Russell's P.O.V

Russell Adams gazed at the safe box, grimacing at the bullet holes that covered the whole expanse of the aluminum surface. It wasn't the first he was tasked with a job like this, and he wasn't too fond of the people that issued it. But he had to, if he wanted to ensure that his son had a stable future.

He didn't engage in crime, but some of the jobs he received were quite peculiar, and paid big bucks. Which troubled him, but it was a don't ask don't tell job. If you wanted to make money it's best to stay out of the affairs of your customers and just do what should be done. That's how it was in this town, and everybody knew better than to go snooping around.

'Are you fucking kidding me?' Chuck, the second Mechanic in command folded his hands across his chest. Gazing at the Safe Box in shock, but Russell couldn't blame the other Man's bewildered state.

'Better believe it,' Russell muttered dryly.

'Last week it was a Computer with a knife hole in it. What are these people getting themselves into?' Chuck asked scratching his chin but Russell only grunted in reply.

'We don't ask questions Chuck, we get the job done and that's it. No questions or investigation, these Guys are not to be toyed with.' The man warned Chuck who grunted in his own bout of disapproval. But he knew that Russell was right.

They had been business partners and friends for years, always watching each other's backs. Russell and Chuck started out as small time Mechanics right out of High School. Doing any small Job they could acquire, to pull in money to try and build their own Garage. Russell was the one who called all the shots, making sure everything was supervised and kept running smoothly. Russell was not only a Mechanic like his friend, but a Computer Engineer, and Machines Developer. Together they both struggled to keep their small Business afloat, and with the big money coming in. Things have seemingly gotten better.

Except for Russell.

Still haunted by the past, and the death of his Fiancée four years past. Russell became a robot, just moving in and out of his days on one schedule. Everyday being the same routine for him, for there was nothing else special about his life. The only thing that held any meaning to him, was his son Timothy.

He quickly checked his watch and realized, it was about time for him to go pick up Timothy from School. He clicked his tongue once and turned away from the Safe Box. 'Where the hell do you think you're going?' Chuck shouted behind Russell but he didn't look back at his fuming Associate.

'I gotta pick up my kid Chuck, and I need a beer. So don't expect me back here for the rest of the evening.' Russell shouted back, earning a cold glare from his best Friend.

'Don't tell me you're leaving me with this." Chuck shouted but Russell ignored him, smiling widely as he exited the garage. "You owe me a beer for this shit dickhead,' Chuck shouted and Russell chuckled, shaking his head.


         'Tom Sawyer. My dad got if for me.' Timothy sat on his Teacher's lap, slowly skipping through the pages of the Book. Eyes filled with pride, and happiness with the Man's approval.

It was strange seeing someone else this close with Timothy, and it made Russell slightly uneasy. He was only a few minutes late, in picking up Timothy. But with all the craziness in town, he had told his son to stay in his classroom until he got there. He didn't quite trust the town, nor many of the people in it. He just went about his life, and greeted whoever greeted him.

         'Impressive, very lovely book. Although I wouldn't suggest you to try anything that Tom Sawyer did.' The Teacher advised and Timothy grinned.

          'I can't even if I wanted to,' Russell's lips curled into a smile as his son scratched his chin, making the Teacher chuckle.

          'That's right,' Russell spoke deeply, startling both the Man and Timothy.

           'Oh my god,' Kai James' soft, brown eyes were bulged wide as he grabbed on to the Desk. breathing out heavily as Russell hid his amused gaze.

'You startled me.' Kai James added gripping his chest.

            'Dad,' Timothy shouted quickly hopping from his Teacher's lap, book in hand as he ran up to Russell.

Russell scooped the boy up, as he always did. 'Hey sport. Have you been good today?' He asked and Kai found himself gazing at them from where he stood. Marveling at their similarities, and the happy air that surrounded them both.

          'Yes, I'm still reading the book you gave me. I showed it to my Teacher.' The boy exclaimed and for a few short seconds, Russell's blue gaze found Kai's. Timothy would always speak about his Teacher, and how cool he was. Russell could see it, even at the moment he had arrived. They were close, and the Teacher seemed to adore Timothy.

Russell wanted to say something, or to even introduce himself. But he felt slightly insecure in the Man's presence. He was disheveled, and even his mind was in the same boat. Kai turned away and walked to Timothy's desk, picking up his already packed Bag. Russell couldn't help but stare after him, not sure what it was that he felt deep inside him. Like a need that suddenly appeared, and hard to shake because it has been gone for a while.

          'Your son is anything but troublesome.' Timothy's Teacher added with a smile, but Russell only managed to grunt heavily. Returning his attention back to Timothy. Russell took the bag from Kai's hand, suddenly feeling nervous. Hoping that he didn't do it too harshly.

         'Good to know,' Russell added in a gruff tone, feeling the tension thicken around them in heavy waves of discomfort. 'Ready to go buddy?' Russell asked Timothy hastily and the boy shook his head up and down eagerly, lips parted in a happy grin.

'Bye Mr. James,' Timothy shouted and for the last time that day, Russell and Kai's gaze locked.

'Your Teacher seems nice,' Russell began, trying to build small talk with his son as they strolled across the School yard.

'He's awesome, and he lets me read in front of the class.' Timothy added and Russell smiled in adoration, simply because he was at least that one kid who liked doing that. Russell wouldn't have been caught dead doing it in School, and maybe it was the reason he avoided the Corporate World of Machinery and Technology. He could have been working in an office, but he felt it would take too much time out of taking care of Timothy. Living on the excuse that he could manage, though he could indubitably.

'I should've introduced myself,' Russell spoke as he buckled up Timothy in the back Passenger seat of the van.

'Why didn't you?' Timothy asked curiously, but Russell only ruffled his hair. Thinking of how prime and aware his rascal of a Son was.

'I'll be right back Buddy,' Russell closed the car door, and hurriedly turned away from the van. He however had to make sure the van was locked properly. Before stepping off to make an awkward introduction.

The classroom wasn't very far from the entrance, but Russell came to an abrupt halt. Watching Timothy's Teacher standing beside another figure, who seemed to be the Coach. The Coach however was much taller, and hovered closely to Kai. They seemed to be flirting, and it made Russell slightly confused. But he only turned away, deciding that it wasn't even worth interrupting their little session.

He might do it another time.

If ever there was ever another time.

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