I Hate Ashton Iwrin (Ashton Irwin fanfic)

Ashton has been Lily's idol for as long as she can remember. Will one tweet change Ashton and Lily's life forever? Three words is what makes them start to hate each other. But they never stopped loving each other.


3. Chapter 3- Problems

Lily's p.o.v

“Yes I'm Lily Madden but you can just call me Lily.” I told Ashton.

“Hi Lily are you you a big fan of us?” He asked. Is he stupid or something did he seriously just ask me if I'm a fan of them?

“Yes you have no idea how huge.” I replied. All Ashton did is chuckle.

“Can-can I hug you guys?” I asked and Ashton nodded. I first started off with Luke, then Michael, then Calum and lastly Ashton. I hugged Ashton the longest and tightest cause he is my favorite one.

“So um Lily- um.” We all just laughed at Ashton.

“I'm sorry I-I I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY!” Ashton screamed and once again we laughed.


Ashton's p.o.v

What do I say to Lily? ‘Oh hey Lily I think you really beautiful, funny and I really like you so you want to be my girlfriend?’ No it's not gonna happen. I have never met a fan that I'm interested in.

“I'll be right back, I just need some fresh air.” I told them just as I was about to leave Calum called me.

“Um Ashton?”


“I don't think you should go outside.”

“Why not?” I asked annoyed.

“Fans might spot you.” Right, I totally forgot that I'm “famous”.

“Um Lily we are going to have to borrow Ashton for a moment.” Luke said, and Lily nodded. We went to the boys restroom and Luke started to talk.

“Ashton what's going on?”

“What do you mean?” I asked like I didn't know.

“You were perfectly fine when we got here in London and when we stepped inside this coffee shop, you started to act different.”

“If I tell you guys do you promise not to tell her?” They all shook their heads crazily.

“Well I have a crush on Lily.”

“Ashton you can't like her you barely know her.” Michael said.

“Fuck you guys! Every time I tell you something you always turn against me.” I left.

“Um Lily?” I started to say as soon as I left the restroom.

“Yes?” I don't know what got over me but I grabbed her and smashed my lips to hers.


Lily's p.o.v

Ashton was kissing me but I didn't know what to do. So I pulled away and left the coffee shop, went in my car, and gassed away.

I know Ashton is my celebrity crush but I like David. There is this dance in school and instead of the boys asking the girls it's the opposite so I want to ask him to the dance. I drove to his house and on my way there I was thinking how I should ask him.

‘Hey David if no one has asked you to the dance do you want to go?’

‘David are you interested to go to the dance?’

‘Yo David what up my man so you me plus the dance?’

Ugh, I have such shitty ideas but I think I'll go with the first one. I arrived at his house, and knocked on his door. As soon as he opened it I just stared at him. He had no shirt and he had shorts on. I just stared at him and started to daydream but quickly broke out of it.

“What up Lily!” He said and he treats me like I'm one of his homies.

“I need to ask you something.” I started as we went inside his house and sat on the couch.

“Yeah what is it?”

“Would you like to go to the dance with me?” He just stared at the floor.

“David say something.” I said.

“Look Lily as much as I hate to say this but I have a girlfriend. And if I didn't have one I would love to go with you. I'm so sorry.” It feels like I forgot how to breathe. My chest suddenly got tight.

“I'm sorry.” I smiled at him pretending like I'm perfectly fine. “It's fine it's okay you have a girlfriend that's great what's her name?” When I asked David her name he got really red.

“Um her name? Her name it's-its its Madison!” I feel like he's hiding something from me.

“Oh. Well good for you. I should be going my mum must be worried.” I said getting up from the couch.


“Yeah?” I said turning to face him.

“I really am sorry.” He apologized.

“Stop apologizing it's perfectly fine.” I said and chuckled.

“Well see you tomorrow.” He said and hit that back of my head like we always do. He always hits the back of my head and I always call him names.

“Yeah see you tomorrow shitface.” I opened the door and left and when I went inside my car I broke down in tears. I heard a knock on my car window. Calum? I opened the window, why was he here?

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah I'm fine I just had a moment there.” I said and wiped my tears away.

“No you not okay wanna talk about it?”

“Um okay but how about we go to my house?”

“Sure let's go.” I drove us to my house and I was hoping that my dad wasn't there because he would kill Calum if he stepped in my house. The car ride was silent.

“Okay so let's hope my dad isn't here.”

“Why not?”

“Let's just say he really really hates boys.”

“Ah gotcha ya.” Calum said making a clicking noice with his tongue. We went inside the house and Calum admired it.

“Sweets is that you?” Mum yelled from the kitchen I suppose.

“No mum it's a robber who happens to have the keys to the front door.” My mum came from the kitchen and hugged me.

“Who's this?”

“Mum this is Calum, Calum this is my mum.”

“Nice to meet you Mrs. Madden.” Calum said shaking mum's hand.

“Nice to meet you to Calum, so are you and Lily dating?” I almost choked on my own saliva.

“No we are not we are just friends Mrs. Madden.”

“Oh. Well I thought cause you know you brought him here.” Mum explained.

“He's here cause um we are gonna talk about something's.” I told mum and eyed Calum.

“Oh okay we'll make sure he leaves before your dad comes you know how he gets if he sees a boy in the house without his consent.”

“Okay mum I'll make sure love you.”

“Love you too oh and Calum nice meeting you.”

“You too.” We went upstairs into my room finally some alone time and some time to talk with Calum about things.

“So why were you in your car crying?” Calum started as I closed my door.

“I like this boy named David and he's been my friend for a while now and we almost do everything together-” Calum cut me off. How dare he.

“That's it!? Just tell him how you feel.”

“Shut up Calum you didn't even let me finish.”


“Anyways as I was saying before I rudely got interrupted there is a dance that the girls ask the guys and-”

“You should ask him I'm pretty sure he'll say yes!” Really Calum? He cut me off again!

“CALUM!” I yelled I couldn't take it anymore.


“Stop interrupting me!”

“Sorry sorry continue.”

“As I was saying so I did ask David to the the dance and-”

“What did he say, did he say yes!?”

“Calum Thomas Hood! Stop fucking interrupting me!” All he did was laugh.

“What what's so funny Hood?!”

“Now I know why Ashton is so crazy about you.” Calum slapped his mouth realizing what he said.


“Nothing, you know I think I should be going I have band practice.”

“Hood get back here what did Ashton say.” Calum sighed and gave in.

“Fine um when we stole Ashton we took him to the restroom he said that he has a crush on you.” Calum explained.

“Really?” Wow um Ashton Irwin has a crush on me. No wonder he caught me off guard and kissed me earlier.

“So I gotta go but see you later?” I was daydreaming how my life would be with Ashton in it.


“Huh oh yeah yeah see you later.”

“Alright can I get your phone number though?”

“Sure…. here you go.” I said handing him a price of paper.

“Calum watch out for my sister….she um likes every boy she sees.” I told him.

“Okay bye Lily.”

“Bye Calum.” I said getting up and hugging him lightly.

Later I heard a voice who yelled and I sounded like my dad.

“What the fuck!” I quickly ran downstairs to the living room fearing that Calum is still here.

“What the fuck is this boy here!” My dad asked pulling Calum by the shirt.

“He's a cute boy I'll say.” My sister Lynette said twirling her hair.


“I brought him here.” I said.

“Why the fuck did you bring this dumbass in here I told you that you are to allowed to bring boys in here!”

“I know what I did was wrong but please let him go daddy.”

“Fine but if I catch him in here again he's dead.” My dad said letting Calum go. As Calum went outside I followed him.

“Your dad is pretty scary.” Calum said.

“Yeah my dad is pretty protective when it comes to boys. He doesn't want his “girls” losing their virginity so young.”

“Oh.” Calum said.

“Bye Calum see you later.”

“Bye.” Calum left and I went back into my room. I slammed on my bed. Such an adventure of problems I had today.

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