Ask/Dare: Kay, Camille, or the Big four

This is were you can Dare or ask ether Camille(her), Kay(me), Rapunzel, Hiccup, Merida, or jack...OR you can dare all of us at the SAME TIME.....MY GLOB I'M BLOWING MY OWN MIND


13. The Dating game Part 2

Camille: Welcome to the Dating Game again. Kay why did we drag the reader in this again?...

Kay: Because i was bored anyway we are soooooooooo sorry for not being here often.... but were in high school and well post as much as we can ^^



Camille: last time you saw me pick  MAN 3 which was Hiro........I wish i got wolverine though sighs dramatically anyway now were going to do Kay's turn.

Kay: Yay jumps up and down. Camille sneaks backstage to see Jack,haruka, and Robbie Kay.

Camille: You guys ready?

Boys: nods

Camille: great grins walking in front of the curtains ok Kay are you ready to start

Kay: nods grinning

Camille: ok so you already know the rules not even going to tell you because I'm lazy. Kay ask your question

Kay: Ok grins  Anyone swim free style or ice skate?

Man1: I ice skate and swim a little though i get stuck in the water

Man2: I swim free style only ........never ice skated before

Man2: I ice skated and swam.. not free style

Kay: where would you take me on a first date

Man1: I'd take you flying and we can sip hot coco. There would be fireworks and we'd dance the night away.

Man2: I'd take you swimming.. and we'd have a picnic. I'd also get to know you better.

Man3: I'd take you to the park and id push you on the swing. we'd act like kids and I'd by you ice cream.

Kay:On a scale of one to ten how cute am I?

Camille: thats not even a good question Kay You cant just ask how cute you are.

Kay: well why not?

Camille:............T^T because its akward

Man1: you'd be 9

Man2: 5

Man 3 ..........7

Kay.................-_- thanks

Camille: Laughs falling over. Bwahahahahahaha! You thought you were going to get a ten

Kay : oh yeah well you try it

Camille: boys?

Man 1: 7

Man 2: 10

Man3: 10

Kay: jaw drops you traitors mumbles pouting

Camille: gently pats Kays back Dont worry ......its not my fault im Fabulous leg lift

Kay: yeah yeah i know............

Camille: well so kay which curtain do you pick 

Curtain 1, 2, or 3

Kay:looks at the curtains hmmm.......i pick curtain 1 

Camille: Manboy come on out 

Jack comes out of curtain 1 and my jaw drops. Haruka comes out of curtain 2 and Robbie comes out of curtain 

Camille: well the winners prize. You ready? *Looks at Kay*

 Kay: nods and walks up to Jack Blushing. She stands on her tiptoes and kisses his nose giving him frostbite.

Jack:blushes pink and looks away. Kay blushes red and walks to Camille with a nosebleed and a dazed expression.

Camille: Well thats all for the dating games be sure to look for part 3.. looks at Kay worried

Camille: Kay...sweetie you ok? do i need to get you to a doctor, or therapy, or get you some help? Your nose is bleeding.

Kay:still in a daze grinning like a dork while i nosebleed.

Camille: welll be sure to like

Jack: comment

Kay: f-follow

haruka: and ask for dares

Robbie: and truths 
EveryoNE: see you then 






Kay: psst.... you.... yeah you reading this...


Camille: If you liked the  Dating game you can join in on it...

Kay: Just send us 3 of your favorite characters and some questions and well  make you one.

Camille: oh yeah if you want to join in on our other adventures then just ask and well make a shout out for you on the next chapter.

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