BANE - Blue Moon

In a World where everything seemed conventional and prevalent, yet too harrowing to bear. A depraved Orphan, Ashur Bane settles on the stupendous choice to run away from Home, to find sovereignty.

What he thinks is an escape from his tortuous life, turns out to be disaster when he is tossed in a shrouded World among Mortals.

Where Supernatural Beasts exist but hide in the shadows.

And he's one of them....



The Last Son of Bane..

The soft pitter patter of rain beat against the roof, trickling down the sides of the Cabin noisily. Droplets of water cascaded to the ground outside the window, sending its soothing sounds into the Room where a double Bed sat up against a wall. It's metal frame looked weathered, and old like something from the late 70's that gave the Room a classic look.

Below it's white satin sheets, lay Ashur who's body shifted slightly as a soft grunt sounded from his throat. The tan-skinned man from Ashur's nightmares hovered at the left side of the Bed. He watched the boy with wandering brown eyes as he rubbed his left sideburn that oddly suited his long, handsome face which had a look of death on it. He was ailing and his body fought against itself, drastically but slowly bringing his life to an end.

He admired Ashur's soft features, and marveled at how the Boy had grown due to his transformation. The Boy's eyes finally flitted open, with a blurred vision that Soon came into complete focus. Ashur gasped almost inaudibly as he flew up from the Bed, scrambling off the other side whilst Leopold watched in amusement.

Ashur's heart pounded loudly and painfully in his chest, as he gazed up at the Man from his dreams. Thinking it was a dream again he squeezed his eyes shut and opened them seconds later, but Leopold still stood there with a raised eyebrow. Pondering to himself if the Boy had gone berserk, or it was the Lycan inside him driving him bonkers.

"Don't be afraid, this is not a dream Ashur." Leopold spoke in his heavy British accent, that had its interesting twist of dominant and sinister.

"Its you!" Ashur was becoming antsy and the fear inside him boiled as he backed up against the Old Oakwood Chest to the left of the bed.

Ashur gazed at the Window behind Leopold and thought to himself, that it was his way of escaping and he was grateful that he wasn't tied up. "It was I who approached you in the Woods seven nights ago Ashur." Leopold held a slight disregard for his actions, for they had proven fruitful in his plans for the Red Rogues.

"You're the Wolf," Ashur whispered and Leopold nodded simply, smiling with a confidence so irritating, Ashur wished to slap it from his face.

"I'm not the only Wolf in the Room Ashur. You are of Lycan descent as well. For centuries our species have thrived in the Darkness, hidden from the likes of those filthy Humans." Leopold growled and Ashur scowled up at him.

"I was a filthy Human before you bit me you prick, and don't think for one second that you're going to imprison me for long." Ashur snapped venomously and Leopold gazed at him in interest, but was impressed with the hostility inside the Boy.

It reminded him of his younger days, before he became Alpha and it filled him with excitement.

"I don't intend to imprison you Ashur, I simply wish to show you the way and be there for you. To offer the security and guidance you so crave." Leopold remarked and Ashur scoffed indifferently, not impressed or interested in his offer.

People have said that same line to him, even with a varying vocabulary but it was just empty promises that he had simply grown tired of. "In my analysis of those words, my hypothesis is Horse shit." Ashur ruled out and a laugh erupted from Leopold's mouth, making Ashur gaze at the Man as if he was crazy.

"You Have much fire in you Ashur. I must say it is quite refreshing to meet someone who says what he feels. You shall make a great Leader one day." Leopold glowered and Ashur furrowed his eyebrows, gazing up at the tall Man with confusion written all over his face.

"Where am I?" Ashur demanded sounding as groggy as his face deceived and Leopold adjoined his hands behind his back, standing tall as he gazed down at Ashur.

"Why, you're in a Cabin dear Boy." Leopold stated with a slight hint of sarcasm and Ashur rolled his eyes as he rose to his feet.

"Well thank you Mr. Obvious," Ashur sassed, shaking his head vehemently.

He staggered a little as the effects of the tranquilizer, still made him woozy and wobbly. Ashur then looked down at his Clothes, noticing they were the same ones that he wore the last time he was conscious but thinking of that only alerted him. Sending his recollections flashing through his head, like a twisted preview of a horror movie.

"Where's Tate? Why did you bring me here?" Ashur began fidgeting and Leopold sighed in frustration, dreading the thought of having to tie the Boy down.

"Tate is of no concern, nor is he a threat to you. As you can see you are not tied to a Bed, nor did you wake up in a Cage. You are not a prisoner Ashur Bane, but a Guest of Honor in my Coven." Leopold stated in reassurance but Ashur was still reeling from angst and the blood rushing to his already mixed up brain.

"But why did you have to knock me out to invite me here?" Ashur demanded, suspicion thick in his voice but Leopold was a professional Man who knew what he wanted, and had the skills of persuasion that gave him anything he wanted.

Leopold was a Man who smiled in the faces of both his Enemies and Allies, but was a tad bit boring when he wasn't mutilating People for Sport. He was Unsentimental to anybody but himself, and was quite conventional. His ability to be observant and aloof kept him partly sane, but he craved wished to be the center of attention and the Man in charge; of everything.

"Once you become one of us Ashur, there will be things you have to do that makes you very uncomfortable. But the end justifies the means and you learn to live with yourself." Leopold advised Ashur who frowned indifferently.

"Dude you sound like you're recruiting me for some type of unsanctioned Black Ops mission. Enough with the riddles just tell me what the hell I'm doing here." Ashur insisted with an intense gaze, that only made Leopold smile with a sense of Pride.

"Take a walk with me Ashur." Leopold spun around and stalked off towards the door, and quietly exited while Ashur stared after him. Baffled and confused as to what his next move was, but it seemed the strange Man from his dreams had answers that he needed to be answered.

He gazed at the Window, Watching trickles of raindrop cascade down from the roofing. A groan escaped his lips, as he trudged from the Room barefooted and reluctant.

He soon walked out into a long hallway, with walls expertly painted a reddish tint. Adorned with many Portraits of all shapes and sizes, with people ranging from the mid 1700's. Beautiful people, who were no doubt a part of the Stranger's lineage and Ashur wondered to himself if they were his Family but knew better than to just believe what a Stranger says.

He caught up with Leopold, who kept his head straight as they walked straight down the narrow hallway leading into a brightly lit Room. Ashur squinted as the bright lights from the ceiling assaulted his seemingly sensitive eyes, and he gazed at the decor of the Study.

"What is this place?" Ashur asked.

"Welcome to my Study Ashur," Leopold announced and Ashur rolled his eyes.

"It's well, nice. If you were going for mid 19th century Chic," Ashur's voice was laden with sardonic apparition and Leopold shot him an amused gaze.

The large, rectangular Room had matching wooden and glass furniture that was beautiful, in a classic way with its antique view. The floor was all wood and the walls were papered, with plain, cream colored Wallpaper. Light was also provided by Table Lamps to the far left of the Room, where a Vast Cupboard stood, rising to the Ceiling. Filled with Books and Encyclopedias that had seen generations of People. The room was a slight reminder of an old Castle.

The first thing Ashur noticed walking in, was a collection of memorabilia and a few hunting trophies set to the right wall in the Room.

Standing Picture Frames, that were years older than Ashur himself stood. With people so beautiful, he was forced to feel insecure but even more curious about Leopold's words.

"The Study was organized by my Ancestors but not much has changed since then, and your assessment on the decor era is quite correct." Leopold spoke and Ashur frowned.

"If I had a penny for every time someone said that to me. I'd have a penny," Ashur huffed, further making Leopold laugh.

"You are a riot Ashur Bane. Such innocent yet sarcastic humor." Leopold peered at Ashur and the Boy shifted uncomfortably on his legs.

A large window, with an entrancing view of the Dark Forest stood directly before Ashur. To the left was an Oakwood, three drawer, antique Chest that stood about four feet Tall with intricate, carved designs in the Wood.

A large oak desk sat at the other side, with that carving of a Seal and a large antique chair sitting behind it. A Coat of Arms that had a not too large Shield with a symmetrical paw-shaped top and a symmetrical narrow curved bottom supported by a Wolf on either side. A humble crown, or coronet, rest atop the Shield that shaped like a Crown of raised fangs carved into the wood.

On top of the coronet sat a barbute helm, which itself supported the crest, in this case a traditional Wolf.

"What does that mean?" Ashur asked out of sheer curiosity, which made Leopold smile with a hint of triumph in his smirk.

Ashur's curiously provided an opening for Leopold, to teach and inform Ashur of the Red Rogue pack and it's history. But he knew well that delving too deep into the history would chase the Boy away, yet he had ways of concealing such information. Making Ashur susceptible to any teachings he had to divulge.

"The Shield of my Family. This Desk itself was passed down from Generation to Generation of Red Rogue Alphas." Leopold coaxed in a tone that dripped persuasion, like Honey from a Bee nest.

"Alphas? That's like the Leader of a Wolf Pack right?" Ashur questioned and Leo nodded, narrowing his gaze at the Boy.


"Why am I really here Sir?" Ashur demanded and Leopold strode forward, releasing his hands from around his back.

He clapped them together, before him and Ashur folded his hands across his chest. A look of deep skepticism etched into his boyishly handsome features. "As I said before Ashur Bane, you are from a lineage of Lycans. Ranging from the 1600's. The last Son of a Bane." Leopold informed Ashur, who's face scrunched up in befuddlement.

"What happened to my real Parents?" Ashur queried stepping forward and Leopold seemed hesitant to answer, making Ashur even more suspicious. "Did you know them?" He questioned further and Leopold shifted uncomfortably on his legs, as if the question was too personal for his own liking.

"We were very Close," the Man answered vaguely and Ashur's face fell, "They were hunted and killed by a Ruthless group of Hunters who discovered our existence after we tried to stay hidden. It was the foolish actions of a Wolf that caused it all." Leopold spat as the memories of the past began to make him dizzy.

"Were they like, like you?" Asher asked and Leopold gazed at the Boy for a few fleeting seconds.

"They were like us." Leopold answered and Ashur rose an eyebrow, still discombobulated.

"Then if they were Wolves as well, why did you feel the need to bite me then? Wasn't it supposed to be passed down to me through blood with genetics or some shit like that?" Asher asked as his hands fell to his sides.

"I didn't wish to harm you Ashur. I simply wanted to speed up the transformation of the Lycanthropy." Leopold answered in honestly and Ashur scoffed lightly.

"And why would you want to do that?" Ashur asked as Leopold gazed at him guiltily.

"So you could fulfill your destiny Ashur Bane," Leopold stated in a tone so nonchalant that Ashur felt cornered.

Ashur furrowed his brows, shooting Leopold a narrow gaze. "My destiny?"

"Yes," Leopold nodded and Ashur muddled over the thought.

"Do pray tell what my supposed destiny is." Ashur demanded skeptically and a small smile curled Leopold's lips upward.

"So you could become an Alpha,"


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