One Sentence is all I need

All I need is one sentence to write a small story based on the sentence. I would love to give credit to PetunaF. She let me do this.


2. We will never retreat

1. We will never Retreat

There was always a time of war here. No matter what our leader did. We always retreated back into the forest, were the gods couldn't get us. But they were starting to destroy the forest. Our homeland.

"We will stand here today to face our fate! We will fight them in till our very last breath! We will not retreat today! We will never retreat! Never again! For our homeland!" Our leader yelled.

We all raised our swords into the air and yelled 'For our homeland!'

We then all ran out of the forest and started to fight. The battle seemed to last for ages. But we never retreated back to the village. 'Not today' we all thought to our self's.

In till we were able to capture them near a cliff. 

Our leader went to the gods to face them but, little did she know what was going to happen.

All the kids raised there hands. "Who was the leader?" a little boy asked.

I smiled. "No one knows. But legend has it that she will come back when her people most need her." She then looks outside and out the window was a women with her armor on. She was standing out in the rain letting herself get wet.

She smiles and walks into the deep dark forest.



For PetunaF.

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