I Hate Ashton Iwrin (Ashton Irwin fanfic)

Ashton has been Lily's idol for as long as she can remember. Will one tweet change Ashton and Lily's life forever? Three words is what makes them start to hate each other. But they never stopped loving each other.


5. Chapter 5- I hate you

Ashton's p.o.v

Lily. The fan said her name was Lily. Fuck! I need to Lily with me even if I just know her I can still like her. I called a Calum so I can ask if he knows where Lily lives.

“Hello?” It was a female voice it wasn't Calum.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“Calum's girlfriend.” She said laughing and I could her Calum yelling in the background.


Lynette give me my phone back!”


“Sorry bro Lynette took my phone away from me.”

“Calum she is actually your girlfriend?”

“Dude are you fucking kidding of course not she's just Lily's sister I'm at Lily's house.”

“Can you tell me the directions to her house?”


“Please I really need to talk to her.”

“She seems pretty upset Ash. I don't think she want to talk.”

“Just give me the fucking address! Wait wait wait didn't Lily's dad say your not allowed to be in her house?”

“Actually he's grown quite fond of me.”


“No he's not home so Lily's mum said I can come when her dad isn't here.”

“Ah, but please Calum give me her address.”

“Fine its……”

“Thanks bro your the best.”

“I know.” We both laughed and hanged up.

I quickly called a taxi and told him the address to Lily's house. I took like the driver was driving like a snail but I realized he had stopped.

“Why did we stop.”

“Are you blind? There is traffic.” The driver said pretty annoyed.

“Oh okay.” I was very impatient and I really needed to talk to Lily. So I decided to walk. I payed the driver and walked to her house. When I got there I knocked softly. A girl who looked a lot like Lily opened the door.

“Hey cutie, won't you please come in.” So I'm pretty sure this is Lynette Lily's sister.

“Um where's Lily?”

“Really? You want to see that bitch? Whatever she's in upstairs in the room.” Lynette said flicking her hair.

“Thanks.” I ran upstairs to her room and saw Calum there.

“Hey bro!” Calum greeted me but Lily didn't move from her bed.

“Hi Lily.” I said.

“Hey.” She said very quietly.

“Look I'm sorry-”

“I don't want to talk right now Ashton so get the fuck out of my house my dad will be here soon.” She told me.

Before I left I smashed my lips to hers I couldn't resist those gorgeous pink lips any longer.

“I hate you!” Lily said pulling her lips away from mine.

“I hate you Ashton Irwin! I don’t know why you were ever my idol!” She said before slamming her bathroom door.

I sat on her bed and sighed. Calum sat next to me.

“It's okay mate.” Calum said soothing me.

“No it's not she fucking hates me.” I said running my fingers through my hair.

“Maybe she wouldn't hate you if you kept kissing her.” Maybe he was right this is the second time I kiss her and none of those kisses did she enjoy.

“I gotta go think some things through.” I told Calum.

“Don't forget we have band practice in a hour so don't be late.”

“Okay.” I sighed and left.


Lily's p.o.v

Why Ashton why? Why do you fucking have to kiss me every time you fucking see me? I hate it! Actually I really don't, I enjoy it very much but I'm just too scared to kiss him back because I barely personally know him. I only knew him for my idol nothing else. Why does my life have to be so damn complicated right now? I got a message from Calum.

I left I had to go get ready for band practice but I would like you to come’ ~Calum

‘I don't know but I'll think about it’ ~ Lily

I guess I'll go since I have nothing else better to do. I didn't bother to care what I was wore. I just got some baggy sweats, and a big loose shirt with my flip flops. I grabbed my keys and left. Calum texted me the address and I headed the way he told me. My phone started to ring. It was Michael. I told Calum to give the rest of the lads my phone number in case of any emergency.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Lily go to the back and there will be a garage door, open that door and go inside.”

“Okay I'm here already so yeah”

“Okay see you in a second.”

I hung up and headed to the garage. I opened it and saw Luke, Michael, Calum and fuck, Ashton.


Ashton's p.o.v

Lily was here?! Fuck! Why?

“Okay let's go get ready.” Luke said.

“Okay let's sing Permanent Vacation first.” Calum suggested.


Lily's p.o.v

Oh my fucking goodness! Permanent Vacation is one of my favorite songs.

“Lily you can sit um would you mind sitting on this old chair?” Luke asked.

“No not at all thanks.”

“ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!” Ashton yelled banging his drumsticks together. Luke started to sing.

You say that I'm too complicated hung up and miseducated I say nine to five is overrated and we all fall down. I can't sleep cause my mind keeps racing my chest hurts cause my heart keeps break so long that I can't stop shaking and we all fall down.”

“Frustration desperation say you need some kind of medication situation no motivation destination permanent vacation.”

“Hey I'm doing fine and I know I'm out of line so let's see this one more time it goes destination permanent vacation.

“Na na na na na na na.”

They finished the song and I was clapping, it was so good.

“How was that?” Calum asked out of breath.

“Amazing you guys are so good!” I said almost yelling.

“Thanks.” Calum said still trying to catch his breath.

“Do you like any other band that isn't us?” Michael asked.

“Yeah I also like Green Day, Nirvana, and The Offspring.”

“Really?!” Luke exclaimed.

“Then cmon I wanna show you something.” Calum said holding his hand out for me to hold it. I gladly accepted. We went into a room and it was filled with all those bands that I mentioned.

“Oh my fuck! Did you do all this?” I asked.

“Yeah. I had a feeling you liked these bands since I saw them on your wall the last time I went to your house when I found you crying in your car.” I sat on a sofa and I was admiring the view, Calum later joined me.

“Here.” He said handing me a box when I looked up at him I swear I saw the whole entire galaxy in his eyes.

“What is it?” I asked curiously.

“You have to open it to find out.” He smirked.

I opened the box and saw the coolest Offspring shirt it's the one that Luke had in the derp con, the one that said Motherfucker, Dumbshit, etc.

“Thank you so much I love it.” I told Calum whilst hugging him.

“I'm glad you like it. I also hope you like this.”

“What?” After that he leaned in and kissed me. I gladly kissed him back. He licked my lips for entrance and I accepted. He was exploring my mouth for a good minute and later we were both panting.

“Wow that was amazing.” I told Calum.

“I really agree.” Calum looked to the floor before looking up to me. “Lily would you... like to go on a date with me?”

“Yes Calum I would love to go on a date with you.”

“I know Ashton likes you but-” I cut Calum off.

“Calum I don't care if he likes me but I don't like him. Yes he is my idol and he is my favourite one of the band but my feeling has changed since he always kissed me without giving me any warnings. You actually showed that you were going to kiss me you slowly leaned in and Ashton always smashes his lips to mine and I don't appreciate that.”

Calum and I both went back to the garage and the guys were sitting and hanging out.

“Are you ready to continue practice?” Michael asked.

“Yeah let's go.” Calum said happily.

“So what song do you want to sing next?” Ashton asked.

“Let's let Lily choose.” Luke suggested.

“Um I think you guys should play Just Saying.” I said.

“Okay you ready guys?” Luke asked whilst the guys started to get ready.


“One two three four.”

“You got a boyfriend and he's a total loser your friends say that he's got no future but they like me, just saying.”

“You should leave him cause it really makes me sick just saying just saying you don't need him I'll help you get over him just saying just saying.”

They ended the song and I was clapping so hard.

“That was so good!” I yelled.

After band practice all the guys and I went to go eat dinner.

“Lily?” Calum asked.


“When would you like to go on that date?” Calum asked putting his hand on top of mine.

“You two are going on a date?!” Ashton yelled surprised.

“Yeah it's none of your business!” I yelled back at him.

“How about tomorrow at 7:30?” I suggested.

“Sounds good.” Calum replied.

“Feels good.” I said and all of the guys laughed except for Ashton.


Ashton's p.o.v

Lily is going on a date with Calum. Fine! Two can play that game. I'll get a date myself and later I'll ask her to become my girlfriend. I'm gonna get revenge and I'm going to date Lily's sister, Lynette.


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