares are baby blue, eye color? Silver, 

and yes,, i have wings.. butt wings .. they arent that big lucky me i can hide them 

my dad is a white lion and my mum a gray cat, i got my tails from my grandpa, hes a 9 tailed fox 

and this is the year i get into Furr High, 

where every furry gets to go when they turn 16'.-


i walkt down the stairs as i runt into the Kitchen, as always my breakfast is standing ready by the table, and ofc with a small note, -dont be late for your first day at school-  i sat down by the table as i started to eat.


it was finaly the time to go i grapt my bag as i ran out the door to the street into the light,

as i keept on running i finaly made it to Furr High i couldn't belive my eyes 

i was finaly standing there infront of it, one of the worlds bigst schools and that not the best you also have to live on the school making yourself ready before you move out.


 i finaly got my things unpackt in my room as i hear someone knock on my door i walkt over as i opent,

i lookt up as a tall Wolf was looking down at me, i have never seen his kind, he had really large wings and horns in his forhead, 

"Are you Star?"

"YES! im what can i do for you"

he lookt down at me as he made a weird look  "so what kind are you?"

"uhm im a cat.. i think.." i lookt up at him confused. 

"im here to cheek op on the new studens if they got into their rooms, " 

" i See well im here , also may i ask what kind of animal you are? " i lookt up at him as i slowly poked his stomach, "

" what im? you dont know?, im a guardian  " he said as he walkt of"

a guardian? i never heart about those before.. oh well enough for one day about that, 

- Ever new studens please go to to the Hall -

"Damn right now? i just got some time to relax,"

as i got into the  Hall i lookt around, they outher already started to make groups, i was just standing there looking like a death fish 

- welcome every new student to  Furr High 

this is gonna be one of the year's you all will remember, every one of you will get a card giving out with the classes your gonna take while your here, -

as the lady got done talking and the cards was giving out i finaly got to leave, 

on the way out  i lookt around, noone else lookt like me.. there where cats.. but normal. cats, just like my mother said im one of the kind.

as i walkt out of the room i walkt into something it was as hard as a wall, 


" you alright there little lady?" a voice said,

"the wall can talk?" i look up blushing "oh sorry! your not a wall "

"haha no im not a wall but im tall i know, " he said smiling

he kinda lookt like the guy from before just that his colors wear quite difrent and i think hes a bit smallr. and not that scary

"im really sorry i ditent mean to walk into you"

"nono its my fault, i ditent see you, so i just walk't,"


did he just say i was so small he couldnt see me..

"anyways welcome to Furr high " he said as he smiled down at me and he walkt of, 

he walkt over to a group standing over in the corner of the rooms, they where all guardians how many are there in this school and why?, its not like theres need for so many strong men, 


back in my room  i jumpt over laying on my bed, the softness almost made me fall asleep. As i grapt into my pillow.

"Star you home?" someone said as there was knocking on my door

"Yearh come in, " 

the door slowly opnet up as the guy i walkt into wear standing there

"oh im sorry ditent know you where sleeping"

"nono i feel asleep i wasent supose to please come in, so anything i can do for you?"

he walks into the room as he walkt over to me 

" you dropt your wallet before when you bumpt into me so i think i should give it back,"

"oh thank you so much i ditent eaven see that, i would be dead with out it, " i grapt around it as i giggled lightly

"so did you eat yet?" he askt as he lookt down at me

" no not yet whats the time?"

" its 8pm, so its starting to get late,"

 " oh.. so much, did i sleep my day away!"

" i take it that you havent got anything to eat yet, wanna join me for some dinner at the grill?"

he lookt down at me and smiling, 

"uhm... sure!" 

" you dont have to be so shy about it, its just dinner,"

he grapt around my arm as he pullt me out of bed " wow ditent think it would be that easy to lift you up, im so sorry you ended up flying"

he said as i was sitting in his arms 

"i-its fine its not your fault i guess"

as i got back down  i walkt with him, 

"so whats your name its not fair you know mine and i dont know who you are,"

"haha thats right, im Nick, its nice to met you, "

"nice to met you to Nick"

As  i was walking next to him and chatting i started getting this warm feeling, i finaly got a friend, it was like he would end op becomming a close friend of mine 

we finaly got to the grill, and some of his friends where already there sitting at the table with him and some of his friends where actually more fun then i thinkt it would

i got to met the guy agin the first  guardian  i met before today, his name Was Joey but they all callt him Joe for short, 

they all wear the same kind. but he lookt so much difrent. he had so much dark'r colors then they outhers, and his eyes wear blood red, but still really shiney 


Joe lookt over as he said something to Mike who wear sitting next to him

"what are they talking about" i askt Nick slowly

"im afraid that its your cuteness we never seen a animal like you here before , besides how many tails do you eaven have?"

"uhm 3, "

"then whats that hiding under your dress, " Nick lookt at me confused

"well that... uhm thats wings,,,"

everyone got silent and lookt over at me,

" you got wings under there?"  joe askt as he walkt over 

"yearh.. uhm not the same as you... i have uhm... butt wings, "

i lookt away as i started to blush

"well thats cute" he said as he gave me a smile, " may we see them some day?

"uhm maybe, " i lookt up at him as he started to laugh, 

"not only are you telling us your a cat, but you got horns in your forehead and 3 tails, and wings. 

im sorry sweety but im not sure your a cat, but you are cute well one of the cutest animals i ever seen,

am i right?"

everyone started laugh as he askt

"yearh i think so to" Nick said laughting





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