Ask/Dare: Kay, Camille, or the Big four

This is were you can Dare or ask ether Camille(her), Kay(me), Rapunzel, Hiccup, Merida, or jack...OR you can dare all of us at the SAME TIME.....MY GLOB I'M BLOWING MY OWN MIND


4. Dared by Camille

We sit in the living room and camille barges in

Camille: I dare Hiccup to lick toothless

Hiccup glares at Camille

Hiccup starts to run away. Camille and Merida catch him, ties him, and makes him lick toothless.

Hiccup: Guys you've got to be kidding Who makes you lick a dragon

Toothless: thinks Why the hell are these earthling's making my friend lick me T^T

Me: laughs a little ok Hiccup I dare you to kiss Camille

hiccup blushes red

Camille blushes and her jaw drops Ewwww he has cooties

She runs  and jack catches her and holds her. Hiccup walk to Camille and kisses her.

Me: hahahahahahahahaha sucker

 camille has a pokerface Camille:I'm. Gonna. MAKE YOU TURN IN AN ESSAY ON WHY I SHOULDN'T MAKE YOU EAT A THORN BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: hides behind jack Well  thats not gonna happen

Everyone: like, comment, more dares, or questions

I run for my life!!!!!!!!! Camille chases me with a broom

Camille: Get back here and eat a tomato 

Me: Nooooooooooooooooooo

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