Crashing My Ex's Wedding

If your boyfriend of 5 years broke up with you saying he wasn't in a position to have a relationship, then two days later get sent a invite to his wedding. Gemma only had one idea in her mind, revenge.

How would you get the love of your life back after he moved on so quickly well here's the checklist.

1.  Hot Date
2. Super sexy dress
3.  Some good old manipulation

If Gemma's Ex really worth it? Who is the Bride? And how will Gemma get him back?


2. Chapter 2- missing out

"Yes mom I know we were meant to be..... I know..  I'll talk to you later"

After two whole days I finally had enough courage to tell my parents about the breakup, soon enough everyone in the whole town would know. Word flies fast in a retirement home.

Only two days without him and I all ready feel absolutely miserable, my robe and night dress stink worse than that easter egg that we didn't find intil 4 months after easter. My hair was matted and needed a good wash, luckily I didn't wear any makeup or else my skin might be a diaster.

You know what it's good he broke up with me, I'm a free woman and 23 wasn't too old to find someone else and beside I suddenly had a lot more money considering I didn't have to buy a new toothbrush everyday. I was practically a millionaire now.

I rolled off my bed to go get breakfast, two waffles, Apple and coffee. I looked out the kitchen window. The mail truck just arrived, I guess Frederick will just have to see my my smelly self today.

"Good moring Gemma hows..... oh gosh..... fell better" he said not questing my current composure, he dropped my mail in my hands.

Junk.... junk....bills.... oh bath and body Works coupon free travel size item, I live these.....  what this.

I picked up a white  flower embroidered envelope I carefully opened it.

Gemma Harper is invited to the binding of Tesla Capri and Andrew Nova  in marriage.

"What" I yelled falling out of my chair

So he wasn't ready for a relationship with me but he was ready to get married with her.

I looked at their picture, she was short, with long black hair and tanned skin.

Oh honey, I look so much better than you, well not right now because I stink but I do.

You know what I'm going to go to this wedding, but I am going to show Andrew on everything he's missing out on.

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