BANE - Blue Moon

In a World where everything seemed conventional and prevalent, yet too harrowing to bear. A depraved Orphan, Ashur Bane settles on the stupendous choice to run away from Home, to find sovereignty.

What he thinks is an escape from his tortuous life, turns out to be disaster when he is tossed in a shrouded World among Mortals.

Where Supernatural Beasts exist but hide in the shadows.

And he's one of them....



Ashur's POV

The smell of urine assaulted Ashur's nostrils, in a vile and odorous way. His eyes followed the small red light, beeping on the Camera to the left side of the Room. A room that appeared to be at least 20x15 in size, with no other furniture

Ashur breathed heavily and his eyes darted around the entirety of the Interrogation Room. It was much smaller than the first one he'd been in when he was just a mere sixteen years old. The rectangular metal Table was so well polished, he could see an almost clear reflection of his face. The metal Chairs had minimal grey paddings on all seats and the Walls were bare concrete, with a rough surface painted over by some glossy white paint.

His gaze fell on the reflective glass, knowing well that somebody else was watching him from the other side. Ashur could hear the noises from the activities outside, which made the situation eerie and a tad bit weird.

"What's your name?"

"Ashur Bane,"




"Is all this really necessary?" Ashur asked out of frustration, gazing at Detective Tate. "I was just running though the Forest when I saw this big ass Animal." Ashur tried explaining but Tate was not in the least bit convinced.

Detective Tate was a tolerable person on most occasions, but he was also a bit impatient and impulsive. So handling Ashur was not something he wanted to be doing, but he felt it better if he did and got it over with. Regular Officers at the Division would have left Ashur sitting in the Interrogation Room for many hours before questioning, but Tate wasn't a time waster.

"Just answer the questions. The sooner we get this done the sooner you can leave here. Now," Tate paused, as he skipped through a thick blue File Jacket. "What's your address?" Tate asked in a less than appealing tone settling his striking grey eyes on Ashur, who's soft brown eyes neglected to blink.

"45 Windsor Street." Ashur mumbled as he crossed his hands over his small chest.

With quiet observation, Tate began reading up on Ashur. The Boy was just a 20 year old Orphan who had been through the system too many times to count on both his hands. He had quite a few misdemeanors in the System, that involved one linking factor that was his Foster Father. Detective Tate failed to understand the complexity of Ashur's situation, but he related on a level that only he cared to note to himself.

"What were you doing running through the Woods at that late an hour?" Tate questioned skeptically, optically canvassing a shaken Ashur, who was trying to keep a brave face despite the slight tremble in his arms.

"I was going for a Run. Don't you go on runs in the Forest too?" Ashur questioned as he gazed at Tate in displeasure as he leaned forward, looking the Detective straight into his eyes. "I hear it's quite nice and cool at midnight." Ashur spoke in a jeering tone and Tate's disapproval for the Boy's heat snapped.

"You will answer my damn question!" Tate shouted with a deep growl as he slammed a veined fist atop the metal table. Ashur jumped back with wide frightened eyes, thrust into a fit of angst that left his body vibrating in marginal fear.

"Tate," The metallic Door to the interrogation Room swung open, and a Man who looked to be in his late forties, with greying hair and a receding hairline stepped into the Room.

"Not now Chaz," Tate spoke as he kept eye contact with the still frightened Ashur.

Chaz was a neat set man, with a slight beer gut that bunched against his striped undershirt, tucked into grey slacks. He didn't wear a tie and a few buttons at the nape of his shirt were undone, revealing a bushy chest full of gray and dark hairs. He stood at about five feet nine inches, with his dusty but neat Oxfords adding a couple more inches to his height. By The looks of it, Chaz was much smaller than Tate who stood over 6 ft 6". A giant of a Man with broad shoulders, pecks that could be used as Pillows and Arms like a Rocket Launcher.

"Search Team found a body in the Woods," Chaz said with a slight grimace and Tate's head swiveled around swiftly, gazing at Chaz.

"Where?" Tate asked as his interest was drawn to the average looking Chaz.

"About a mile south of where you found the Kid," Chaz motioned to Ashur, who's face became ashen with the implication.

"Uh huh," Tate hummed as he shifted his gaze back to Ashur, who had grown deathly pale. "Seems we're about to find out why you were in those Woods now, aren't we?" Tate settled his cold, intimidating gaze on Ashur who's lips parted slightly with no words of defense coming out.

Tate was convinced that Ashur was a fiend, yet there were more theories as to the reason the Boy was there with blood on his hands and Clothes. Ashur suffered no injuries that were visible, but with that amount of blood, he would've past out already or quite possibly bled out in his chair.

"Forensics are already on the scene and it's not looking good." Chaz spoke in a rush as he spun around to open the door, and Ashur watched in horror as Tate rose from his chair and leaned forward with both palms pressed atop the Desk's metal surface.

"Are you sure you don't have anything to say to me before I leave this room?" Tate queried with a hard gaze, as he hovered over Ashur who was too dazed to comprehend the situation that he now faced. But Ashur had nothing to say to him, because he was struck Dumb with the idea of the Wolf killing Someone else besides him.

Ashur tried to feel relieved that the Wolf must've already had his fill, before attacking him but his heart panned painfully in his chest. The thought of someone else dying, was enough to make him feel guilty and distraught.

"Suit yourself then," Tate lifted his hands from the Table and shot Ashur one last look of disdain before turning away to leave.

In a small Town like FallMire, Ashur knew the consequences of being held and interrogated, but he didn't anticipate them finding a dead body. He surely would've remembered if he killed anybody, but he didn't have the balls or the qualms to do something so heinous. He just wanted to escape his Foster Father, and find a new way to live and hopefully support himself.

He knew he was old enough to get a Job, and maybe he could hopefully afford a small place for himself in a couple months. But now his plans got wrecked, all because of one Beast that wasn't supposed to exist. Only in his dreams or Books, and Movies.

Ashur didn't know what to do or what to say, because he was innocent. At least that's what he knew, before the other Detective showed up. Now he had to sit and wait, while he would most likely get convicted.

The murder was sure to be pinned on him, for he had no control over the assumptions of the Law Enforcement. So he got used to the idea of being incarcerated, because he at least knew then that he would be free of his Foster Father. Even if it Mean being thrown in a 10x20 cell with a Roommate, who would find pleasure in kicking his ass or something much worse.

Ashur thought it funny that he'd been away from Home, for at least the whole night. Yet his Foster Father didn't put out a report, or seemed to have even been looking for him. He was just surprised that they hadn't called him yet, but he felt as if the Man was already outside waiting and he dreaded the confrontation.


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