Meant to Be

"Love isn't easy, and no one said it was. But now that she's gone, I have nothing to live for. No reason to wake up in the morning. No reason to go to work. I'm broken, and the only thing that can heal her."

"Leaving him was the hardest thing I could've ever done. But I can't go back now, everything is a mess, and I'll just make it worse"

Cover by: Beautifully Music Nerd
(She makes awesome covers)


5. 05


I was excited since Ev is coming over today. I had to go to band practice. Yeah I play in a band and were not that bad. I play drums and I'm with three other guys who are around my age. There's Grayson, Jake, and Shawn. I've told them so much about Ev I'm susprised their heads haven't exploded yet.

When I walked in the boys weren't there, strange. I walked around looking for them and they were huddled by someone's room door. "Hey guys" I said. They all shushed me and continued to listen. Then I heard, a beautiful voice, I looked through the tiny window "Ev" I breathed. "That's her?" Grayson asked. I nodded, "Sh*t I was gonna ask her out!" He said. I glared at him. He gave me a nervous smile "Just kidding!" He said. I rolled my eyes and continued to listen to Ev's singing.

Once she was done she headed towards the door we all scattered, but I didn't make it fast enough and just stood there. "Hi" I said with a smile. "Uh..Hi" she said. "What are you doing here?" She asked.

Oh sh*t.

"I have band practice." I said. "Oh then what are you doing here?" She asked. "Um...the boys were listening to you sing."I said. She blushed, "Umm..." I could tell she was embarrassed. I wrapped my arms around her waist. "You're really good!" I said she smiled a little. "Thanks" I hugged her. When we pulled away a smirk was upon her beautiful pink lips. "Now I get to listen to you!" She said with a smile. "No" I said. "Yes, you spied on me!" She said. I sighed "Fine" she clapped her hands and then held mine as I showed her to our band room.

We were a little early so I let her look around. "What do you play?" She asked. "Drums" I said and she walked over to the drum set sitting on the stool, she eyed the drums carefully touching the skin with the tips of her fingers. Then she went to the drum sticks.

Oh No!

She couldn't see this.

She looked at them placing her thumb over the things I engraved in them. She looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back, and made my way over to her. She was still smiling holding my drum sticks close. "What?" I asked. She hugged me "I love you" she said.

She loved me...YES!

"I love you too" I said and stroked her hair. She still looked at my drum sticks it said Ashton on one drum stick and Everleigh on the other. I hugged her and held her close to me. I kissed the top of her head and was about to kiss her lips when Grayson walked in and yelled "GET A ROOM!" Shawn was right behind him laughing. I huffed and Ev blushed. She was so shy it was cute. Jake walked behind them "So who's your friend?" Jake asked the other boys chuckled and Ev blushed.

"This is Ev my girlfriend" I said they all waved and Grayson stepped forward "So love what's your full name?" He asked kissed her hand I could tell it made her uncomfortable, she just looked up at me. "I think she's broken" Grayson said and laughed with the other boys. Jake walked up "Don't be scared of Gray he's always like that." Jake told her. She smiled and hugged me. "She's watching us pratice" I said. "Ev this is Grayson, Jake, and Shawn. Jake is the only non-obnoxious one." Shawn and Grayson pouted as me and Jake laughed Ev smiled. "Hi" she said in a quite voice. "Aye she's not broken after all" Gray said and everyone chuckled, Ev blushed. Then Paul our manager walked in. "Okay boys it's time to pratice" I kissed Ev and she walked out to watch from outside.


"Hello love what's your name" the man named Paul asked me. "Ev....Everleigh but I prefer Ev." I said. "No need to be shy" he said. "You've helped Ashton a lot" he said. "How?" I asked. "Well it's not my place to say but.. Ashton was sucidal for a year and he was cutting...when he met you all of that see those bracelets?" He asked. I nodded looking at the many bracelets Ashton wore on his wrists. I thought that they were just some decoration. "Under those scars....about one hundred....scars....and more scars." This overwhelmed me. I imagined Ashton....beautiful Ashton...cutting....cutting himself. This made my heart hurt. "Stop!" I yelled and the whole band stopped playing. I walked over to Ashton I had to see if this was true. I took his hand, "Ev what..." I cut him off "Shhhh" I said and his mouth closed. I pulled off on bracelet. He tried to stop me I looked in his eyes and his hand fell to his side. I pulled off another bracelet. Everyone's staring at me watching what I'm doing. I pull off another bracelet scars. Two more. I pulled off another one more scars. I pulled off the last one his whole wrist filled with scars. I stroked each one softly looking at the marks on his skin. Even Paul was staring at me. Tears welled in my eyes I tried to hold them back Ashton....cutting....pain...I couldn't bear it I let the tears fall. Ashton hugged me close I soaked his shirt with tears. "Ashton....why...wh...when?" I asked. He pulled back his arms still around me. "Ev....I'm sorry....I...this was before we met...before I was happy" he said this made my heart melt. I hugged him. "Why hurt're beautiful." I said. "I thought that I wasn't good enough...that no one wanted changed that Everleigh Mary Kate Olsen you changed my life" he was now crying. "I love you" he said. I hugged him. "I love you too Ashton Evans" I said. "Clayton" he said. "What?" " middle name" I smiled "I love you Ashton Clayton Evans" and kissed him.

"Awww" Grayson cooed. "Shut up can't you see their trying to have a moment" Jake said causing everyone to laugh. "Okay boys were done for the day." Paul said and everyone packed up. "I'm sorry Ash." I said. "For what?" He asked. "For ruining band practice" I said. "That's okay you had something more important to say" he said and kissed my hair. I looked up at his beautiful eyes and kissed tip of his nose on my tippy toes of course he was so much taller than me.

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