6. • TRUST •


The principal's secretary had summoned me to the office, for a call from Russell Adams himself. He had met in an accident and stuck at home, and he requested that I bring Timothy to their house not very far from Costa. In the mysterious and violent town, Trinity Cove.

A place where Gang Violence once rid the street of its residents, on a daily basis. But things have seemingly calmed down. There were rumors, that didn't excite me in any way possible. Typical white person mechanism, was to drive through with my windows up. Maybe blast some music, though that seemed rather extra.

               'Ok, I'll make sure that I bring Timothy over for you.' I answered, still bewildered as to why had requested that do it. I'm pretty sure he had Family Members that could, not that I had a problem doing it.

Timothy was by far my most favored in the School, for he was not a brat. He was nurturing towards the rest of the children, constantly looking out for others as well as himself. Though he was more friendly than his Father, I could only respect the Man for the way he raised Timothy. In such short years and he was already a leader, and the one to set an example. He was like my minion in a sense and I loved every moment, being his Teacher.

               'I'm sorry about this, but I didn't know who else to call and I saw Timothy with you and-,'

               'Mr. Adams, it's fine. I'll make sure he gets home safely.' I interrupted his rambling, not finding it necessary. I would have done it for any other parent, but it was Timothy and I would gladly jump to help.

               'Thank you,'

               'Are you feeling well?' I asked concerned.

               'Yes I am, just wanna make sure he gets home. I don't think I can make it.' He added simply and I sighed. 'And please come alone.' I grew skeptical of his request, but I couldn't quite argue with it until I found out why.

                'I don't understand, you-.' I started saying but he interrupted my rambling.

                 'Just, come alone. Please,' there was something about his voice, that both scared and rendered me curious.

               'Timothy will be with you in a few hours.' I said into the receiver and quickly ended the call.

Mrs. Wimborne gazed at me with curious eyes, and I flashed her an awkward smile as she put the receiver down. 'That man has never called this School requesting to talk to a Teacher before. Seems like you made quite the impression on Mr. Adams.' She smiled wanly and I rose an eyebrow in question.

                'He's misunderstood, but he's a good Father.' I reassured and she snorted, rolling her eyes.

                'How does a man like that get his child to behave in School?' She asked suggestively and I flashed her a condescending smile.

It was quite obvious what she was willing to imply, yet I was just appalled at her thought of me gossiping with her about Timothy's Father. She didn't know me as well as she thought, and if only I could smack her for being so forward. Not that I was a fan of Russell Adams myself, but his Son was not just my Student. But my Child in a sense, that nobody could understand. He was the Child that made me want to raise children of my own, hoping they would be just like him. If she couldn't see what a marvelous Kid he was, then she could stuff it and her implications up her derrière.

               'I'll be sure to press that question at the next PTA.' She gasped looking dazed for a moment, 'I'll be sure to let Mr. Adams be aware of your question. He might be able to answer that,' I quipped gently, and spun away from her shocked face.

She was asking for it, and I gave it to her in the best manner that I could. Whether she took it as a threat or not, it didn't matter to me. I just hoped with her kind of tongue, she would be able to keep this job longer than three months. That's if she ever survived that long, being new. The Headmaster wasn't a nice one to deal with, which is why I stayed out of his way. It was best to stay in his good spirits.

I hurried back to my classroom, hoping that nothing bad had happened in my absence. I'd asked Calum, my Friend and Colleague to cover for me before barging off. But I doubt he would be able to handle a Room full of three to four year old Children; for long at least.

To my surprise, Calum sat atop my desk with a wide smile on his face. He was watching over the children as they roamed about playing and doing what they did best. I smiled warmly when he turned to greet me, his green eyes glinting.

               'That didn't take long at all. Is everything ok?' He asked concerned and I nodded.

               'Yes, everything is fine. Just a parent making sure that their Child got home safely is all.' I answered dismissively and he shrugged. It wasn't my place to confer any personal specifics to Calum, even though he was a Teacher here as well.

Something told me that Russell wasn't fond of everyone knowing his business. But he didn't strike me as the talking type anyway. Taking a look back at his eagerness, and him telling me to come alone. I was partly leery, yet I couldn't shake the fact that I was even more perturbed. Us Teachers never shared special connections to the Parents, whether it was Family or not. Yet Russell made me feel drawn to him. Just not enough for me to fathom what it was between us.

               'Good, because I have to mosey on out of here.' He added and I chuckled lightly as he nudged my shoulder.

                'Take care,' I said and he smiled in reply, walking from the room. I turned around, as my eyes searched the room for Timothy. I spotted him to the far corner, with another boy about his height. With blonde hair and pale blue eyes, Timothy's head turned to me and I summoned him over.

                 'Your Father just called,' I added hesitantly and the boy only peered up at me curiously. His lips twitching slightly.

                  'Is he ok?' The small boy asked and I nodded, reaching down to take his hand. I walked from the classroom with Timothy hoping that he wouldn't cry when I told him about his father.

                  'Your Father had an accident, he's fine however but he asked to make sure that I take you to him later.' I said and the boy nodded, offering me a wide grin.

I was content, that he didn't freak out when I told him the news. It seemed he was his Father's son indeed, for he too had a poker face that was just too complicated to red. Though it was the purpose of such expression. To cast confusion and sometimes fear.

                 'Come on, go get your things packed up. School will be dismissing in,' I paused as I took a quick look at my wristwatch, noting that only fifteen minutes remained till the last bell. "Fifteen minutes, so we'll go to your house from there."

Timothy hurried off before me, and I walked back into the Classroom. Putting on my best smile, I conjured up my strongest and kindest voice.

                 'What did we all learn today?' I asked boldly and the whole Class turned their attention to me.

Donny, a freckled boy with ginger hair rose his hand. Jumping eagerly in his seat to get my attention.


                  'Manners takes you a far way,' he said simply and I cast him a proud look.

                  'Anybody else?' I asked, and the chain continued till the last bell rung out loud. I then began throwing out cautionary warnings, as the Students piled out of the Classroom line by line. giggling Child by giggling Child, leaving only me and Timothy. Who stood at my desk, waiting patiently for me to gather my things.


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