BANE - Blue Moon

In a World where everything seemed conventional and prevalent, yet too harrowing to bear. A depraved Orphan, Ashur Bane settles on the stupendous choice to run away from Home, to find sovereignty.

What he thinks is an escape from his tortuous life, turns out to be disaster when he is tossed in a shrouded World among Mortals.

Where Supernatural Beasts exist but hide in the shadows.

And he's one of them....


10. • DESCENT •

The outsider looked to be no older than in his late twenties, with a light stubble around his cheeks that was stained with grime and soil. His garments were worn out, and his hair was slicked wet by blood and sweat. "Have you lost your mind?" Ashur blustered intensely as his heart started thumping rapidly against his chest.

He peered up at Leopold who had a shudder-some look on his face, that never rejected the evil look in his eyes. It was as though the Man had transformed into something new completely overnight, and it made Ashur feel odd inside.

He knew Leopold was equipped and capable of the insensitive, yet not even Ashur could suspect a circumstance so critical. He knew the principles of the Lycanthropy however he wasn't for them, since they included butchering Innocent Human beings; which went against with his humanity altogether.

"I'm afraid not Ashur," Leopold expressed essentially and Ashur rose from the ground, helping outsider up as well.

The man snorted pitifully, grunting as Ashur set him to stand on his own two legs. "You can't just murder a human being like that Leo, it's wrong." Ashur shot Leopold a glare but the Man wasn't going against his choice whatsoever, for the look in his eyes was unyielding.

"I will not kill him Ashur, you will." Leopold muttered in a low, sinister voice that sent shrills of dread running up Ashur's spine.

"Like hell I will!" Ashur barked and Leopold gazed at Ashur with a look that spoke quantities of his disappointment.

"Before you can become an Alpha, you must have the capacity to do what is most important to keep our Secret safe Ashur." Leopold clarified and Ashur shook his head from side to side, not tolerating the terms under any condition.

"It's wrong to simply take a life in cold blood," Ashur countered but Leopold snarled uproariously and his eyes shone an intense, splendid red haze that shook Ashur to his core.

"I am your Alpha and I command you to rip his throat out at once!" Leopold shouted the order and Ashur recoiled internally as a rising coldness swathed over his trembling body.

His pulse rushed and icy sweat washed his body, making him move uneasily as he held the Man. He couldn't tell what Leopold would do next, yet Ashur didn't anticipate permitting Leopold to influence him to murder. The idea essentially didn't sit well with him, which made him more terrified of the man and his ideals.

Leopold too a threatening stride towards Ashur and the outsider, yet the Boy pushed the Man behind him acting as a shield. "Stay back!" Ashur requested yet Leopold progressed unto them, while Ashur's legs shook in trepidation.

Ashur's eyes gleamed and his claws emerged from his fingers, yet before he could raise his hand to lash out Leopold grabbed Ashur by his shoulder, swatting him to the side as if he didn't weigh more than a pound.

The outsider tumbled to the ground with a frightened look etched all over his features; obviously petrified of his inevitable death. Ashur thudded to the ground, two or three yards away while flinching as pain shot through his entire left side. Making his eyes water as he gazed up to see Leopold nearing the outsider.

Prepared to butcher the man without a second thought, and without the slightest hint of hesitation.

Blood raced to Ashur's head but he was excessively winded and debilitated, making it impossible for him to move his muscles. He knew then that he couldn't make it to the Man quickly enough; to try and hold off Leopold long enough for the Man to get away. Despite the fact that he realized it wouldn't stop the activities of the angered Leopold; who's eyes held much contempt for the outsider.

"Don't do this, please!" Ashur yelled his request yet Leopold wasn't yielding.

"I shall show you how to be a true Wolf, to acknowledge your identity and what these squalid Humans consider you to be." Leopold scoffed then a loud howl erupted from him as his head reared back to the Sky.

His canines stretching alongside his other teeth; as sharp as razors, shimmering and trickling with salivation.

Leopold then tumbled to the ground while Ashur and the outsider both watched with sickening apprehension as Leopold's body started folding; his face twisting in pain as the transformation initiated.

The sound of bones breaking, and joints re-sorting filled Ashur's ears as he watched Leopold turn into the Beast for the first time.

The outsider tried slithering back but he was completely powerless. Making it impossible to do anything as snarls radiated from Leopold's mouth, which started shaping into a nose. Leopoldo's back curved and his jeans started tearing from his body as his body framed into the Wolf; in a fit of convulsions.

Ashur's breath became plainly worn out and he ascended from the gravelly ground; feeling the pain in his side subside slowly.

Tears started spilling down his cheeks. "Don't!" Ashur pleaded with a yell and the Beast spun its head over to Ashur. "Please don't," Ashur begged again feebly as Leopold's Wolf gazed at him, with an intense gaze.

"Since you don't possess the strength to do it Ashur Bane, I will show you like a Father ought to show his Son the rules of the Hunt." Leopold's voice sounded from the Wolf, but it resembled a horrendous resound of a Monster.

With one more snarl, Leopold lunged at the outsider who started screaming shrilly as his bones crackled between the strong jaws of the Beast. Ashur tumbled to the ground and his face became noticeably ashen with deep frightfulness; feeling all energy from his body oust, as the coppery aroma of Human blood filled the air.

The piercing cries of the outsider beneath Leopold rendered Ashur sick to his stomach, as he heard blood gush and lapped loudly as the Beast brutally tore the outsider's chest apart. Soft cartilage and blood sputtered against Leopold's canines, as they tore through ligament and bone; tearing at tissue as though it were paper.

Ashur took a stab at muffling the cries, yet it was to no avail, for the horrid and air piercing screams became unendurably loud. Filling his eardrums with a piercing wound of agony, that hammered into his body like a cannonball. His breath became haughty and wheezy, filling his throat with a bitter taste of repugnance.

Finally the cries ceased as the life depleted from the Man underneath Leopold, who swung his head to Ashur who had a derisive glare. Blood sparkled and trickled from the Beast's nose and trembling lips, forcing Ashur to look away with shimmering eyes.

"The World you live in isn't black and white any longer Ashur Bane. There is a nasty World that hides itself in the shadows and it's not a delightful sight. It's a bloodbath and the sooner you comprehend that Humans are becoming obsolete, the sooner you'll turn into the Leader of this Pack." Leopold's voice shattered through the air like broken glass, and Ashur battled the inclination to get up and run.

A fear similar dread he felt that night in the Forest returned and hooked his body to the floor, as tears streamed down his flustered cheeks. His body trembled as he gazed at the now lifeless body of the Man he attempted to save, and a sickening feeling overwhelmed him. Something wild and irate that needed to sink its teeth into Leopold, and tear his throat out.

A lethal feeling that terrified as much as it astounded him.

"The time must come when a Father has to show his posterity the guidelines of this world. On the off chance that you don't chase these filthy Human meat-bags and kill them, they will do it you!" Ashur became befuddled at Leopold's words, and his second time saying the word Father to him.

The contemplation was alarming but Ashur declined to get bulldozed by it, regardless of the fact that he was a vagrant or not. For all he knew, Leopold was simply playing him into his own particular feelings of trepidation and shortcomings.

Playing into his need for a Father, that would have taught him about the trades of life and how to survive. However to Ashur, this life wasn't the one he fantasized about or ached for. It was abhorrent and inadmissible, regardless of his supernatural existence.

His gaze fell to the outsider and his sobs became weak and muffled; by the echoes of the screams, replaying in his mind; over and over again.

"You're a Murderer, and you could never be my Father." Ashur croaked as his body snapped vivaciously.

"I'm afraid it is so my Child," Leopold stated and Ashur shot him a pestiferous glare. "I am your Father Ashur Bane. I am Leopold Bane, and I was the one who brought you into this World." Leopold was still in Beast form, yet Ashur's look shifted to him as dismissal and disavowal detonated inside his head. "I was the one that gave you life, and I will be the one to rant you purpose on this wretched rock." He snarled and Ashur reared back; pummeled by the words coming from the Beast.

"You're lying!" Ashur snapped but Leopold's vile growl sounded from the Wolf and Ashur's face withered, as reality made its way through his psyche.

Before he could respond there was a noisy theme of Howls, originating from the bearing of the Cabins which got both their attentions. Ashur felt a well known presence and his heart hustled horrendously against his chest.

"Blue Moon!" Leopold growled boisterously and dashed off at Superhuman speed, leaving Ashur sitting there on the cold, hard ground.

Bane soon cleared the tracks, pausing as he saw the pandemonium before him. A large grey furred Wolf with wide blue eyes, came at him, but he rose both front paws, lashing out at the Wolf with speed and precision.

With a loud thud and whimper the Wolf fell to the ground, mewling in pain as blood gushed from its deep wounds. Leopold snarled at the Wolf, who's eyes began closing slowly as he turned away without passing a second glance to the injured Wolf.

Blue Moon and Red Rogue Wolves battled ferociously, in a frenzy of slashing and biting; tearing at each other on the makeshift battlefield.

Leopold sniffed the air, settling his eyes through the crowd of fighting Wolves. His red eyes narrowed marginally as he saw Tate in Human form, dashing through the fight with a determined look on his face. As if he was searching for somebody, which made Leopold wary and vigilant.

"Leopold Bane!" A shrill, growling voice sounded and he turned to spot another Wolf, with brown fur and intense blue eyes walking slowly towards him from the left of the Battle.

"Kelsam Grisoldo," Bane growled with as much hatred and intrigue in his voice.

Kelsam was council to Angus Tate at Blue Moon, but he and Leopold were mortal enemies after Leopold took his Wife away from him in years past. "You must pay for all the evil that you have committed."

"And I take it that you are the one to punish me?" Leopold's voice lowered dangerously, but Kelsam didn't flinch.

"I shall take your life," Kelsam growled with ferocity, baring his glistening canines to Leopold, who chuckled deeply. "I will make sure that your death is slow and painful Leopold Bane. You have caused enough pain and suffering to me and my Pack." Kelsam growled, but Leopold failed to feel threatened by a Wolf he had beaten and almost killed countless times before.

"You fool!" Leopold spat, though is mouth didn't move as he spoke. "You shall feel my wrath. How dare You Blue Moon Scum disrupt the peace on my territory?" Leopold snarled loudly and the brown Wolf sounded a low, feral growl.

Snarls emitted from their snouts as they circled each other; both Wolves grand and threatening. "You are the fool Leopold Bane," the brown Wolf snarled, then both Wolves lunged at each other without a second thought.


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