BANE - Blue Moon

In a World where everything seemed conventional and prevalent, yet too harrowing to bear. A depraved Orphan, Ashur Bane settles on the stupendous choice to run away from Home, to find sovereignty.

What he thinks is an escape from his tortuous life, turns out to be disaster when he is tossed in a shrouded World among Mortals.

Where Supernatural Beasts exist but hide in the shadows.

And he's one of them....


9. • MONSTER •


(7 weeks Later)

London, England.

The wind beat against Ashur's face and his breathing went from a growl, to a maniacal snarl that emanated throughout the large clearing that he stood.

Alec Casos, a Latino with striking features and intense brown eyes watched as his Alpha and Ashur got ready to brawl. He was the spitting image of John Stamos, only younger with a clear gaze of jealousy in his eyes for Ashur. For so long he had hoped that Leopold would pass the mantle down to him, but he knew better than to dream of such things. For he knew of Ashur and detested the boy's existence, that threatened everything he stood for.

The fading, dusk Sunlight blared down on Ashur's skin, that had gone from its once pale complexion to a light caramel flush. His muscles were even more taut than they were a month before, and his hair cut down, in a simple, well groomed style which made it more lustrous. His shirtless torso revealed his upper body, that was oozing an appeal so strong he caught the attention of many Red Rogue Wolves.

Many of which died for his attention which he didn't give, for he wasn't attracted to any of them. He didn't need any distractions, and only reason he was still staying was to learn how to defend himself. It was a new World that he lived in now, and he couldn't stand the idea of being weak and defenseless. His strength, speed and agility were heightened by his inner Wolf. A Beast he learned to control within a week, due to his strong will, perseverance and the blood of the Bane's that flowed through his veins.

Leopold was proud of Ashur and had big plans for the Boy, but he had a second agenda that he kept hidden and to himself for his own selfish reasons.

Ashur's humanity was still intact and it bothered Leopold, who still neglected to tell Ashur that he was his Father. He didn't fear rejection from his only Child, but he needed the truth as leverage if in any case Ashur decided that being an Alpha to the Red Rogue Pack wasn't what he wanted for himself.

Leopold stood a couple meters from Ashur, his canines and claws reared as he huffed heavily. Both of them were dusted with dirt and soot from their Training brawl, and sweat glistened on their impressively toned bodies.

Leopoldo gazed at Ashur with pride, for the Boy was learning the art of combat quite fast and was able to suppress his Wolf enough not to transform fully. In many cases it wasn't necessary for Lycans to become full wolves, unless they felt the need to secure their Human identity. It took a while with Ashur and the pain was intense, for his bones felt as if they were being broken and snapped back into place to form the shape of the Wolf.

"You look tired Leo," Ashur admonished and Leopold scoffed and took his defensive stance, shooting Ashur a glare.

"Don't be cocky Ashur Bane, I'm only going easy on you but when it is time, I won't hold back." Leopold stated matter of factly and Ashur rolled his eyes.

"Yeah right old Man," Ashur shot at him and Leopold snarled loudly as his bare feet scraped against the ground, preparing himself to dash off towards Ashur, who was already anticipating the attack.

Ashur knew he still wasn't as strong as Leopold, but the last couple weeks have proven that he could beat Leopold at one point in time; when he'd received enough training to do so.

Ashur's eyes glowed yellow as he saw the redness in Leopold's eyes intensify, and he growled loudly. They both dashed off towards each other, meeting at the center of the training ground.

Ashur surprised Leopold by sliding to his knees, angling his body backwards to evade the slash of Leopold's claws while kicking up dirt and gravel.

With a swift maneuvering of his body, he rose to his feet at a surprising speed grabbing unto Leopold's hand from behind. But Leopold spun his body, with his claws whizzing past Ashur's face by just an inch.

Alec stood on the sidelines watching the brawl, feeling his resentment for Ashur rise even higher. He kept his feelings to himself, in fear that he would be shunned if Leopold ever knew his thoughts. Something like that was considered treason, and Leopold was perhaps too cruel to forgive something as heavy as that.

Alec slowly smiled as Leopold lands a kick in Ashur's chest, sending the smaller Boy flying backwards.

Ashur landed on the floor with a loud grunt as he began rolling uncontrollably but was able to dig his claws into the ground, stopping himself from rolling any further away. He began panting loudly as he mentally mapped out his next attack, hoping Leopold couldn't read his body language.

Ashur swiftly rose to his feet, seemingly unharmed by the blow to his chest and leaps at Leopold who came hurtling in his direction.

Ashur spun his body, blocking a punch from Leopold's fist grabbing unto the Man's large arm, flipping the him over his shoulder. The momentum sent Leopold flying straight to Ashur's left, and he lands with a pained grunt and wince of agony.

Leopold smiled to himself as he slowly rose from the ground, and without warning Ashur charged with a growl that cracked through the air like a hellish Beast.

Leopold met Ashur head-on, dropping into a low kick, sweeping the Boy's legs out from under him so softly, Ashur could never have seen it coming. Leopoldo then spins behind Ashur who's eyes glowed with ferocity, as his face radiated a blend of perseverance and brutality.

Ashur dropped back as if he was about to flip over, but he launched his body up with the momentum of his legs, landing in a cat-like stance. Completely shocking Leopold, who watched as Ashur deflected the blow and turned it into a maneuver to avoid falling on his back.

"Quite impressive," Leopold grinned and Alec grimaced as he watched the praise Ashur received, with so much hatred he feared his Alpha would feel it.

"I had a great Teacher," Ashur shrugged, making Leopold's chest fill with a feeling he could define as love, but he wasn't capable of such a thing.

"Quit prattling," Leopold then slashed his claws out at Ashur, who blocked every blow with quick precision but Leopold was only counting and predicting Ashur's blocks until he found an opening. In one swift motion he had Ashur pinned to the ground, his red eyes glowing and his mouth parted with Canines bared.

"Your moves are a tad bit predictable, but you're learning quite fast. Even faster than I did when I was your age." Leopold released Ashur who was panting heavily, with a look disappointment heavy on his face.

"That doesn't exactly comfort me," Ashur griped as he rose to his feet, and Leopold stalked away from him, joining his hands behind his back with his head held high.

"You Have fight in you Ashur, that's all it takes and your strength is valid and puissant. You've done quite well these past few weeks." Leopold commended in a somber voice flashing a prideful smile towards Ashur, who placed his hands akimbo.

"Well I'm tired and hungry, so can we pick this up tomorrow or I don't know, next week?" Ashur mused and Leopold shook his head in disapproval.

"You haven't finished your training for the day. Today is special for it is a time of reckoning and you shall finally become a true Bane." Leopold spoke and there was a beat as seconds passed in silence.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Ashur questioned with a baffled look and Leopold turned to Alec, but they didn't exchange words for Leopold had already informed his Delta about the day's proceedings beforehand.

"I have a gift for you," Leopold spoke and Alec nodded but Ashur caught the exchange and furrowed his eyebrows, thoroughly annoyed at the idea.

There was a strange relationship between Alec and Leopold, who held high regard and maybe even a shred of emotion for Alec. A Delta who dreamed to become the Alpha after Leopold, but knew better than to hope for he wasn't bred by an Alpha himself. Which caused heavy tension between Alec and Ashur, on a daily basis.

Ashur, on various occasions tried to be civil towards Alec but was constantly shot down with sarcasm and rude snaps. Though Ashur only did so, hoping he could have at least one Friend but it wasn't bound to happen.

Alec spun around and walked off vigorously through the tracks leading back to the Cabins. Ashur stood in silence as Leopold did, watching and waiting until Alec returned. "You Have showed true promise Ashur Bane, but I'm wary as to where your loyalties lie. Today we will test that theory." Leopold announced with a hint of reproach in his tone, that made Ashur shift uncomfortably on his feet.

"Loyalty? You can't be serious," Ashur rolled his eyes and Leopold's gaze hardened and for the first time, Ashur could sense a change in Leopold's usually calm demeanor.

He knew the older Man had questionable morals and views, that hinted to him not being as noble as he made himself out to be. But Ashur was thoroughly unnerved and anticipated the day he would be able to leave; maybe go back to his life in America. He knew for a fact that he didn't want to be bestowed the position of Alpha, and he hid that fact from Leopold. The man that he'd grown a slight trepidation towards in the past weeks, despite the royal hospitality Ashur had received since he arrived.

Many mornings Ashur had awoken to find Bane sitting at his Bedside, or hovering over him like a troubled shadow. It made Ashur nervous but it also motivated his attitude to seem as if he wanted to stay, because deep down he knew that he'd escape without the help of Tate.

He couldn't stop thinking of the Detective and it bothered him how much the brooding Man crossed his mind. There was an odd feeling in his stomach, that could be called butterflies yet it did nothing to comfort Ashur. It only conflicted his mind, making him faded and dazed to a point of pure numbness. Ashur thought of their embrace, and how warm he had felt being wrapped up in the Tate's strong arms. A thought that brought him an odd comfort, which made him curious but also gave him the motivation to tread lightly with Leopold.

After the first two weeks Ashur had given up hope that Tate would come looking for him, but he knew the Man didn't exactly owe him that courtesy. It was just the strange feeling he got whenever he thought of the Detective, that made him giddy and a bit bothered. Every second he would remember the words and comfort Tate gave him. Somewhere deep inside himself; he missed it.

Alec returned minutes later and Ashur's eyes widened as he realized that the Delta held on to a person, bound in ropes. Ashur sniffed the air and scowled as the scent of the Human filled his nostrils, but he was more worried as to why the Man was tied up.

Ashur could barely make out the features of the stranger, but he could smell the fear oozing off of the Man. He could hear the deep tremble in his baited breath, filling his ears with a sound that reminded Ashur of his time running through the Forest that very night.

"What is this?" Ashur asked in confusion, shifting his gaze from Leopold to the Man.

"Your gift, and also your initiation into the Pack." Leopold informed Ashur who failed to understand what that even meant.

"P-please, I Won't tell anyone what I saw I promise just please don't kill me." Ashur's glare settled on Leopold, who remained undaunted.

"Why is he tied up?" Ashur questioned haughtily and Leopold nodded to Alec who flashed his claws, making the stranger and Ashur both flinch.

Ashur stepped forward but paused in angst when Alec use his claws to cut the binds from the Human's hands, setting him free. Alec snarled as he pushed the Man to the ground, then turned to walk away. Ashur walked up to the Man, and saw the bloodshot in his eyes and the fear etched across his features.

"I'm afraid he has seen what we are, he knows our secrets so he must be dealt with." Leopold declared in a sinister tone and Ashur flashed him a disgusted look. "He must be killed."


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