Meant to Be

"Love isn't easy, and no one said it was. But now that she's gone, I have nothing to live for. No reason to wake up in the morning. No reason to go to work. I'm broken, and the only thing that can heal her."

"Leaving him was the hardest thing I could've ever done. But I can't go back now, everything is a mess, and I'll just make it worse"

Cover by: Beautifully Music Nerd
(She makes awesome covers)


2. 02


"He carried you!?" Tash yelled, my best friend Natasha. "Yea" I said in a quiet voice and blushed. "Then he kissed my forehead before he left." I said and blushed. "Oh my God adorable do you have his number?" She asked. "Um...yea" I said. "Give" she said guesturing to my phone. I sighed and handed her my phone. She scrolled a bit then held the phone up to her ear. He seemed to answer on the second ring. "Hello?...,Ashton right?... Oh I'm her friend Natasha...yea..okay I'll tell her..Yup bye" and she ended the call. "What did he say?" I asked her. "He said he's gonna pick you up tonight." She said I squealed then my squeal turned into a frown, "Oh sh*t!" I yelled. "What?" Tash asked. "Tash I can't go out with him he's 19 my dad's gonna kill me!" I yelled. "Oh." Tasha said. "Well text him to meet you somewhere" she suggested. "Okay I guess" I said and sighed. Then I remembered my dad was going see some lady, oh I forgot to mention..when I was thirteen when my mom well...Christen I don't call her mom anymore, left our family for some guy with more money it was hard for everyone but mostly me...we were best friends she would always dress me up tell me how beautiful I was then one day, she just left. Now dad has to work double and Steph had to get a job I'm still looking for a job though.

I was getting ready for Ashton. What do I wear? Was this a date? Maybe. Umm.... I decided to call Tash to help me get ready. I called her "Hello?" Tash answered. "Tash I need you I'm having a major crisis what do I wear?" I asked. "I'm coming" she said. She just lived down the street so she made it in about three minutes. I heard her say 'Hi' to my dad then run upstairs. My dad loved Tash he thought she was a good friend. "Okay" she was breathless.

We took about an hour and finally came to a conclusion. I wore light blue jean shorts with a white and pink flowing crop top with my hair down to my waist in loose curls I put on my white converse. Tash put some light mascara and a blush pink lipstick. I stood looking at myself in the mirror Tash standing behind me fluffing my hair. "Beautiful" she said. I agreed with her I did look good. "Bye sweetie I'll be home later!" My dad yelled up the stairs I ran down and hugged him he was so much taller but he was 6"5 and I was 5"2 so it made sense. "Bye Daddy" I said. "He pulled away and looking at me "Where are you going all dressed up?" He asked. I gulped I hated lying.

Out with friends I wanted to say. But I couldn't lie to him he trusted me.

"On a date" I mumbled. He raised his eyebrows. "And with who?" He asked. "A boy I met at the club with Steph yesterday." I said. "Is he nice?" He asked I nodded. "He drove us home" I said. "And how old is this boy?" He asked. I gulped. "19" I whispered and looked at my feet. "Sweetie you know my rule" I sighed. "I know, no dating guys older" I said. "But Daddy I really like him.." I started but he intrupeted me. "Go" he said. "What?" I asked. "You can go out with him but I don't want anything dirty okay?" He asked. "Okay Daddy" I said hugging him. "Bye Princess he said kissing my hair. "Bye Daddy" I said and watched him walk out the door.


I pulled up to her driveway. I was so nervous I really liked her I didn't wanna screw this up. I was rehearsing in my head how I was going to tell her I like her. I walked up to the door, I paused before knocking and took a deep breath then I knocked. I waited a minute then the door opend and there she was beautiful just like yesterday. Her long red hair fell in curls at her waist and her beautiful pink crop top with her jeans was perfect. "Hi" she said with a smile. "Hi" I replied smiling back. "You ready?" I asked. She nodded and we walked to the car. I decided to take her to the country where my parents used to take me. We got in the car and I turned on some music. As we drove in silence, but it was a comfortable silence. Once we got there I helped her out of the car and got a blanket from the trunk I walked her on top of the hill and laid the blanket down we laid down and stared up at the stars it was beautiful. "This is beautiful" she said looking at me with a smile, I smiled back.

After about five minutes I gained enough courage to talk. "Ev?" I said. "Yes" she replied looking at me with those bright blue eyes. "Ev I...I really like you" I said her mouth dropped open. "Ashton..." She started. "Please call me Ash" I said. "Ash..I like you too" she said and my heart skipped a beat. After laying there and talking I decided to take her home. Once I pulled into her driveway I walked her up the steps to her front door.


He walked me up the my doorstep. "I had a great time" he said. "Me too" I replied. He started to lean in.

Oh No!

Shit he's closer.

Then his lips touched mine. I had never kissed anybody. It was a sweet kiss, we pulled away and I smilied at him he smiled back. We went to lean in again when the front door swung open Steph was standing there her arms crossed. "Everleigh get in here now!" she yelled.

I gave Aston a nervous wave and ran inside he waved back. He turned when Steph grabbed his shoulder. "You're not going anywhere!" She yelled again and closed the door.

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