I Hate Ashton Iwrin (Ashton Irwin fanfic)

Ashton has been Lily's idol for as long as she can remember. Will one tweet change Ashton and Lily's life forever? Three words is what makes them start to hate each other. But they never stopped loving each other.


2. Chapter 2- Awkwardly meeting up

Lily's p.o.v

As soon as Ashton told me to meet up with him at the London tower I started to get ready. I digged through my clothes and I found a cute tight shirt and some black leggings. I reapplied my makeup, and headed off. Since I'm in senior year I have a car already. So I take my car and I head to the London tower. I got stopped by my mum.

“Where are you going sweets?” She asked.

“Just to a friends house.” I lied.

“Who's house?” She asked, ugh can't she just let it go?

“David’s house.” I groaned.

“I told you I don't like you hanging out with him.” My mum explained. David is basically the schools bad boy but he actually had a good side to him.

“Well it's my choice who I hang out with mum not yours!” I yelled and left. I hate it that she makes a big deal about everything. She is too protective over me.

When I arrived at the tower I saw it packed and probably Ashton, Luke, Michael, and Calum are there already.

Yup, I was right I saw my idol! Ashton fucking Irwin! My phone rang notifying me that I have a notification on twitter.

@ashtonirwin, @Lilymadden, where r u?

I texted back and I noticed something he doesn't even now how I look like!

@Lilymadden, @ashtonirwin, how do you know which one is me? You don't even know how I look like!

Ashton responded immediately.

@ashtonirwin, @Lilymadden, right. Um how about we meet and the coffee shop right around the corner?

@Lilymadden, @ashtonirwin, alright just so you know I am wearing a tight yellow shirt and black leggings.

@ashtonirwin, @Lilymadden, okay can't wait to see you ;)

@Lilymadden, @ashtonirwin, oh stop it you ;)

@ashtonirwin, @Lilymadden, ;)

I arrived at the coffee shop Ashton told me to meet him at. He wasn't at here yet so I ordered my coffee and sat on a table. Suddenly I heard someone talk.

“Are you Lily Madden?” I looked and saw a pair of brown greenish eyes and there were beautiful.

“Ashton.” I said stupidly.

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