BANE - Blue Moon

In a World where everything seemed conventional and prevalent, yet too harrowing to bear. A depraved Orphan, Ashur Bane settles on the stupendous choice to run away from Home, to find sovereignty.

What he thinks is an escape from his tortuous life, turns out to be disaster when he is tossed in a shrouded World among Mortals.

Where Supernatural Beasts exist but hide in the shadows.

And he's one of them....



Tate's POV

Tate stood tall beside Detective Marlo Chaz, with a frown set heavily on his face as the coppery smell of blood filled the air around them.

Two Officers in Patrol Uniforms stood with a Brunette Woman, apparently giving their statement about the Body they found. Both men looked terrified and were obviously just Rookies out of the Academy.

The oldest of them both had pale skin and stood 6' 3" tall with short, blonde hair, grey eyes and a muscular build.

The youngest was fair skinned but was shorter than the other by about a feet, with shoulder length, black hair, brown eyes and a bit of a belly that pressed against his tucked in, Navy Blue, button down Uniform Shirt. He spoke animatedly to the Woman, but Tate couldn't decipher her features for her back was turned to him.

They didn't even have guns to protect themselves. Only teasers that might've been effective on a Human, but not against the Beasts that Tate was all too well familiar with.

The moment he had arrived Tate knew what had taken place, but the truth would have to be investigated under wraps. For it wasn't just any type of murder that had been committed, but that of a Paranormal existence that evaded the eyes and ears of the Townsfolk. Written in many folklore tales of Fantasy, but was only deemed mythical and Urban due to the Peace that was sorely upheld by the Leaders.

He then knew that the Boy he held in questioning wasn't the one who had done the deed, but many questions were left unanswered. In spite of Tate's Implications, he knew he had to let Ashur go for it was a waste of time and the Boy seemed innocent enough.

"Do you ever think we should just stop doing this?" Chaz peered at Detective Tate, who grunted in dismissal.

"Not with things like this happening Chaz," Tate remarked indifferently, as the heavy smell of something evil stood thick in the air.

"Fucking Animal attack, most likely a Wolf because we sure as hell don't have any Mountain Lions around here." Chaz swore in his heavy Southern accent, fixing his Jacket to ward off the chill he felt.

There was a creepy feeling being cast all around the area, and Tate's eyes travelled all around the expanse of the Forest clearing. Keeping his nose high with regard for the odd scent that filled his nostrils. The overpowering aroma from the Pine and Cedar-wood threatened to mask the stench of death. Leaving Tate with only one conclusion that he dared not divulge to his Partner, Detective Chaz.

Tate gazed back at the Body, lined around with white Spray paint to outline the area. A tan-skinned man, 5' 9" tall with a heavy build, stood over the Corpse with a grimace. His casual dress code betrayed the fact that he was most likely contacted while he slept, and forced to come investigate the cause of death. His dark blue eyes squinted marginally and his short, wavy, dark brown hair swept in all directions with the force of the wind that blew beneath the Trees.

The Man had a narrow face with an unkempt beard, bushy eyebrows and a small mole the size of a Berry seed that sat below his left eye. He Victor Marshall and though he had seen many things in his time being a Coroner, he was traumatized by the picture before him. His pale skin pricked as the iciness of the midnight air pinched at his skin, making goosebumps rise. Though it wasn't just the frigidness that caused it, but the sight he was forced to analyze.

The Corpse was of a young Woman with blonde hair, heavily matted with blood and dirt from the forest floor. Dead leaves hung from her locks, but her eyes were wide open. Whoever or whatever killed her, must have terrified her for the look on her face was horrid. She had bloodshot, blue-grey eyes that reflected the light from the Full Moon and a dust of freckles or quite possibly splatters of blood on her face.

Her chest cavity was ripped open, revealing her insides with crushed bones and a missing Heart. Her Summer dress was soaked in blood that had already begun to darken, from being exposed to the air. Leaving a sickening sense of a heinous death by a Creature that had to be at least twice her size. The lacerations on her arm and lower torso gaped open, exposing flesh that paled as death became her new color.

Tate strode to stand beside Victor with Chaz in tow, and the Coroner shifted his gaze to Tate as the Detectives came into his line of sight. There was chatter all around, as Patrol Officers abled back and forth. Forensic Scientists circled the area, searching for evidence that could answer all the questions that were being asked.

"She's just a Kid," Tate grimaced as his tolerance became a sick feeling of disgust and anger. "Who is she?" Tate turned to Chaz who scanned through a File that must have magically appeared, for Tate didn't see when Chaz revealed it.

"Identification was found in her Purse that was discovered three yards from the Body. Says her that she's Catherine Jenkins, 16 years old and a Senior at FallMire Community College Class of 2016. Calling her Parents is going to be the hardest thing I have to do today." Chaz shook his head in disbelief, still reeling from the blood and gore present.

"Cause of death?" Tate asked to keep the regular routine afloat, but he knew damn well what had happened.

"Seems to be some type of Animal attack, but the width of these lacerations and bites aren't consistent with any type of Animal that we know roam this area of the  Forest." Victor conveyed in a harried tone and Tate pursed his lips, feeling his tolerance waver exponentially. "My best guess is a feral Wolf, but I still need to figure this out." Victor murmured in a tired voice.

"She couldn't have died at a worse time." Chaz voiced and Tate rose an eyebrow as he glanced at his Partner, attempting to decipher what Chaz's words meant.

"Well? What do you think did this?" Tate asked despite himself knowing just what did but Victor shrugged.

"I found samples of hair on the Corpse but I won't be able to run a DNA Sequence Test until I get back to my Lab. It's more than likely Animal Hair, but I'll have the report on your desk by morning." Victor divulged and Tate nodded as Victor stepped away from the Body.

"Why do I feel like we're dealing with Werewolves?" Chaz queried and Tate shot him a blank look. "What? It's Just a wild guess, I mean look at her. What regular Wolf could do this type of Damage?" Chaz was hysteric and Tate scoffed heavily as he strode away. 

"Then I reckon we get some Silver Bullets and Pumpkin oil laced Daggers." Tate added with a hint of sarcasm, gaining a disheartening glare from Chaz who hastened his steps, to catch up with Tate.

"Are you being sarcastic right now?" Chaz questioned, for he knew Tate well enough but failed to realize when he was being comical.

Tate was a wanderer but not opposed to helping people, for it was his Job and he existed to keep people safe from the otherworldly that hid in the shadows. He was a plain man, with a cynical attitude but was quite poised and pragmatic. On many occasions he could be cruel, but only when the situation permitted or made it necessary.

Chaz on the other hand was a free spirit, that didn't believe in the Extra-normal but loved playing Video Games and watching TV Shows with Paranormal themes. He was the nice one in their partnership, and always made sure Tate didn't step outside of his boundaries with his tendency to be impulsive.

"Detective Tate," the Woman from earlier hailed Tate, who paused and slowly turned to face the her with a veiled look of disinterest. "Hi my name is-" she began introducing herself, but Tate recognized her from the many Tabloids and News Spreads.

"Veronica Marshall, ADA. How can I help you?" Tate gazed at the Woman attempting to keep his patience intact. 

The caramel-skinned beauty stood at 5' 10" tall with impressive bosoms, packed into her chest and revealed by her open, double-breasted coat that was a part of her expensive looking Pant Suit. Her hazel-brown eyes peered up at Tate as she took a distinct interest in the scar on his left eye. Her curly black hair swayed, brushing against her triangular face.

Tate gave her a swift once over, as he wallowed in the Rosy scent of her Perfume that invaded his sense of smell. Her thin eyebrows furrowed and stern eyes watched Tate in disregard to his uninterested tone.

"Actually I'm covering for District Attorney Ross today," she stated pointedly and Tate scoffed, gaining a confused look from the Woman.

"I'm Detective Chaz, nice to meet you Veronica," Chaz introduced himself with a smirk and Veronica grimaced at the Man.

"That's Mrs. Hobbs to you Detective Chaz." She flashed him a condescending smile and Chaz's smile faded.

"What can I do for you ADA Marshall?" Tate queried with heavy emphasis on her Position at the DA's Office and she scowled.

"I've received word that you have someone in Custody that may possibly be linked to this Crime?" It sounded like a question and Tate grimaced as he thought of Ashur, who he was sure didn't commit the Crime.

The Boy had a distinctive smell and Tate failed to pick up the scent anywhere near the area that the Body was found.

"I'm afraid I can't divulge that information to you." He posed and Veronica chuckled under her breath as she clutched the files in her hand.

"By the law of the DA's Office, you are to give me any Intel I request Detective Tate. Don't make this any harder than it needs to be." She challenged and Tate rose an eyebrow, seemingly not phased by her attempt to sound intimidating.

"Sure, you want Intel?" He questioned as he took a step towards her and she nodded with a forced smile. "I don't have anyone in Custody linked to this Crime." He spoke heavily but Veronica didn't seem convinced.

"Then who is Ashur Bane?" She questioned with a narrowed gaze and Tate gritted his teeth. "The report says you found him a little over a mile from here, with someone else's blood on his Clothes and hands." She conveyed and Tate crossed his hands over his chest, shooting her a challenging glare.

"This was an Animal Attack," Tate spoke defensively and Veronica scoffed and began opening her file Jacket.

"The cause of death is inconclusive Detective Tate," She handed him a sheet of Paper but he still kept his hands crossed.

"Inconclusive?" Chaz questioned with a confused look and Tate grunted.

Veronica chuckled to herself and placed back the Paper in her files, once she realized Tate wasn't going to take it. "The Time of Death coincides with the time stamp that you stated that you found the Boy." She stated matter of factory but Tate wasn't planning on breaking.

He knew well enough that the Boy didn't do it, or he would've smelled it on him but there was no scent here that matched any on Ashur Bane. Tate knew that he couldn't state why Ashur didn't do it, for it would only mean trouble for him and all that he was.

"How long have you been doing this Job Mrs. Hobbs?" Tate challenged quizzically and the Woman huffed heavily.

"Long enough," she finally answered after hesitating.

"Well you're wasting my time, so here's what's going to happen. I'm going to go and investigate a Murder since I know how to do my Job, and you can stay here and chase down a lead that might I say, is inconsistent. I think you need some more pointers on Case Closing so, my Desk is free anytime during weekdays. Got it?" Tate began turning away but Veronica latched into his upper right arm and roughly spun him around.

"Let's get one thing clear Detective Tate, you don't know me and as soon as I solve this Case I'll make sure that I start an investigation on you." She spat threateningly and Tate gave her a blank look. "For instance that Scar on your face, that made you blind in the left eye." She snared as the scar made her a bit uneasy.

"Go ahead Mrs. Hobbs, investigate away but let's you get one thing straight. You may be the Assistant District Attorney but you don't scare me with your two years out of the Academy Badge." He shook out of her grasp and she gasped as he stepped closer to her, with his face hovering dangerously close to hers.

He easily towered over her and it was enough to make her shiver, just as her knees weakened. "I may not know you, but I know when someone is desperate to solve their first case." He snapped lightly and her face twisted up, as the intimidation set in. "But take my advice and gather Intel that's actually worth something, or in the next six months you'll be pushing papers and making Coffee runs." Tate hissed in a low lonely and Veronica shrunk back a little, feeling her heartbeat accelerate.

Chaz stood on the sidelines watching the exchange in silence with his eyes in with amusement. He knew his Partner was a badass, and he knew that the tiny Woman couldn't dare to even make him fidget. Just the scar on Tate's face made criminals piss their pants, and Chaz had witnessed it plenty times enough to know that it was as distinguishing as it was intimidating.

"Have a good day Mrs. Hobbs." Tate finished and stormed off towards the path that led back to the Road, with Chaz gazing after him.

He turned to Veronica who was fixing her Jacket with a look of pity in his eyes, but he knew well enough that she was asking for it. "Maybe we should have Coffee sometime and discuss-"

"Goodbye Detective Chaz," Veronica snapped and Chaz's smile fell flat.

"Ok Ma'am," he ground out as he gazed away from her, then quickly stalked off to avoid her begrudging glare.

"Tate, slow down man you know I can't keep up with those freakishly long legs of yours." Chaz shouted after Tate, who only kept walking.


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