Past, Present, Future

2017: Hey 2016, how are you? I hope you're alright.
2016 is typing...
2016: I want to die. | Find my letters to my past and future self. | Cover by NamesFromGraves |


4. A Poem to 2016

Dear 2016,


Today, I stood in the rain
and I thought about you.
I remembered all of that pain
and I remembered you, too.

I remember thinking I just couldn't take it,
and that I should just give in.
I remember always having to fake it,
and make a happier twin.

I remember how once, I stood in the rain
and wanted to see if spirits became stars.
I remember wondering if our souls, when slain,
bore our invisible scars.

But today, when I was standing in the near-storm,
I felt proud that I survived to breathe that air.
For today, the rain felt comforting and warm,
and I wish you could have been there.


With love,

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