One Sentence is all I need

All I need is one sentence to write a small story based on the sentence. I would love to give credit to PetunaF. She let me do this.


3. Sometimes, breaking a heart puts it back in place

2. Sometimes, breaking a heart puts it back in place

It was to hard for me to do. I just couldn't. But I have to. I don't want to hurt him, I don't want to see him break; before it is too late.

I walked up to him. "We can't see each other any more," I told him. I turn to see the castle in front of us, the cool night air going threw my long hair. I turn to him.

He looks down and says "You don't want to hurt me. I know that but, I love you," I get near him and place my finger over his lips "No," I gently tell him "If this keeps going, you will break more than you will now.

My eyes teared up and I slowing walk away from him, facing the castle in front of me. My crown in place, glowing in the moonlight. A tear ran down my face.

'Sometimes, breaking a heart puts in back in place' I kept thinking to myself.



I looked down from the high clouds above. So many years have pasted. So many that I lost count.

I stood in the clouds watching as he drew his last breath. He has finally finish what he had to do.

But then everything went black around me and fell into the ground. My eyes opened to see a women smiling down at me and was kissing my forehead. I smile and saw a small baby boy being hugged and kissed by his mother.

He turned to me and laughed.

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