BANE - Blue Moon

In a World where everything seemed conventional and prevalent, yet too harrowing to bear. A depraved Orphan, Ashur Bane settles on the stupendous choice to run away from Home, to find sovereignty.

What he thinks is an escape from his tortuous life, turns out to be disaster when he is tossed in a shrouded World among Mortals.

Where Supernatural Beasts exist but hide in the shadows.

And he's one of them....


2. • BITTEN •

Ashur's POV

Chapter 1

A copious mist hung amidst the trees; endless and impenetrable with the thickness of the primordial fog that blurred the vision of any mortal. A blanket for the evil, and safe haven for the guilty that ran through FallMire.

A boy not older than 19 years old, strode through the Forest on hasty legs. His sturdy build and good looks buried beneath a dirty, blue and red Baseball Cap, that hid most of his tousled dirty-blonde hair. He wore nothing but a blue hoodie with a loose fitting t-shirt beneath that hung over the waist of his baggy Jeans that were slightly worn, falling over his once white running sneakers.

The howl of a Wolf ripped through the air, and he paled. Feeling as the swift, cold twinge of fear, hasten the speed of his legs.

Perhaps it was a stupid idea to run away, at such an hour but he had grown more afraid of his Foster Father, even more than he feared the darkness. Where the ghostly whistles of the wind, sang through the trees, casting shadows on the dimly lit Forest floor. The only source of light being the moon above, which glistened atop the leaves that still clung to the branches of Cedar and Pinewood.

His blonde hair whipped against his face, making him grunt in annoyance at the length. His skin pricked by thorns he encountered mere minutes ago, causing blots of fresh Blood to seep from the tiny wounds on his left arm. The cold of the night glanced his skin, causing pimples to rise on his flustered flesh, making him shiver despite the heat he felt in his lower abdomen.

A twig popped behind him, and his head flew around. Only to be greeted by more darkness and the thick mist that had formed out of nowhere. His breathing hastened, and he clutched his Knapsack. There was no need for fear, despite the rumors of this Forest, for all he craved was freedom from the wretched throngs of his life.

As a boy he found the Forest quite peaceful, and he had yet to encounter any danger. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, neither did the rumors deem true. He had only one thing on his mind; to clear the forest and cross the Fallmire River and enter into BlackFall, the neighboring Town.

The Forest was the easiest way to get there on foot, since he didn't have a Car for himself nor did he have trusted Friends to give him a lift.

Another howl ejected and the edges of his ears became cold and frigid, with shivers of dread and a rising nervousness. His pace revived and his breath became worn and brutal with billows of fog leaving his mouth. Each admission of breath cramped his teeth, and dried his gums. But he progressed further into the thick of the Forest, trusting that he wasn't being chased, or worse; preyed upon by some savage Beast, lurking in the shadows.

A low growl sounded and Ashur stopped dead in his tracks, causing his Shoes to crush dead leaves beneath his Sneakers. The hairs on the back of his neck stood on end, as a newfound fear circled his entire body. He gulped silently, daring himself to turn around, so he could inspect and continue on his way.

His head tilted to the left, and he stiffened; air lodging painfully in his throat. From the thick of the fog, two red dots materialized. Forcing him to turn and face whatever it was out there. Another growl sounded, and the red dots disappeared in the darkness.

His head flashed around frantically. His eyes searching the cold, dark night for the strange pair of glowing red eyes, that shone like embers the of a dying fire.

"Hello?" He called out to the night, not certain he would receive a reply.

The soft pattering of feet filled his eardrums and his fear grew exponentially. Causing his body to shiver; though not from the coldness he felt seeping through his skin, but the abhorrence that settled.

"Is anybody out there?" He asked yet again, only to receive no answer.

The footsteps got closer and the growl of a beast sounded before him. A bed of brush moved to his right, and leaves shuffled beneath the feet of whatever surrounded him. Then the red dots appeared before him once more, only closer than ever.

He took a step back as his trepidation left him too afraid to even run as the red dots moved closer to him, with a low growl following.

He continued to back up, but instead tripped on a large tree branch, gasping loudly as he began toppling over backwards with a loud thud. He winced in pain as he groaned out, attempting to crawl back on his hands as the eyes came closer to him.

Scrambling back awkwardly on his hands and ass, his back came up against a Tree. His breathing trembled, and the sound of his heartbeat was loud, as his ears twitched slightly as Feral looking Wolf revealed its head.

His body froze as the size of the Beast alarmed him. It was like nothing he had ever seen before, not even in the Movies he loved as a Child. He felt his death and his mind screamed for him to run, but he knew better than to make any sudden moves.

He shook in dread as the Wolf came nearer, hurling overwhelming breaths of air as its red, haunting eyes flickered fiercely. The Creature's teeth and canines exposed, as though prepared to tear into his flesh without battle. The Boy sat frozen as the cruel breath of the Wolf brushed against his face. His stomach swayed uncontrollably, as the stench of decay and death attacked his stuffed up nostrils. He became shaken, with no resistance against the savage Beast. Eyes red and malicious, casting agitation and consternation unto him. Threatening snarls emitted from the Wolf's loosened jaws, and it's spout trembled with each sound.

Without warning the Wolf lunged at him, and he covered his face with his right hand. Screaming in pain as the animal's canines ripped into the flesh of his hand, with savagery. His eyes closed shut, but the assault of the Wolf stopped, as his breathing hastened and his heartbeat sped up.

His eyes slowly opened, but the Beast was gone from his line of sight.

Vanished into thin air as if it wasn't there anymore. Only the rustling of tree branches, and a loud Howl sounding a distance away, made him shiver.

Taking the opportunity, he climbed swiftly to his feet and dashed off through the trees. His arm throbbed horrendously, and his face contorted into one of immaculate distress. His breathing grew distinctly shallow, and his body became exhausted as he avoided large Trees and shrubberies that tingled upon contact with his uncovered skin. Creepy crawlies and Bugs zoomed past his ear and face; his eyes squinting as he ran for his life.

His left hand clutched his right, and the pain surmounted inside him, leaving his body heated, and feverish. His Baseball Cap flew from his head, setting his hair free but he didn't intend on stopping to get it. He mentally cursed as he remembered that his Knapsack was discarded, and his annoyance grew but slowly dissipated as the pain in his arm shook him.

After what seemed like hours of running, he finally cleared the forest, running out onto a deserted freeway, with only two lanes that were illuminated by the silver Moon that stood high in the sky.

The blare of a horn sounded behind him and his eyes flashed to his left. Where headlights blinded him enough, for him to flinch covering his eyes.

But the vehicle swerved away from him, just a foot away from impact. The tired screeched noisily to a stop, and he panted heavily as he fell to his knees. The pain from the Wolf's attack, bridling through his body. A feeling so agonizing, he felt as if he'd been doused by a vat of boiling hot water.

"Are you crazy?' A man with deep baritone sounded behind him and he shifted his head in the direction of the voice.

The Man looked to be in his late twenties, dressed in Black Boots and straight Jeans. He wore a leather jacket, and a shirt beneath that had the graffitied design of some unknown band. He looked up at the Stranger, who pointed a bright flashlight in his face. Blinding him as the headlights did moments ago.

"Are you trying to get yourself killed Kid!" The Man asked again, but he was too shaken with fear to answer.

"I-, I'm sorry. I was being chased by something in the Woods-," he started but was quickly interrupted by the Stranger.

"Don't your Parents warn you about going in the Forest at night?" The stranger asked harshly, turning his flashlight off.

He could see that the Man had a Gun, holstered on the side of his Jeans beneath the Leather Jacket he wore. And his eyes traveled up to his face; a rather handsome and rugged face. A long scar trailed from his forehead, down beneath his left eye, which was castes over by white, apparently blinded by whatever inflicted the scar.

"It bit me," he huffed heavily as he rose to his feet, and the stranger gazed at his hand, but there was nothing there for him to see.

Not a scar nor bruise, which made him gaze at his own hand confusedly. Convinced that he had gone crazy, even from the odd look he received from the Stranger.

"What?" The stranger asked raising an eyebrow at him in speculation.

"I-, I don't. I don't understand-," he tried speaking but his lapsed breathing stopped him from speaking clearly.

The Stranger shone the bright, white light on him and his eyes narrowed as he saw the blood, staining his jeans and shirt. The blood was covering his hands, and the Stranger's eyes widened in vigilance.

"Ok, that's it. You're coming with me." The stranger spoke in an annoyed voice, swiftly unholstering his Gun. "Don't Even think about trying anything funny." The Stranger ordered, grabbing unto the Boy's hand roughly as he pulled him upward to stand on his feet.

"But it bit me," he spoke and the Stranger grunted, casting him a look of slight indifference, ignoring his babbling about the animal that attacked him earlier.


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