One Sentence is all I need

All I need is one sentence to write a small story based on the sentence. I would love to give credit to PetunaF. She let me do this.


4. She lookked back, but only saw darkness, hate, and him

3. She looked back, but only saw darkness, hate, and him

She was walking away from him. But never looked back to the person who was behind her. As she walked away she pulled out a knife. She looked back, but only saw darkness, hate, and him.

She ran full speed and tried to kill him but he just moved out of the way.

"How dare you show your face here!" she said with fire in her eyes. "You come back here to laugh at my misery! I needed you when I was smaller! Where were you! You. You killer! I thought you were on my side. But no! You were on there side! How could you betray me like it was no big deal! You- you killed my little sister!"

Raged in furry she launched her self at him and never got to see the light of the world again.



Years latter she was stuck in a cell for killing a person.

"I wonder why you did it?" The man in the blue suit asked him self.

"He killed my sister. Not ONLY my sister but my whole entire family!"

"Well.... I guess you will have to let that go. Because." he pointed to a man in a cell.

He wore rages and had messed up hair. He lift his head he smiled and laugh. "So we meet again darling." He laughs again. "I was hoping to see you soon, girl."

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