Meant to Be

"Love isn't easy, and no one said it was. But now that she's gone, I have nothing to live for. No reason to wake up in the morning. No reason to go to work. I'm broken, and the only thing that can heal her."

"Leaving him was the hardest thing I could've ever done. But I can't go back now, everything is a mess, and I'll just make it worse"

Cover by: Beautifully Music Nerd
(She makes awesome covers)


21. 21


I opened my eyes to see Ashton's staring right back in mine.

"Morning sunshine" he said with a smile showing his beautiful dimples. I poked then with my fingers.

"Good morning" he pecked me on the lips.

"So you're seeing Natasha today" he said getting up from the bed.

"Yea" I said getting up behind him. I then realized I was fully naked and grabbed the covers wrapping myself up. Ashton chuckled.

"Come on don't be shy" he said I rolled my eyes.

"Can you pass my shirt at least?" I said he nodded and picked up my shirt. I reached for it but he pulled it farther away.

I reached again and he pulled it further away.

"Ashton." I whined but he just smirked and moved farther back. I rolled my eyes he knew I wouldn't stay under these covers forever because I wouldn't be able to pull the rest from under the heavy matress.

I rolled my eyes again and dropped the covers. I now stood fully naked. I ran over to him and jumped on his back. "Shirt please" he rolled his eyes and handed it to me, I put it on quickly.

We arrived at Tash's house and I'm not going to lie, I was scared. My hands were shaking a little and I felt as if I was about to throw up. I could already feel the tears forming in my eyes but I forced myself to hold them back.

I opened the car door my hands shaky as I walked around the car to meet Ashton. He held my hand lacing our fingers. I guess he could tell I was shaking because he started to run soft circles on my back. That always calmed me down. I stopped shaking a little as we walked up to the front door.

I was about to knock but the door opened before I could.

"Everleigh!" Tash yelled hugging me tight. I hugged her tight back letting go of Ashton's hand. I knew he understood. I hugged her back just as tight my eyes over-flowing with tears. I missed my best friend so much. I took in her scent she smelled so good, like always.

After about five minutes we finally pulled away. I saw her beautiful brown eyes over-flowing with tears just like mine.

"Come in" she said and held my hand as she led us into her house.

There were bowls of chips and some cans of soda on the coffee table. She led us to the couch where the t.v was off. Her mom walked in the room and looked at me.

"Oh Everleigh..we missed you so much!" She said rushing over to me and giving me a tight hug before heading up the stairs.

" are you guys?" She asked eyeing my hand in Ashton's.

"Good" I said with a little smile, her face instantly lit up.

"Good because I thought you guys broke up, and I was going to get you back together, and oh my god this makes everything so much easier" she sighed in relief.

Ashton chuckled a little and kissed the top of my head.

"Oh and Ev there's something you should know." She said looking a little scared.

"What" I asked nothing could down my mood.

"Well you know Shawn?" She started. "Yeah he's in Ashton's band." I said, "Well were kinda dating" she said the last word in a small voice. My face lit up. "Oh my god Tash that's amazing!" She smiled.


"Really!" I said hugged her, she hugged me back. It was amazing to have her back.

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