Meant to Be

"Love isn't easy, and no one said it was. But now that she's gone, I have nothing to live for. No reason to wake up in the morning. No reason to go to work. I'm broken, and the only thing that can heal her."

"Leaving him was the hardest thing I could've ever done. But I can't go back now, everything is a mess, and I'll just make it worse"

Cover by: Beautifully Music Nerd
(She makes awesome covers)


7. 07


Today Tash and I are hanging out because we haven't in like forever. I told her about what happened with Ashton and she was shocked. "So he just like....made out with you in his car?" She asked. "Well yea basically" I said. "So when are you gonna tell your Dad?" She asked. I took a deep breath "I don't know, I know he's gonna hate me for lying to him" I said. "I think you should tell him he deserves to know" she said. I sighed. "Okay" "Now let's go shopping!" She said pulled me out of her room.

When we got home we had a million bags with shoes, clothes, hair products, jewelry, and a whole lot more. "Daddy I'm home!" I called and he walked down the stairs. "Hi Princess" he said and hugged me. "Ev I have to go out of town with Steph for collage searching I'll be gone all next week and I thought you were old enough to stay by yourself." He said. "Sure Daddy when are you leaving?" I asked. "Tonight at seven" he said. "Okay Daddy" I said and kissed his cheek then went upstairs to unpack.

I decided to call Ashton. My phone rung twice then he picked up. "Hi" I said in a cheerful voice. "Hi" he said with a cough. "Ash what's wrong?" I asked. "Oh...nothing I'm fine" he said and coughed. "Sounds like you're sick I'm coming over" I said. "No really I'm fine" he said. "I'll be there in twenty minutes" I said and hung up the phone.

Once I got to Ashton's place I knocked on the door. I had to make a quick stop to get some medicine and soup. He opened the door. He looked so sick. He was wearing grey sweatpants and no shirt in hair was a mess and his face was pale. "Come in" he said and I walked in. He laid on the couch and I sat beside him stroking his face. "Oh Baby you're sick" I said. I went to kiss him when he pushed me away. "I don't want you to get sick" he said. "I don't care" I said and leaned in "You will when you're sick" he said. I pouted. "I'll make you some soup" I said and went over to the kitchen he nodded. Once the water was warming up I went back over to him. "You look bad" I said. "Gee thanks" he said with a chuckle. "Aww Baby" I lifted his head and put it on my lap stroking his hair. "I'll stay with you as long as you like" I said. "But don't you have to go home?" He asked. "No my Dad and sister are out of town for a week" I said. He nodded and closed his eyes. I kept stroking his hair and he held my other hand. Soon he was asleep and I turned on the T.V on low volume and stroked his hair as he slept. He looked so cute when he slept and I felt bad since he was sick.


I woke up and the first thing I saw was the most beautiful girl in the world smiling at me. I smiled back. "Morning sunshine!" She said. "What time is it?" I asked in a groggy voice. "Um.....two thirty" she said turning off her phone screen. "*t I have band pratice!" I tried to sit up but she held my head down. "I already called in for you" she said with a smile. "Thank you" I said. "Can I have my kiss now?" She asked I nodded and she bent down and her lips touched mine. She tried to slip her tongue in my mouth when I pulled away. She pouted "What's wrong?" She asked. "Babe you know I wouldn't give up any chance to kiss you..." She cut me off "So then kiss me" she said. "...I don't want you to get sick" I said. "Fine but you owe me when you're better" she said I smiled. "Of course" she stroked my cheek "Are you hungry?" She asked. "Yeah" I said. "Want me to get you some Mcdonalds?" She asked her face inches from mine. "Could you?" I asked. She nodded. "Want me to drive you?" I asked. "No I'll walk" she said. "But it's a twenty minute walk." I said, "Then I'll run" she said and got up. I smiled as she walked out the door.

I laid there for five minutes and now I was bored so maybe I should scare her as she comes in. I ran to my room and put on a shirt. I don't bother with my hair and I cleaned up a bit I stood behind the door she should be home any moment.


I was about two minutes away from Ashton's apartment when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I turned behind me and there was a man. Much taller than me he was holding a knife. I screamed as loud as I could again and again the he covered my mouth with a rag. I couldn't scream or make any noise so I did the one thing my father taught me for self defense. I kicked him where it hurt. He dropped to the ground and I ran as I ran he cut my leg with the knife.

Come on Ev you can make it.


Run to Ashton!

I ran as fast as I could it hurt so much tears streamed down my face but I ran as fast as I could clutching the bags in my arms.

Once I got to the apartment I ran inside and shut the door I sat on the floor crying and shaking. Ashton came out from behind the door he must have tried to scare me. "Ev what's wrong?" He asked and kneeled down beside me. I pointed to my leg a five inch cut was gushing blood all over my shoe and the floor. "Everleigh" he said and ran to the kitchen and got a first aid kit and a glass of water. He dumped the water on my cut and bandaged it up. "Come we're going to the hostipal." He said helping me up. "No" I said in a shaky voice. "Come on Ev we need to go to the hostipal" he said. I shook my head. "Ev why?" He asked in a soft tone. I clutched onto his shirt and he wrapped his arms around me helping me up. I cried and cried. "He could be there" I said into his chest. "Who?" He asked. I was still shaking. "B.....B...."I couldn't say his name. "There there" Ashton said and hugged me tighter. "I'm here don't worry" he said stroking my hair.

Once I stopped crying and shaking Ashton suggested we should eat so we ate at the dinner table in silence.

After we finished eating Ashton brought me to his bedroom and we sat on the bed. "Now tell me what happend" he said holding my hand. "Well I was walking back and I saw something and I turned and....and a guy with a knife I screamed but he covered my mouth and I was so scared so I kicked him and he cut me and I ran and..." The tears started to pour out. "It's okay can you tell me who it was?" He asked. "B...B..Brody" I whispered. "Who's Brody?" He asked. "" I whispered. "Oh Ev maybe you should stay with me for this week" I nodded. "Ash can I go home to get some clothes first?" I asked. "Sure" and we walked out of the room.

When we got to my house Ashton came in and we packed me some things when the doorbell rang. I gave Ashton a fearful look. And he came downstairs with me. "Ash I'll be fine" I said and he walked halfway upstairs. "Just call for me" he said. I opened the door. It was my Mom. "Hi sweetie" she said. "Don't Sweetie me" I said. "You're still mad at me?" She asked. "Mad! Why would I be mad that you ran off with that rich guy and left us!" I yelled. "His name is Mike!" She yelled back. "Well why don't you move your little slut as* out of my house!" I yelled. Ashton came down the stairs my mom looked at him. "I'm the slut look at that guy he's like twenty Everleigh!" She yelled. Tears started to stream down my face. "You left me for money! Fu*king Money!" I yelled. She stayed quite. "Bye slut!" I yelled and slammed the door in her face I locked it. I turned to Ashton and cried. Soaking his shirt. "It's okay come lets get your stuff." And we walked upstairs.

I hope you're enjoying my story!


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