12. • UNWANTED •


             'Could you get the delivery done in under an hour, please?' I bit my lips, awaiting Gemma's answer.

             'I'll set up a one hour delivery for you Kai. People run out of these things all the time.' Gemma's voice rang through the phone's speaker. Comforting me somehow. 'It's the quickest way to receive prescription items. You just need to provide your Health Care Card, and your payment when the delivery gets there.' She advised.

Gemma was a friend of mine from my days in High School. She was now a Chemist, moonlighting as a Pharmacist part-time.

            'Thank you so much Gemma. This means a lot. I can't possibly make it out to come get them myself.' I lied, although I was Moe conferences in leaving Russell here with an infected gunshot wound.

I contacted Gemma requesting help with my Russell situation, and thankfully she didn't ask. She did however did the impossible, and promised a delivery of the eight medication for Russell. Which was Corelan S500 for pain, much more substantial than the ones Russell had in his bathroom cabinet. An antibiotic ointment, which was special for burning away residual poison from wounds inflicted by a metal.

I also requested a bottle of Iodine solution to wash the wound, and antibiotic tablets. I thought about sedatives, but that was pushing the mark. I didn't have a prescription, for all these items. But Gemma was sure to believe me, via phone consultation.

I kept replaying everything in my mind, wondering if I was doing the right thing by not alerting the Authorities. But I at once thought of Timothy, and I couldn't bare to see him put in a Foster Home because of some stupid court case that was sure to be filed against his Father.

He suffered a bullet wound that he failed to offer information about, and he was basically hiding from society. I couldn't think of the situation being reputable, but I could only keep my mouth closed. The chief factor was to get him back to health, so he could live to take care of his son. It was obvious that he was already doing a marvelous job, and I'm sure he had reasons. I wasn't a Parent, but I've seen many a Parents sacrifice their all for their tykes.

What if Russell was just sacrificing his dignity, to protect his son? Who could tell if someone didn't threaten him for any cause.

But who could have done such a thing? To shoot a man, and leave him there to perish. With no regard to the child that he had, and the father that they would delete from existence.

               'I can tell you need them Hun. I'm so sorry about your Friend. Hope he feels better soon.' I had stretched the story, telling Gemma that my friend found in a small accident with one of his equipments and he needs a quick stitch up. For his prescribed materials and Drugs had run out. Gemma was an enthusiast on saving lives. So she didn't hesitate to have the Meds sent to me via delivery. 'Now hang in there. Your package will be with you within the next 40 to 50 minutes.' Gemma replied and I could hear the phone click.

I bent back to Russell, who seemed to be wide awake and gazing up at me from the couch where he lay. He caught me staring back at him, and he promptly tore his eyes away from me. 'Good news is, you won't die in within the hour.' I drawled and Russell remained silent.

              'Why are you here? In my house.' Russell asked and I rolled my eyes.

              'Trying not to have a boy lose his Father.' I rasped and he grunted.

             'I appreciate it, but you don't need to be coming round to check up on me and my child.' He argued, and I considered his words.

             'Would you listen to yourself?' I had words and he didn't argue further. 'You look like a zombie, you better be glad that wound didn't exit through the back of your torso. Or you would have been drained by the time me and Timothy got here. So you are going to enjoy my presence until you are in the right condition to walk properly.' I spoke above him, expecting him to hear me clearly and not argue either.

                 'Nobody asked you to. So why?' Though his question made sense, I refused to respond.

For even I couldn't find the answer to that question myself. As much as I was willing to admit that I cared about him. The excuse I conjured in my head, was true. But in retrospect, it was a tad bit pathetic.

               'Because you are not the only one who cares about Timothy.' I griped out and his jaw-line hardened.

He cast me a hard look, but I tore my gaze away from his. Returning my attention to his wound. The faster I had it dressed, the faster I would be out of his sight and life. I had too much to worry about, concerning my own struggles. Now I was making it my point of duty, to bear on myself with Russell's well-being. As if he was a part of my life two weeks ago.

It was obvious that he didn't want me around. And I had made it clear that I wanted nothing to do with him either. But for some odd reason, he planted himself in my life. And by the looks of it. I was doing the same to him.

              'You're relentless,' he declared in a cold voice, but I refused to acknowledge him at that point.

A quietness fell over us, and I used it to focus on getting my mind at ease. Not allowing Russell to aggravate me. I was unaware as to why he had such an effect on me. Yet somehow, I couldn't shake the fact that I too had some effect on him as well.

His whole demeanor seemed to change, once I was around. Or maybe it was just my mind playing tricks on me.

Maybe I was reading too much into it. Since we didn't have any type of relationship. Much less a Friendship, that was worth evaluating. So I'd have to stay away from Russell Adams, as much as it might kill me inside.

After re-dressing the wound. I walked to the bathroom, to dispose of the gloves I'd used. Though I found myself looking in the mirror. Taking notice of how drained and tired I looked. It was apparent that this day, left me more frustrated than I wanted to admit. And still I refused to leave, instead of embarrassing myself.

               'Mr. James! I made you some tea!' Timothy's voice shook me out of my reverie, sending a jolt of shock into my brain.

I spun around to see Timothy thrust a steaming cup of Tea towards me. He was dressed in his Legion Pajamas, obviously getting ready for bed. Since it was getting close to 9 pm.

                'T-thank you, Timothy. That was really sweet of you.' I graciously accepted the steaming cup of tea, taking a whiff of the chamomile. Letting the flavor, soothe and ease my mind in that quiet instant.

                 'You're welcome.' He grinned up at me cheekily, and I flashed him a quick smile. 'It's chamomile! You looked very tired, and you've been taking care of my Dad all week.' He stated with a low tone, that made me sulk a little.

                  'Well, thank you. Did you make your Dad some tea as well?' I asked and he nodded up at me.

                  'I made him Coffee because he's been acting very mean. He's grumpy without his coffee,' Timothy explained, and I chuckled lightly.

                  'I can't argue with you on that one.'

                  'Are you staying for Dinner? I can make Mac&Cheese.' He grinned and I rose an eyebrow.

                  'We'll see. Your Dad isn't in the best of moods, so I'm gonna go shortly after this.'

                  'Ok,' he said sadly, and I smiled trying to reassure him, that things would be fine. 'I'm going to check up on Dad.' Timothy turned away, dashing off down the hallway.

I made my way down the hallway, biding my time. Taking small sips of tea, as I weighed my mind. Trying to make a decision on leaving, or staying until I was satisfied that Russell was fine. I could hear Timothy and Russell speaking, but their words were inaudible.

                '....Why don't you like him Dad?' I paused as the question reached my ears.

I was aware that eavesdropping was wrong, and slightly immoral. But a part of me needed to hear his answer to that question. I was more than curious as to what he thought of me, yet partly afraid of the answer he would give. So I leaned against the hallway, staying out of sight.

             'Who says I don't like him?' Russell asked his Son weakly, and I could hear him shifting his weight on the Couch. Groaning a little, as he must have aggravated his wound.

               'Well you're rude whenever he comes around. And when he tries to help you, you don't seem to want him to.' Timothy mumbled, in a tiny voice.

It appeared that Timothy, had taken notice to the way Russell behaved towards me. And he too didn't like it as much. For he knew his Father wasn't that type of person.

              'Timothy-,' he started, but the boy only continued talking.

               'Are you still sad about Mom?' Timothy asked, though I didn't hear a response from Russell.

                'I am, but it has been the two of us for a very long time since your Mom passed.' Russell explained to his Son.

It was at that very moment I realized, that I was imposing. Walking into their lives, when It was clear that they were doing fine by themselves. They didn't need me spoiling things for them.

I took a step back, and ended up knocking over a Broom. I cringed inwardly as the broom fell with a loud clang on the ground. I grimaced as I realized I had no choice but to move away from the hallway. I walked into the Living Room, pretending as if I hadn't been listening earlier. But Russell seemed to have it all figured out, for he sported a hard gaze.

I looked away from him in an instant, gazing down at my cup of tea. It was almost empty, so I downed the rest quickly.

             'I'm gonna go now. I'll see you at School Timothy.' I smiled weakly down at the Boy. He returned the smile, but I could tell that he was disappointed that I was leaving.

I was an unwanted guest after all.

              'Don't you have to stay to collect the stuff from the Pharmacy?' Russell asked in an annoyed voice, and I grunted slightly.


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