Ask/Dare: Kay, Camille, or the Big four

This is were you can Dare or ask ether Camille(her), Kay(me), Rapunzel, Hiccup, Merida, or jack...OR you can dare all of us at the SAME TIME.....MY GLOB I'M BLOWING MY OWN MIND


3. Daring

I lay  bored on the couch.

Camille walks in the room

Me: I have a idea. Jack I dare you to make your ice cream and Camille and Merida have to eat it.

Jack: smirks yesssss runs in the kitchen and puts everything in the ice cream. 

we walk to the kitchen

Camille: Yah so like i don't want to die bbbeeccaauussseeee i'm expecting a birthday present from all of you aaannnndddd I can't receive them if I die

Me: You wont die We all walk into the kitchen

Camille: ok ok but if I do I expect my lemon juice to be buried with me

Me: rolls my eyes. I walk to the ice cream bowl and sniffs. 

Jack puts the ice cream in the bowl and hands it to merida and Camille

Me: EWWWWWWWWW It smells Like FEET

Camille and Merida spit the ice cream out back into the bowl

Both: THIS IS DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack: smirks I put  sardines, and a dirty sock in the ice cream

Camille: so remember how I said that I didn't want to die because I wanted my birthday presents?

Jack: nods head

Camille: well you get to give me 8 presents now, And I'm sure you could also do the same for Merida  smiles while putting an arm around jack

Merida: Na I'm just gonna beat the living crap out of him now!!!!!!!!!!! chases Jack

Camille: looks with a poker face ok................ well can I have your presents then? merida throws her lemon juice at camille

Camille: THANK YOU!

Camille: ok so comment down below  on what we should  dare to Kay,Rapunzel, and Hiccup drinks  some lemon juice or watch a video about hedgehogs. I can't really complain about either.

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