18. • NORMALCY •


Knowing things hadn't started out well for me and Russell, and then us becoming almost friends. I still avoided him after the Police detained Chibald. Even though I'd shown up the first Court hearing mere days ago, I still avoided even his gaze. What Chibald had said, about my feelings for Russell. Put me in a hard place, that begged to question if I actually did have feelings for Russell Adams.

I knew I cared about him, regardless of whatever tension there was between us. I'd even told myself, that I could with it and him. If it meant being sure that he didn't go off the rails, with whatever issues he faced. He was a good Father, and he knew it but I could only think that I didn't.

Calum on the other hand, had been too busy to reach out or so I've led myself to believe. Part of me knew he was purposely avoiding me, and even though we had decided to remain Friends. I still felt the tension being pulled between us, just dragging like a bad flux.

I was careful not to let my emotions get the best of me, for it was not like I lead him on. Whatever ideas he wanted to have, then I'd simply let him have it. I didn't intend to feel any sort of guilt because of him, but I had slowly begun to feel annoyed about everything. Russell Adams was enough to deal with, and even he had begun to seem like someone worth staying for. Even more so than Calum, but maybe that was just my anger speaking. I didn't even have a right to be upset, considering I'd blown him off.

I could still feel the twist of anxiety, as the look on his face flashed back to my memory. It wasn't my intention to hurt his feelings, but he seemed fine after.

It was a dreary Monday, and the clouds had already set up for the forecasted thunder storm set for tonight around midnight. Hopefully it wouldn't start earlier than expected this time, and that would mean five in the afternoon. Calum stood before me in the Administrative block, it was mid-morning and I'd rushed out of the house. Forgetting to have my morning caffeine again, so I was a bit agitated. Even more so that he didn't realize my presence as I approached him in the Cafeteria.

'You can avoid me all you want Calum, but that doesn't mean I won't try to talk to you.' His blonde head spun around, sunken eyes greeting me with a destitute look. He looked weary, and way too tired to be at work. 'You look like crap by the way.' I commented pushing past a dazed Calum.

'It's this damn fever. And I'm not avoiding you Kai, but I came on too strong. I just felt you needed space.' He explained in a somber voice.

'What I need is a Friend, not time alone. I get enough of that at home.' I rolled my eyes, chuckling lightly.

The tension between us had seemingly vanished, and I was a bit glad that we were still on good terms. I was honestly relieved, that he didn't become an asshole about it. God knows I couldn't bare it, much less to witness it. Calum was after all nice, and his company was most fun to be around.

'Sorry K, how about we hang out Wednesday night then? You're leaving Friday right?'

'Sunday, I don't start my new job until next month. Which gives me a lot of time to settle in Chicago.' I explicated but Calum wasn't pleased about it, though he tried to be as civil as he could be about it.

'I'm sure you'll be fine. Maybe I can visit someday.' He smiled and I blushed lightly. 'I have to get going, I'll text you. We can have lunch in a couple days or so.' He spoke before turning to leave.

I was slightly worried as to why his words seemed so hasty, but he must have had to get to class. I simply brushed the negative conclusion aside, taking brisk strides to my Classroom. And as expected every Child was there, going about their own activities. It was a peaceful time in the Room, but lunch and recess was just hard to handle. My eyes settled upon Timothy, his familiar head stuck out amongst the rest. It was just sixteen minutes left until classes officially started, but I could easily mark some Letter Activities in the meanwhile. So I lost myself into work, carefully watching over the class at every minute.

'Mr. James?' I heard Timothy's small voice call and I turned to see him standing beside my desk, gazing up at me expectantly. I had almost finished marking a set of papers, but I was already exhausted trying to figure out some of the words the Children had wrote.

'Yes Timothy?' I asked and his hands clasped together, an excited smile parting his lips

'My Dad is cooking Lasagna tonight and he said I could invite you over.' He beamed and my heart melted, but I held myself back from hugging him to mush.

'Are you sure that's a good idea? What if your Dad doesn't want me there?' I asked and Timothy shook his head.

'Dad said he likes you." Timothy continued and I narrowed my gaze. 'Plus he wanted to say thank you for saving us by going to that Policeman.' He beamed up at me and I chuckled lightly, shaking my head a little as I tried to wrap my head around the idea.

'He did huh?' I asked skeptically, wondering then if Russell was using his Son to finally shout at me. Timothy nodded up at me and I smiled down at him, still pondering the situation playing out in a hundred different scenarios.

Most of them not so pleasurable as some.


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