BANE - Blue Moon

In a World where everything seemed conventional and prevalent, yet too harrowing to bear. A depraved Orphan, Ashur Bane settles on the stupendous choice to run away from Home, to find sovereignty.

What he thinks is an escape from his tortuous life, turns out to be disaster when he is tossed in a shrouded World among Mortals.

Where Supernatural Beasts exist but hide in the shadows.

And he's one of them....



Ashur's POV

The slow knock on the door made Ashur look up from his arm, still baffled as to why they had grown so big overnight.

He slowly dragged himself to the door on tired feet, that felt oddly sore without any activity for the past 38 hours. In wake of his dream, he still felt perturbed by the occurrence and he began drifting into daydreams, that were just nightmares in the daytime. Something to have him thinking, and something to have him pinching his skin a million times during the day to make sure he wasn't in a constant dream state.

The eerie silence in the House was unmistakable but the cause for his body to fidget and for his mind to drift away to a dark place. Where loneliness settled and his heartbeat was loud. Beating erratically against his chest, with such urgency Ashur felt the organ would spontaneously pop at any moment.

Twisting the locks on the door, Ashur swung the door open without a second thought, finding Detective Tate standing there in all his tall glory. Dressed in black Jeans, that were moderately ripped a little below the knees, Timberland boots that sat neatly on his surprisingly large feet. His leather Jacket was a bit stylish, but simple and not for the purpose of warmth. His undershirt was plain, but moisture from his sweat lined the nape.

Tate was the epitome of sex appeal and Cop Fetish, that screamed dominance and brooding attitude. The blind eye and the scar would've made anybody unattractive, but it only added to Tate's drop dead gorgeous looks. He was sparsely the thing out of a Magazine, and was the man that could make a scar and blind eye work. His dark mane of hair was tousled, glossy and wavy with no need to be brushed or combed for its natural look was satisfying to his suitors.

Tate dangled two cups of Coffee in a four-part cup holder in his hand and a brown Paper Bag, filled with the strong and tasty aromas of cinnamon, vanilla and strawberry. Ashur conjectured they were Donuts, but it seemed a little too cliche for Tate was a Cop after all.

There was no label on the paper bag, but Ashur's sense of smell had grown, leaving him befuddled. Though he felt odd about it, Ashur enjoyed the idea of smelling things better than before. The robust and pungent scent of Coffee Beans, roasted on a gentle heat to bring out its resplendent flavor when brewed. The soothing smell of the vanilla Coffee Mate, filling Ashur's nostril made his mouth water and reminded him that he hadn't ate in almost a whole day.

"What are you doing here?" Ashur questioned gruffly and Tate rose an eyebrow at his rude tone.

"Don't worry Kid, I came in peace not to tear you to pieces but if you talk to me like that again I sure might consider it." Tate threatened and Ashur's eyes widened, but soon disappeared the second he realized that Tate was just being his usual self; a complete and utter Asshole.

Tate handed the bag of Donuts to Ashur, who hesitated but felt his stomach bubbling and growling so he snatched the bag from Tate, a little too hastily. Tate then handed him a cup of Coffee, and Ashur gazed at the man in confusion, trying to ponder why he was standing there with Coffee and Donuts.

"Peace offering?" Ashur mused and Tate grimaced but shrugged, without giving an answer.

"Maybe," Tate drawled and Ashur huffed with a small shrug following as Tate took a short sip from his Cup.

"That's awfully considerate of you, but you still haven't answered my question." Ashur stated pointedly and Tate scoffed as he peered at Ashur, with an icy glare.

He admired the fact that Ashur was so straightforward, and bold enough to say what was on his mind. There were no boundaries and in some odd way the Detective felt a strange connection between them. Which was one of his reasons for coming to see the Boy, to make sure that he was ok after all that he'd been through.

"What question?" Tate queried coyly which annoyed Ashur a little bit.

"Why are you here Detective Tate?" Ashur questioned and Tate sucked in a breath, gripping the warm cup in his hand.

"I was going over your statement and there are some things that we need to talk about," Tate stated in a serious tone and Ashur paused as he dug into the bag of Donuts, but quickly withdrew one and slowly munched on it.

"So good," Ashur moaned as he childishly decided to ignore Tate's inquiry, while savoring the sweetness of the Cinnamon and sugar dusted donut. "You have good taste in Donuts," Ashur spoke with his mouth full, flashing Tate a thumbs up.

Tate gazed down at Ashur with furrowed brows, wondering if he was being serious but couldn't help the feeling of amusement. For all through his day Tate dealt with serious or frowned faces, but Ashur's sense of humor and carefree attitude was a bit refreshing to the Detective.

"You don't know when to be serious do you?" Tate questioned and Ashur shrugged, still chomping down on a Donuts.

Ashur then paused as an odd feeling circled inside him. It was exhilarating but Ashur could sense another smell, that sat between Pinewood and wet tree barks. It was an entrancing smell, that caught his attention but he wasn't the only one that picked it up.

Tate inhaled sharply and his eyes grew narrowed, smelling the mark of an Alpha thick in the air. An aroma that was so pungent and serene, it almost killed the scent of the Donuts and the Coffee.

Ashur finally took a sip of his Coffee, and savored the flavor of the Coffee mate. Swirling against his tongue, like an electric wave of flavor dancing on his tastebuds.

"You smell weird," Ashur noted and Tate couldn't help the deep chuckle that emanated from his lips.

"Are you ok?" Tate asked somewhat sarcastically and Ashur shot him a blank look.

"I feel like a put on a hundred pounds, and my muscles ache all over. I feel weird but thanks for asking," Ashur murmured loudly and Tate scoffed lightly, a frown settling on his face.

"A hundred pounds of muscle," Tate spoke and Ashur gazed at him with a blank look.

The look in Tate's eyes didn't alarm Ashur, but he felt that the Man knew something weird was happening. Especially after Tate showed up just out of the blue to check up on him. Ashur had a weird feeling about his visit, but decided not to think too negatively about it, for he would be in handcuffs Already or dead.

"What are you, like 7 feet?" Ashur asked out of sheer curiosity and Tate shrugged, gazing down at his legs as he sipped his now warm coffee.

"Almost," he let out simply and Ashur pursed his lips, drinking the Man in for a moment but had no idea why he did so.

Ashur felt a little bad for being rude to Tate, but he couldn't decipher why that feeling filled his heart. Like something pulling him towards Tate, and Tate towards him. An odd attraction that both felt the moment they laid eyes on each other, just moments ago.

Tate took a moment to observe Ashur, and he knew what had taken place. The transformation was already upon the Boy, for his muscles were more taut and defined. His chest had grown, and the scrawny little kid had vanished overnight. Arms with well defined triceps and biceps, with pecks not as huge as Tate's but overall very impressive.

"I'd invite you in, but I'm sure you don't want to stay," Ashur noted and for a second Tate realized that he was lost in a daze, by gazing at Ashur for longer than he felt necessary.

"Walk with me Kid," Tate ordered leaving no room for Ashur to protest.

Tate strode off and Ashur gazed after him, befuddled and completely lost. But the Boy shrugged and slammed the door shut behind him, then ran to catch up with Tate. Ashur grew even more confused when Tate walked past his car, ambling down the driveway on foot. He quickly discarded his empty cup in the Garbage Can just yards from the Porch, just as Tate did second before.

The yard was plain and held no gardens at the front nor the back, just a quaint little House half a mile from the nearest neighbors. A walkway that led down to a two lane Dirt Road that travelled for at least half a mile before coming on some asphalt road. There was just pure Forestry around, and Tate was following the scent he caught.

A scent that reeked of death and decay, with an alarming aroma of Cedar and dried leaves.

"Umm, where are we going?" Ashur asked quizzically as he felt a slight twinge of unsureness.

"You said you got bitten by the Wolf you saw in the Woods right?" Tate spun around to face Ashur as the made it to a clearing, leading deep into the Woods, not very far from the House.

Ashur grew nervous and his legs began shaking, as suspicions filled his head about what he had seen. Tate noticed his apprehension and stepped forward, coming closer to Ashur who had a sudden urge to turn around and run. But he was frozen by an unknown force inside his body, that wanted to trust that the Detective had good intentions.

"Y-yes," Ashur answered with a stutter and Tate paused, watching him with an intense gaze that made the Boy's knees quiver in angst. "But I may have been s-seeing things," Ashur denied but Tate grimaced, not wanting the Boy to feel as if he was going crazy.

"Do you remember the smell?" Tate asked and Ashur gazed at him in heavy confusion, but strangely understood what Tate asked.

"Y-yes but I-I-,"

"What did it smell like?" Tate asked as he found the need to test how far along Ashur's transformation was.

"I-I don't know," Ashur stumbled over his words, but his mind was buzzing as if it was trying to tell him what he wanted to know.

A deep feeling inside his stomach arose and his head tingled, along with the tip of his nose that burned slightly. He didn't know what he felt but he slowly welcomed the overpowering sensation that filled his whole body, and his vision blurred slightly.

Within that second Tate saw the pupils of Ashur's eyes turn yellow, with a magnificent glow but it was gone within a second and Tate's eyes widened. "Like death and wet wood somehow, or tree barks in the rain. It's like a Forest but a slight stench of death is there." Ashur spoke as his eyes darted around frantically and his nose turned up, widening and closing marginally as the familiar scent of the might be ran away, filled his nose.

Tate grew anxious as he realized that the Transformation into the Lycanthrope was nearing, but Ashur wasn't just any Lycan.

He was an Alpha.

"It's not possible," Tate spoke and Ashur peered up at Tate with a confused look.

"What isn't Possible? Why can I suddenly smell things that I couldn't smell before last night? What is happening to me?!" Ashur grew hysterical and Tate stepped forward to rest both hands on Ashur's shaking shoulders.

"Ashur, I want you to calm down." Tate pleaded and Ashur's breath hastened as all the noises around him filled his eardrums.

Crickets chirped noisily, as if there were a million of them singing. The sound of dead leaves falling, and swirling in the air. Everything around him had a distinct sound and his ears heard every sound, but it made him agitated and scared. For it was a new feeling and a new sensation, but Tate knew all too well what was happening to Ashur for he had gone through it himself.

"I can hear everything. Make it stop! Make it stop!" Ashur fell to his knees and Tate dropped to his as well to steady Ashur.

He felt the Boy's body vibrate wildly and he hugged Ashur to his chest to keep him in place. "Squeeze my shoulder if you can hear me Ashur," Tate ordered gently and Ashur's hands coiled around the larger Man's back while Tate embraced him warmly, in an attempt to appease the frightened Boy.

Ashur could hear Tate's voice, and it moved in and out of focus but he heard the order and did just that but not as gently as Tate anticipated. Dark, sharp claws protruded from Ashur's fingers and dug into Tate's shoulder blades.

Blood seeped from the wounds, crimson and glistening making Tate wince as the prick of pain assaulted his whole shoulder, with its heat spreading all over his upper body. "Now focus on my voice Ashur, and only my voice. Block everything out and listen to just my voice." Tate ordered in a soothing whisper, but Ashur only heard it echoing just like every other sound in his head.

"Make it stop," Ashur pleaded as Tate rocked him in his strong arms, offering a feeling of safety and support but Ashur shuddered. His breath quickening, and falling into a synchronous rhythm with Tate's. His fingers dug deep into Tate's back, clawing downward, and tearing into his heated flesh. Creating a feeling of pain and ecstasy that made them both shudder in angst.

It was new to Tate for him to be comforting anybody in this manner, yet it felt right for him to, for Ashur wasn't just any Lycan. He had the scent of an Alpha, because the blood that poured through his veins was strong and potent. The aroma was euphoric and Tate basked in the essence of it shamefully, for it was ethereal and tempting. Making the pain from Ashur's claws sinking in his back, feel akin to that of painful pleasure that made him grow tight in his Denims.

"Listen to my voice Ashur. Focus on my voice," Tate repeated and Ashur's body started to calm gradually.

Ashur felt the presence around him, and it soothed the bones in his Body and calmed the rivets of confusion that bridled through his noetic conceptions. The strong arms around him offered a comfort he had never felt before, but it was oddly satisfying and he wallowed in it as much as Tate did.

"Hear my voice," Tate whispered as his voice beat against Ashur's eardrums, with less echo and more music. "Only my voice," Tate's voice lowered to a whisper and Ashur tried focusing on it.

It had proven to be successful, for Ashur slowly blocked out the sounds of the Forest. He had even blocked out the scent of the trees, leaves and forest floor and focused on the euphoric aroma that Tate let off. Finally Tate's voiced reduced to that of a normal sound and Ashur's body slowly stopped shaking. The claws de-materialized and the open wounds on Tate's back began closing, but Tate fought the urge to groan in protest for it was admittedly a sensual feeling.

"You're alright. You'll be able to control it soon enough." Tate assured Ashur who was still confused, but took another moment to clutch on to Tate.

There was an overwhelming feeling, building inside them and Tate finally released Ashur as the feeling swept over his Body. Ashur scrambled away from Tate as he realized what he had done, and a feeling of fear, guilt and confusion made him jittery.

"What was that?" Ashur asked in a whisper and Tate gazed at the Boy, his lips pursing as he gritted his teeth.

They both sat sprawled out on the grass at the side of the road, with the Moon peaking out from the mountains above. The dusk had finally turned to night, and Tate gazed around himself wondering how fast the time had flown.

"That was the Lycanthrope, turning your body." Tate answered vaguely and reluctantly, still shocked that Ashur was already at alpha status.

"Lycanthropy?" Ashur queried in confusion and his brows furrowed, as he tried to remember where he saw that word before.

Mere second later his eyes widened and Tate gazed at Ashur intently, as the Boy finally came to the realization. But it was unbelievable and Ashur failed to see the truth before his eyes. The transformation of his body and his suddenly heightened senses, were that of a mystery to him.

"This is absolutely nuts!" He snapped but more to himself as he rose to his feet, dusting off the dirt and grass from his Denims and Tate did the same. "You are nuts and you should stay away from me," Ashur pointed at Tate accusingly and the Detective scowled in disapproval.

"Calm down Ashur," Tate ordered gruffly but Ashur spun around and began walking back towards his House. "You have to accept what you are Ashur," Tate shot at Ashur who Ashur turned and stared at Tate whom he sees with a Wolf's vision. Tate's eyes were brighter, his Shirt buttons shimmering in the light and everything else was clearer, brighter, containing more facets of light and color. More detail than Ashur had even seen in his lifetime of walking in the Dark.

Tate caught up to him within a second and held onto Ashur's hand, forcing the Boy to look up at his once gray eyes that now shone yellow in the dark of evening. Tate grasped Ashur's upper arms, pulling him into his chest while forcing the Boy to look up at him. "This is not crazy, and you are not crazy." Tate growled and Ashur gasped as fear kept him frozen. "Everything that's happening is real, and your life as of now will never be the same so stop acting like a Child!" Tate was fuming and the brightness of his yellow eyes intensified, shocking Ashur into quiet submission.


"Shh," Tate ordered as the scent around them changed swiftly and drastically, with an unnerving sense of familiarity.

"What-," Ashur rose an eyebrow up at Tate who began looking around as if someone was watching.

Ashur could smell death around him, which made his knees weak as the strange yet familiar scent filled his nostrils. His vision blurred and he could hear the faint whispers, just like the ones he had heard in his dreams the previous night. The same scent from the night in the Woods surrounded him and Tate.

Tate could feel his Canines protruding from his gums as the fact that they weren't alone anymore, made him vigilant and edgy.

The snap of a twig sounded and both Tate and Ashur turned their heads to the left, but the prick in the flesh of his neck had Tate growling loudly but his vision blurred. Without warning his legs gave way, and he fell to the floor in a heap, scaring Ashur who stood there with wide eyes. But soon his vision blurred as well and he felt his body thump painfully to the floor.

Tate's eyes flitted open and closed as he caught a sight of two looming figures standing over him and Ashur, but he couldn't make out any faces. He tried moving but his muscles felt paralyzed, as he tried to hold out on the tranquilizer that coursed through his veins.

The figure lifted Ashur up from the ground, but before Tate could see or hear anything.

Everything went blank.

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