Past, Present, Future

2017: Hey 2016, how are you? I hope you're alright.
2016 is typing...
2016: I want to die. | Find my letters to my past and future self. | Cover by NamesFromGraves |


1. A Letter to March 10 2018

Dear Will,

Hi! How are you? I hope you're well. 

How's Year 11? Are you doing VCE like we planned? I hope it's going well. Five days of school with the obvious stresses of VCE classes must be painful, but from what I know now, VCAL isn't the place for me. Are you still doing literature? I hope you are, I hope it stays as fun as it is now. Did you manage to get a music or media distance ed class? I really hope you did, that's really all I want right now.

Have you claimed any more flags? Right now I've claimed the gay flag, with three pending: lesbian, aceflux and bigender. Have you continued exploring who you are? I hope you have. Exploring is fun.

How's Tayne? Are they well? Have they moved into the Mt? Have they continued doing their TAFE course? I hope they have, they're having so much fun now. Do they have a partner? They deserve one - they deserve the best one.

How's Amber? How is she liking school? It's a big school she's going to now, I hope she's not too stressed out. I hope she's handling VCAL well, too! You'd better be keeping in touch with her, or else I will shank you when you get this letter. Seriously. If you're not keeping in touch with my best friend then I will personally invent time travel and throttle you.

What about Raven, Lozzie, Georgia and Brooke? Are they still in your life? Are they still part of the second family tree you've made? I truly hope they are, as they are some of the many people that shaped me.

What about Bree? Have you seen her in the past year? Did she go to Congress again? I hope she did, she's an amazing person and I miss her.

Do you still watch YouTubers? Are they still around? Do Mark, Jack, Ethan, The Game and Film Theorists, Matthias, Vlogbrothers, Felix, Dan and Phil, PJ, Chris, Troye, Tyler Oakley, Tyler Scheid, Amy, Signe, Bob, Wade, Kathryn, Igor, Nate, Ryan and Matt still have a place in your heart? Have you made room for more people in your heart? Have you found a way to meet any of them yet? It would be so incredible to meet them, I wish I could go to YouTube events every time they come up. I envy the people that can. All of those people helped shape me into the person I am, and I hope they continue to shape you.

Have you gotten any of their merch? There's so much I want, I hope you buy or make the things that inspire you.

Do you still write? Are you still claiming your crown of Crossover Queen?  Is Bree still your beta reader? Does she still send walls of capslock text when you write your angst? What other crossovers have you written? Please, take a minute now to think of all the things you've written since I wrote this letter. Feel proud of yourself and what you've done. Have you started that novel with Fergie and Beau? Don't forget about them. I love them too much to forget about them.

How's your drawing coming along? I hope you're better than I am.
You've had a whole year to practice, after all!

Are you still making little video edits? Are you making YouTube videos? Have you gotten a better editing program? I hope you've done all of those these recently.

Have you lost weight? Are you skinnier, stronger? Are you confident wearing tighter and shorter dresses? I hope you are. I've been told that I'm getting skinnier. I don't really believe it just yet, but apparently it's true.

How long is your hair? Mine is cropped with a fringe. Did you decide to grow it out, or have you kept it short? A lot can change in a year. Have your eyes changed colour like Dad's do? I wouldn't be surprised if they're a little more green than they are now.

Does Miss Bree still teach you dancing? How was the concert last year? Are you proud of what you learned last year? I hope you are, Miss Bree is teaching me a lot.

How many Pop Vinyls have you collected? I have four: Wolverine, Newt Scamander with the egg, Black Widow and Hawkeye. Have you gotten all the ones you've wanted? Which ones do you have?

Who have you cosplayed as? Did you ever get that binder I wanted? How are your makeup skills - have they improved any? I hope they have, cosplaying is something I really want to do more of!

How is your family? Has anyone you love passed on? Has anyone else gotten married, or engaged, or had a baby?

How's your singing coming along? And your piano? What songs have you learned to play? Can you finally play Game of Thrones and Bonetrousle? Can you play Hold Onto You yet? How high can you sing?

What things are on your wall? I have Raven's and Amber's artwork, some quotes and pride drawings, and that cool photoshop of Mark on Abbey Road. Not to mention Mum's cross-stitches and that Warfstache mustache I made while talking to Raven. Have you rearranged your desk again? I did mine recently, with my monitor on my right.

Did mum and dad ever let you go to get checked for anxiety? How did you convince them, or why haven't they let you?

Who's Prime Minister? Right now it's Malcolm Turnbull. Who's the Premier? Right now it's Daniel Andrews. Who's the President of the US? Right now it's Trump - I hope he's out of office by the time you get this.

You may not be able to answer all of these questions, but that's okay. It's okay not to have all the answers. It's okay to question yourself, your surroundings, and who you are. In fact, I think it's healthy to keep re-evaluating yourself.

I hope everything is going smoothly for you. You deserve a break. When you've finished reading this and writing another letter to yourself in 2019, go have some chocolate. A hot drink and some biscuits. Watch some YouTube or whatever your favourite movie (Wanted) or TV show (Shadowhunters, MacGyver, OUAT, and so many more) is. Tell Mum and Dad you love them. Tell Tayne and Amber you love them. Tell Bree, Brooke, Lozzie, Georgia and Raven how much they mean to you, and tell that to any other good friends you have made over the past year.

Well, I wish you all the best.

Smile Always (Tyler Scheid) and Always Keep Fighting (Jared Padalecki),
2017 Willow/Will :)


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