Meant to Be

"Love isn't easy, and no one said it was. But now that she's gone, I have nothing to live for. No reason to wake up in the morning. No reason to go to work. I'm broken, and the only thing that can heal her."

"Leaving him was the hardest thing I could've ever done. But I can't go back now, everything is a mess, and I'll just make it worse"

Cover by: Beautifully Music Nerd
(She makes awesome covers)


52. 51


As I ran down the hostipal hall a million things had gone through my mind.

Was he alive?

Did they find the bodies?

Is he hurt?

Or is he just dead, lying on the table lifeless?

I didn't really know but I tried to keep up as we all ran down the hall.

It felt as if my lungs were about to burst, my heart racing so fast I forced to stop running. For the sake of my child and me.

Liam stopped with me too, rubbing my back as I breathed heavily.

"We should run more aye?" He said a cheeky smile on his face, I rolled my eyes pointing to my stomach,

"I'm running for two." I said as all pregnant women do for an excuse.

"Me too." He said puffing out in stomach and walking around, I should my head slightly laughing,

"We better walk then love." He said, I nodded holding his hand as we walked down the hallway to a door.

All the guys were standing there trying to catch their breath.

"Is this the room?" Harry asked,

"Should be...406?...That's the room." Niall replied. I just stood there confused,

"Wait..why are we here?" I asked, all the guys turned to look at me.

"You'll find out soon." Niall said with a wink entering the room.

A few minutes later he came out,

"Go on in" he said to me and I slowly opened the door. What I saw was amazing.

There he was, pacing back and forth, a cast on his arm and cuts and bruises on his face, arms and legs. He looked at me and began to come over.

"Oh Everleigh." He said, I backed up until my back hit the wall.

"Hi" I said in a quiet voice as I continued to stare at him, tears filled my eyes, this couldn't be real.

"You can't be real." I whispered,

"Oh I am Babygirl." He said with a smirk, a smile spread across my face as I hugged him tight, letting all the hurt, all the pain, all the agony out of my body. I breathed in the smell of his cologne and felt safe.

He pulled back kissing my lips, oh how much I missed his lips. He pulled back rubbing my stomach,

"And how's our baby?" He asked, I placed my hand on top of his,

"Coming in two weeks or so." I said.

"Did you find out the gender?" He asked I nodded.

"What is it?" He asked holding my hands.

"It's a baby girl!" I said. He hugged me tight, I knew he wanted a girl.

"Ashton. We need a home for this baby. Your apartment won't be big enough." I said.

"Well this was supposed to be a susprise but..." He handed me a pair of keys, 'I love you' engraved on both.

"I bought us a house." He said, I covered my mouth astonished.

"Wait...where do we live?" I asked, he smirked.

"In a country home outside of Melbrook." Nothing could get better than this.

"No." I whispered. He nodded hugging me tight.

"Susprise!" He said with a smile, I poked his dimples. At least I wouldn't be alone.

"What about the tour?" I asked, what were the fans going to think.

"I'm going to take the rest off to stay with you in the house." He said, he truly was a miracle from god. I hugged him again hiding my face in his chest.

"I'm so glad your here." I sniffled thinking about hat I would've done alone without him.

"Me too Everleigh, me too." I kissed his cheek and we walked out of the room, all the guys had left.

We got back to the hotel and since I had already packed all of Ashton's things we packed mine, and headed to the airport. In a few hours we would be at our new home.

It was as if I was obsessed with him. As if I never wanted to let him out of my sight for the fear of losing him again. As if I was glued to him and would never leave his side. I was just so bloody grateful to have him back.

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