Ask/Dare: Kay, Camille, or the Big four

This is were you can Dare or ask ether Camille(her), Kay(me), Rapunzel, Hiccup, Merida, or jack...OR you can dare all of us at the SAME TIME.....MY GLOB I'M BLOWING MY OWN MIND


1. Getting along

Camille comes though the door with an arm around  Merida and Jack.

Camille: looks like this question is for you guys

Camille walks out the door and locks the door. I turn around in a spinning chair with glasses on. I put them down on my nose. 
Kay: Hello i've been expecting you. Please sit down nods at the chairs and they both take a seat ok  So  

Ebony Carter:how do you both manage to get along?

Both:Its not easy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merida: Jack always lounges around and he's so lazy.

Jack: Merida is always uptight and tells me what to do.

Merida: but after I yell at him a couple of times

Jack: and after I hit her with a couple of snowballs

Both: were good


Camille unlocks the door and pokes her head in

Camille: Is that it?  Did we really act all professional for that... that one out come....?

Kay:....yes, yes we did.      ........ Well anyway I hope you guys liked it don't forget to

Jack: Comment

Merida: like

Rapunzel, hiccup: Follow

Camille:Goats are like mushrooms if you shoot a duck I'm scared of a toaster

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