Meant to Be

"Love isn't easy, and no one said it was. But now that she's gone, I have nothing to live for. No reason to wake up in the morning. No reason to go to work. I'm broken, and the only thing that can heal her."

"Leaving him was the hardest thing I could've ever done. But I can't go back now, everything is a mess, and I'll just make it worse"

Cover by: Beautifully Music Nerd
(She makes awesome covers)


1. 01


"Please come with me" Steph begged. Steph is short for Stephine she's my older sister 23 to be exact. "Why do you want me to go, I don't even drink!" I protested. "So you can drive me home" she said. I sighed. I was going to a club under aged just so I could drive my drunk sister home without a lincise. "Fine." I sighed. She clapped her hands and went upstairs to change. I did too not that I cared about how I looked I was just going to be in a room with a bunch of drunk sweaty people. I decided to wear my Light pink crop top with some light blue jean shorts and my pink converse I through on a grey beanie to cover my messy red hair and I was ready.

As soon as we got to the club I regretted coming. Some how Steph was able to get me what? I decided to go to the bar and get some water. The bartender came she was a very pretty lady and she asked what I would like "Water please" I say she nods and goes to get me my glass. Meanwhile a boy sitting beside me was laughing at me. He was very handsome he had brown hair that coverd his forehead and his eyes were hazel with green around them. He looked older..maybe 19 or 20? My shy self just sat there as he laughed then I built up enough courage to ask "What are you laughing at?" I asked he stops laughing and looks at me. He slides over a barstool and now he's right beside me, "You don't see to many girls come to the bar and ask for water" he chuckled. "I'm Ashton" he introduced himself, "I'm Ev" I said he raised one eyebrow "Full name?" I sighed. "Everleigh, but I hate it." I said. "Everleigh" he repeted. "I think that's pretty" I blushed. "So. How old are you?" He asked.

Oh no!

What do I say?

"Uhm...19" I say. He eyes me a bit then says. "Oh same"

Then Steph came over walking all over the place she was drunk. "Ev" she slurred. "Ya" I said. "Who are ya talking to?" She slurred. "A boy named Ashton" I told her. Her eyes grew wide "Ashton?" She asked I nodded. "Ashton you wouldn't happen to have a brother...Derek?" She asked he nodded. "Derek is my older brother" he said. "Well your dick brother cheated on me!" She yelled. "Oh your Stephnie." He said. "Ya" she said the turned to me then back to him. "So what are you doing talking to my little sis?" She asks he shrugged. "Steph I think we should go home" I say she nods then I help her out the door. I put her in the back seat and went to the drivers side. Deep breath remember what Steph taught you. Put the car in drive. Step on the gas. Hands at ten and two. That's when I realized the place was coverd in cops. I couldn't do it. I went back inside the club and maybe find someone who could drive us. I saw Ashton at the bar we may have just met but he is friends with Steph...well sorta. I went up behind him and tapped on his shoulder. He turned around showing his beautiful hazel eyes. "Hello" Ashton said. "Back so soon?" He chuckled. " I was wondering if you could drive me and Steph home." I said. "Why can't you drive aren't you 19?"


"Um...yea but....but I'm not feeling well" I lied. "Oh okay sure" he said flashing me a smile showing dimples that were so adorable.


We walked to the car and Ev handed me the keys. When we got in the car we both laughed when we saw Stephanie sleeping in the back. Her smile was so cute. As all together she was so cute. So small, so shy, so beautiful, so perfect. I started to pull out from the parking spot and he laid her head on the cold glass window. Within two minutes she was asleep. So cute.

When I pulled into the driveway I first helped Stephanie out of the car and brought her inside. She said that no one was home and that I should just bring Ev right up to her room. I handed Stephanie the keys and went back out to the car. And there was Ev sleeping peacefully in the car. I opend the car door careful not to wake her and I put one arm behind her neck and the other under her knees. I lifted her she was so light, so fragile. I closed the car door with my foot and brought her inside. Stephanie had passed out on the couch so I guess I had to find her room on my own. As I was walking up the stairs her beautiful blue eyes flutter open and she looked into mine. Then when she realized I was carrying her she blushed and closed her eyes she lay her head against

"The basement" she mumbled and I nodded and walked down stairs and down again and I saw her room. It wasn't particularly big but she had light blue walls with a queen sized bed and a bookshelf in the corner. She also had a little white couch that was in front of a tv on the wall. I looked down her eyes staring in mine. They say if you look into a red head's eyes long enough you'll fall in love, but I already fell in love when she orderd that water.


Ashton laid me on the bed and tucked me in. "Thank you so much" I said smiling. "No problem" he replied and smiled showing his dimples. "Goodnight" he whisperd and kissed my forehead. "Goodnight" I whisperd back and closed my eyes. I heard him leave the room and my heart fell. "Ashton" I called. "Yes" he said and came into the room. "Want my number?" I asked. "Sure" he replied. I took my phone from the nightstand unlocked it and handed it to him. He typed in some numbers and placed it beside me. "Now get some rest " he said. Kissing my forehead and leaving the room. And I fell asleep thinking of Ashton.

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