BANE - Blue Moon

In a World where everything seemed conventional and prevalent, yet too harrowing to bear. A depraved Orphan, Ashur Bane settles on the stupendous choice to run away from Home, to find sovereignty.

What he thinks is an escape from his tortuous life, turns out to be disaster when he is tossed in a shrouded World among Mortals.

Where Supernatural Beasts exist but hide in the shadows.

And he's one of them....



Tate's POV

Tate stepped into his Office, with Officer Claudia Vargas, a Hispanic Woman with slightly greying hair, and an old craggy face that showed her to be at least 40 odd or so years old. She had a sturdy build, and wide shoulders that made her Uniform bunch up underneath her arms, in a very unflattering manner.

"What does the DNA test show?" Tate asked as he perched on the edge of his Desk, folding his hands across his chest.

"It's not a match to the Victim, so we took a sample of his blood and tested it. And here's the weird part, it was a match, but I didn't see any visual scarring on the Boy's body and the blood was still wet." She expounded and Tate nodded, wondering about the strange occurrence.

After visiting the Crime Scene Tate knew he had to check all angles, so he could have necessary paperwork to prove Ashur's innocence if it was necessary. But the DNA results only confirmed Tate's suspicion and he grew worried. He still didn't know all the facts, but he needed to question the Boy without the prying eyes and ears of his Superiors in the Division. He also called the Kid's Foster Father to come get him, before the ADA decides to come and hold him for another 48 hours of innocuous questioning.

"Thank you Officer Vargas, I'll take it from here." He assured her as he walked up to her, taking the File Jacket from the confused Woman. "Let me know when Mr. Bane's Foster Parent arrives."

"Yes Sir. Is that all?" She finally asked and Tate forced a tight smile on his face.

"Yes that'll be all," he replied and she nodded as she turned to leave, closing the door behind her with a soft click of the latch.

He scanned the interior of his surroundings, grimacing at the fact that it was a complete mess. His Office was an utter disaster area, but it suited him, for he knew where to find all of his Case Files which he worked on tirelessly. The large Oak Desk was cluttered with months of paperwork that could never conceivably be sorted out, due to them piling up daily with Crimes that needed to be solved.

A bulletin board stood above his desk with a breathtaking catastrophe of Cases Files, Wanted Posters, and sticky papers with brief notes. He was a Man with a logic so cryptic, he himself was baffled by his own System.

A silent knock at his door caught his attention and he looked up to see Chaz, pushing himself into the Office with a worried look on his face.

"I can't understand why you never look tired." Chaz stated in a somber voice that had Tate staring blankly at his curious Partner.

It bothered Tate that he couldn't be completely honest with his Partner of Four Years, but he knew what the consequences were for a Human who found out the secret. He couldn't risk losing his Partner and he sure as hell wouldn't want to put him in harms way. Many a time had passed that Tate wanted to just blurt it out, whenever Chaz got to inquisitive but he held his ground.

"That's because I'm a Vampire," Tate remarked jokingly and Chaz rolled his eyes, waving him off.

"Yeah right, and that would make me what? A Fairy? Because I need my sleep, and this Office is wearing me down." Chaz murmured tiredly and Tate could see the fatigue in his Face.

"I'd say Leprechaun," Tate smirked in reference to their height difference and Chaz frowned at his Partner, but soon yawned loudly without covering his mouth.

"I have to ask," Chaz started but Tate was already not in the mood to be badgered about his choice to defend the Kid.

"Please don't," Tate pleaded in a serious tone and Chaz frowned marginally, bothered that Tate was acting even more odd than usual.

Only Tate had a million and one things going through his head, and one specific thought centered around an old Foe. Someone that was dangerous and unpredictable, and the familiar creepiness was all too much to decipher.

"Why did you defend the Kid?" Chaz still asked the question and Tate grimaced as he shot his Partner a warning look.

Chaz waited for Tate as the Man pondered the question a little, trying to decipher why he did so himself. "He's innocent," Tate stated simply and Chaz shot him a hateful glare.

"On what grounds?" Chaz asked and Tate spun on his heels to face Chaz with a look of utter disbelief.

"It's a hunch, Chaz. Don't question it, you saw the Body. There's no way someone his size could do something like that." Tate shot at Chaz who sucked his teeth and ran a hand through his hair as he began pacing.

"Fair enough, but you practically went head to head with an Assistant District Attorney over this Tate. What the hell are you not telling me?" Chaz walked up to Tate, who motioned for him to lower his voice.

Tate then swiftly turned and stalked away to the left of his Office, looking out through the window at the Division's activities.

Officers spread out in the open section of Cubicles and single Desks, some talking on the phone and others typing away on Computers intently. It was like a Bullpen, only that it was filled with desks where other Police Officers worked within earshot. Tate closed the blinds quickly and glanced over his shoulder at Chaz, who still waited patiently but was running out of it.

"Keep your voice down," Tate ordered and Chaz scoffed heavily.

"Unbelievable," Chaz murmured more to himself as he placed his hands akimbo, peering at Tate.

Tate gazed at the row of framed photos, a small smile curling his lip as he viewed the photo of him in a Patrol uniform. It reminded him of his first day on the Force, when his crisp, clean Uniform could barely fit his small body.

If only he could remember the day he had finally changed and become the Man he was today. He only remembered pain, that transformed him into someone that was unrecognizable. The many mistakes he had made prior to the day he became a Detective, doing what he loved to do the most; serve and protect.

"What is up with you Man? You used to talk to me." Chaz remarked and Tate scowled as he spun around, facing Detective Chaz once more.

"I don't have time to talk these days Chaz, and you know this better than anyone else." He griped out and Chaz sighed heavily then threw his hands up in defeat.

"Fine, fuck it." He let out and Tate gritted his teeth, and for a moment the remorse showed on his face.

"How's the Kid?" Tate queried and Chaz walked up to Tate's Desk, propping his ass on the edge with his hands folded across his chubby chest.

"Scared out of his mind," Chaz murmured and Tate gazed at his Partner, wishing he could tell what the Man was thinking.

"That's because he didn't do it. The DNA tests came back, and its his blood." Tate explained and Chaz looked befuddled.

"The kid doesn't have any cuts or bruises, so how is that possible?" He queried and Tate strode forward towards the Desk and picked up the File he got from Officer Vargas.

"That's what I'm going to find out." Tate mentioned as he walked towards the door.

"If you need me I'll be at the 24 hour Diner, I'm hungry as a bitch right now. Want me to grab you something?" Chaz asked as he grabbed fixed his Coat and Tate nodded a no with a slight grimace.

"Not hungry," Tate assured Chaz, who gazed at his Partner with an odd look but he soon shrugged.

"I swear Man, it's like you never eat at Work." Chaz remarked but Tate kept silent, pretending to read through the Files.

The moment they left the Office, Tate's eyes followed A pair of feet as they shuffled across the cement floor. His nose picked up a scent, akin to that of a Sewer Rat and he frowned as his nose scrunched up. He looked up to see an African American Man, who looked to be in his late fifties with grey curly hair bunched atop his head. Hair that seemingly hadn't seen a brush or comb in months, or quite possibly years.

"Who's this Chump?" Chaz asked the young Officer, who hauled the supposed Detainee away.

"I'll catch you later Chaz," Tate nudged Chaz, who spoke with the Officer and he turned down the long hallway.

"I might just head Home after I eat. I'm not falling asleep sitting around my Desk tonight." Chaz grimaced and Tate grinned as he spun away.

"See you in a few hours then," Tate threw behind him and Chaz gazed at his Partner, then turned his attention back to the young Officer and the Hobo looking Man.

The light above flickered noisily as Tate made his way down the narrow hallway, he made a left down another Corridor, passing a large Steel door. He continued down the dimly lit corridor, and paused at a second steel door, which was solid and covered with dents and rivets.

The sound of a voice assaulted his ears and he turned to see Detective Corona, walking from the direction he came. Detective Corona was a weathered looking man in his late fifties, with a receding hairline and heavily wrinkled face.

Corona spotted Tate then paused, "Heyo Tate!" Corona greeted and Tate flashed the man a curt nod and small wave. "Booking the Bad Guys I see huh?" Corona spoke teasingly and Tate chuckled.

"You Know it," Tate answered but turned his attention back to the Steel Door.

Corona was talking loudly on his Cellphone, but Tate's mind was too busy to even consider being inquisitive as he watched Corona turn and walk down further down the Corridor to a staircase leading into the heart of Police Headquarters.

Tate hurriedly pulled out his Access Card, putting it up against that entry Scanner that a red light blinked rapidly. The light blinked then blinked green, and the locks disengaged and Tate pushed the door open.

Ashur looked up from his seat, a scared look in his tired, puffy eyes. It was almost 2 am in the morning, so it wasn't a surprise to see how exhausted the Kid looked. Tate scanned Ashur's hands, noticing the bruising from being restrained for hours. He frowned and cleared his throat, as Ashur watched him with careful eyes.

"I didn't kill anybody," Ashur blurted out and Tate scowled, knowing that he was telling the truth but he decided to keep quiet.

"I know Kid," Tate rasped causing Ashur to squint up at him.

Tate dug into his pockets, revealing a set of keys that he used to unlock the restrains on Ashur's hands. The handcuffs disengaged and clanged against the table noisily, as Ashur's face contorted in confusion though he took the time to rub his subtly aching wrists.

"You're letting me go?" Ashur asked and Tate grunted, hesitating to give the Boy an answer.

In his head Tate wanted Ashur to be guilty, but he didn't know why he felt that way and he was plenarily bummed out. Ashur did need to tell Tate where he got blood from on his clothes, but Tate silently feared the worst case scenario.

"Here's the deal Kid," Tate hovered over Ashur who shied away in fear of the Man, taking notice of his blind eye. "You tell me everything you saw in the Woods, after that you're free to go." Tate offered as he plopped down in the chair, opposite from Ashur.

"You won't believe me," Ashur mumbled and Tate smiled, eyeing the Boy challengingly.

"Try me," Tate said and Ashur shot him an odd look that disappeared immediately.

Ashur sighed heavily, attempting to rub the tiredness from his eyes and Tate narrowed his gaze, watching as the bruises on Ashur's hand fade out of existence. It was then that Tate's suspicions were confirmed, making the Detective uneasy as the thought bridled through his brain.

"I was trying to foot it to BlackFall, and I heard Wolves Howling," Ashur stated and Tate crossed his hands over his broad chest, crushing his Jacket and Shirt under the weight of his hands. "I was scared shitless but not until I saw it," Ashur hesitated as he gazed at Tate, wondering if the Detective would think him crazy.

Ashur knew what he saw in the Woods but even then he still couldn't believe his eyes, for the bite he got from that Wolf had faded as if it weren't there. Leaving only blood that stained the arms of his Hoodie, and a hole that was left by the Beast's teeth.

"What did you see?" Tate queried as he narrowed his gaze and Ashur hesitated for a few fleeting seconds.

"A Wolf, but not like any Wolf I've seen. It was massive and had red eyes that glowed like Christmas Lights. Shit was freaky," Ashur finished and Tate considered telling the Boy the truth of what he saw.

"Are you certain that's what you saw?" Tate asked and Ashur shot him a death glare.

"I'm not crazy, I saw it and it bit me." Asher pointed out and Tate's lips tightened, pressing against his teeth. "Right here," Ashur rose his hand and pointed at the rip in his Hoodie, making Tate narrow his eyes.

Before Tate could utter another word, the steel door locks disengaged and the door swiveled open, revealing Officer Vargas. "Detective, the Boy's Foster Father is here." The Officer's words made Ashur tense and he gazed at Tate, who took note of the Boy's scared Look.

"Thanks Vargas, I'll be releasing him now." Tate spoke and Vargas nodded, then left them both sitting there.

"Please don't send me home with him." Ashur pleaded, but Tate disregarded his pleas.

"Look Kid, I don't care why you don't wanna go Home but I'm releasing you. So be glad that I'm not holding you for another 48 hours, move it." Tate ordered gruffly but Ashur remained seated, insistent on not leaving.

"Lock me up, I don't care. Just don't send me home with that Monster." Ashur spat but Tate rose from his seat and walked around the table, grabbing Ashur by his upper right arm.

A small jolt shocked both of them and a small gasp escaped Ashur's lips, while Tate just stood there gazing down at him. Tate felt it too and it was unnerving, for it was an odd thing to happen but the Detective quickly brushed it off and began pulling Ashur up.

"Don't argue Kid, lets go." Tate's voice lowered and a feeling of angst crawled in Ashur's stomach, making him feel faint.

Ashur kept quiet as Tate pulled him from the Interrogation Room, then down the hallway to the waiting Room. He wanted to burst out crying, but he knew that wouldn't help and he knew his Foster Father was going to kick his ass again.

The Waiting Room was vacant, all except for the heavily tanned, middle-aged, Caucasian man that stood there waiting. He had a full head of hair and his face held wrinkles and worry lines, giving away the idea that the Man was always annoyed. His attire was that of a Redneck, with no sense of fashion or care for his appearance. A man that had slowly given up on himself as his years dwindled, and passed by.

"Mr. Haden," Tate greeted but Carl Haden was already ambling towards them.

"Where the hell have you been Boy?" Carl spat out, sending spit flying through the air as he deliberately ignored Tate's presence.

Tate took a moment to analyze the older Man, taking note of his unkempt appearance and the pungent aroma of Whiskey on his breath.

"I was here all night Sir," Ashur mumbled as he straightened his hoodie, not daring to look up at the Man.

"You little smartass, just wait till I get Home. Always trying to be smart. I oughta kick some common sense into you right here." Carl threatened and Tate's annoyance spiked in swift occurrence.

"The people they give Foster Parent privileges," Tate mumbled and Carl shot him a glare.

"Mind yah own damn business Detective, this is between me and the Faggot." Carl retorted.

Tate clenched his fists as he felt his tolerance for the Rude man waver drastically. "I'll be visiting your Home quite sooner than you can blink Mr. Haden and if I see as much as a nick on Ashur, I'll personally beat you with a My bear hands." Tate shot at him threateningly and Carl scowled.

Ashur shifted his gaze to peer up at Tate, who gave him a blank look. "You fucking Cops think you're all privileged but you can't threaten an upstanding Citizen like myself. My taxes pay your Salary Mr. Officer Man so mind how you speak to me." Carl jeered then grabbed Ashur by his shirt and began pulling him away.

Tate observed Ashur's facial expression and instantly started feeling sorry for the Kid, despite what he had told him earlier. He knew how it felt to be abused, but it appeared that Ashur had it worse for the scared look in his eyes was unmistakable.

For it was that same look he saw in the past whenever he used to look in the mirror.


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