Meant to Be

"Love isn't easy, and no one said it was. But now that she's gone, I have nothing to live for. No reason to wake up in the morning. No reason to go to work. I'm broken, and the only thing that can heal her."

"Leaving him was the hardest thing I could've ever done. But I can't go back now, everything is a mess, and I'll just make it worse"

Cover by: Beautifully Music Nerd
(She makes awesome covers)


41. 40


"You sure you don't wanna come to practice?" He asked.

"Yes Ash I'll be fine. Now go before you're late!" I said, he came over to the bed kissing me then my stomach.

"I'll be back in an hour or so" I nodded,

"Okay" I said and he walked out of the room.

I decided to go for a walk down the street. I grabbed a jacket and headed out of the room. I opened the door and saw Ethan.

"E!" I said hugging him.

She hugged me back,

"Wanna go to Starbucks?" He asked,

"Yea" I said linking arm with him.

There was a Starbucks down the street.

We walked inside and I ordered a Vanilla Bean frappe. My favorite.

We decided to sit outside since it was a nice day.

"So how have you been?" He asked taking a sip from his cup.

"Good, sorry I didn't call" I said.

"It's fine I knew you were safe with him. But it hasn't been the same without you." He said.

"Ethan" I said. He looked up at me.

"I'm sorry" I said in a quiet voice, it kinda came out a whisper. He placed his hand on top of mine.

"It's fine" he said, I took a sip of my frappe, so good.

After a few hours of talking and walking I decided to go back to the hotel, Ethan offered to walk me.

When we got to the hotel I decided to tell him.

"E?" I said.

"Yea?" He said.

"I..I'm pregnant" I said, a huge smile spread across his face.

"That's amazing so is my girlfriend!" He said hugging me. I smiled he was going to be a good dad.

After I waved goodbye to him I went inside to see Ashton pacing around the lobby, mumbling to himself.

"Ash!" I called running up to him.

"Where have you been!" He yelled.

"Well I met up with Ethan. Why are you so mad?" I asked.

"And you didn't call me?! I was worried sick!" He yelled.

"You're not my dad Ashton I don't always have to tell you every little thing!" I yelled.

"What if something happened to you?! Huh? Who would've saved your a*s?!" He yelled.

"Cause I wouldn't!" He yelled again, I felt a tear trickle down my cheek.

"Goodbye" I said turning around and walking out of the hotel, I heard his calls.

"I'm sorry Ev!"

"Please come back!" I ignored him and continued walking. I walked around the corner and slid my back down the brick wall and burst into tears.

"Love?" I looked up and saw Louis looking down at me. He sat beside me.

"You okay?" He asked I looked up at his face though my tears.

"I guess not" he said I smiled and cuddled up to him as me hugged me.

"Let's go inside." He said standing up, I stood up beside him and he put his arms around me as we walked inside the hotel.

I walked into Louis's room and sat on the sofa.

"Wanna watch a movie?" He asked, I nodded and he put in the c.d.

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