16. • NO HERO •


After what I did, with Russell. I had to convince myself that it was the right thing to do. Regardless of how inquisitive I might've seemed. I really didn't care if Russell spoke to me after, but something had to be done.

          'Are you sure this will work?' I asked Detective Franko.

           'Damn right it will,' he spoke haughtily, and his southern accent rang through the air. 'You did the right thing by coming to us Mr. James. We've been trying to get Chibald off the streets for a while. This evidence you have given us is enough. We can finally convict him of one crime, and that is enough to bring everything else forward in a Courtroom.' His voice was thick with conviction, and assurance.

Detective Franko towered over me, and was a little taller than average. With a medium, solid build and striking grey eyes. Eyes that seemed to gaze deeply into the eyes, of anybody he interrogated. He was no less than intimidating, even though he was dressed in a spiff suit. His grey tie, bringing out the color in his bright eyes. He looked to be in his thirties, and much more handsome than Russell Adams. But in a Hollywood sort of way, that begged to ask many questions. For the Man looked to be something out of a Magazine.

           'I don't want Russell or Timothy to get hurt. They-,' I paused taking a cumbrous breath, as I ventured to figure out what to reveal after that.

Detective Franko gazed at me, as if waiting for me to perdure. Yet I couldn't, for reasons I didn't quite yet interpret myself.

            'I'm partly leery as to why Russell Adams didn't come to the Police himself.' He remarked in an apprehensive tone.

            'Russell was afraid for his Child's life. Chibald threatened his Son. All you have to realize is that if you were in Russell's shoes and wanted to protect your child. You would've done the same.' I explained and he gazed at me for a second, considering my words with a tactful gaze.

'I'm a Police Detective Kai.' He mused and I chuckled lightly.

'But Russell Adams isn't. He's just a Civilian, trying to live for his Child as a single Father in a complicated world.' I expressed with fervor.

He then lowered his head, then gazed back up at me with a slight nod. 'I'm a Father too. So I see where you're coming from. And you're right, so Russell won't be convicted of any crime. But after this is all finished we're going to need his proclamation as well. Odds are, he's gonna have to testify in Court, which would have to corroborate with yours.' He finished and I nodded, not sure how Russell would react to everything that was about to go down.

As soon as Russell stormed away from me in the Cafe. I went straight to Detective Franko, to give him a statement. I provided him with evidence, sufficient enough to get his attention. For he was skeptic at first, but once he heard what was said. He didn't hesitate to get on the case at once.

Apparently he was assigned to the Chibald case, and took years to gather anything on Chibald that could get him off the streets of Trinity Cove. He was undoubtedly excited and anxious, but I couldn't blame the man.

            'Russell is a good Father, and a very honorable Man. Thank you for doing this,' I added graciously and he nodded primly, still peering at me with intensity.

            'How long have you known Russell?' He queried and I thought about my answer, as to not compromise Russell in any way.

            'Long enough,' I answered and he pursed his lips, nodding marginally.

            'It's almost eight o'clock, so if Chibald is gonna show. It will be soon. Keep this in your pocket,' Detective Franko advised as he handed me a pea-sized black object.

            'What's this?' I asked befuddled and he rose an eyebrow, seemingly amused at my lack of knowledge regarding the object.

            'It's a Communications device. We'll be able to hear everything you say. It will also alert me and the Squad when to move in on Chibald.' He explained and I nodded quickly. 'Once Chibald shows. Say his name once, and we'll be there in under two minutes.' He assured me and blinked twice, trying to decipher the complexity of the crisis at hand.

            'But what if that's not enough time?' I asked concerned for Russell and Timothy's lives, including mine.

            'You're smart Kai. You've proven that much to me.' He offered me a curt smile, and my cheeks burned slightly. 'Go now. I'll be listening in.' He promised and I peered down at the black comm device.

I stuffed it into my pocket swiftly, and Detective Franko nodded at me. I then turned away and made my way to my Car. We were only a couple blocks away from Russell's House, but I needed to gather my wits quickly before I arrived.

I didn't want to alert Russell on what was going on either. He was impulsive, and that could lead to compromising myself and the involvement of the Police.


           'What are you doing here?' Russell asked in a heavy, rough tone and I sighed heavily.

His eyes had sunken in holes, and for some odd reason he looked paler than usual. I grew worried in an instant, but I held myself back from asking about his injury.

           'I wanted to see if you and Timothy were ok.' I answered partially honest in my reply.

           'When are you going to get it into your thick head that we don't need you?' He asked harshly and my eyes widened in surprise at his gruff tone.

I knew we had parted ways on tense, and awful circumstances. But I still didn't expect him to be so hostile towards me. I probably deserved it, for putting his and Timothy's life at more risk. But something had to be done and fast. For there was no telling what could have happened if I didn't take that risk. There wasn't any way that I could chance him losing his life, or his Son. Whether death was considered peaceful, or a transition.

The news headlines would intentionally warp the minds of those who read. And he wouldn't be known as a Father, who died protecting his Son. Even if it were so, the Journalists would come up with some ridiculous theory. That Russell was involved with Chibald and his Crime Syndicate.

But I knew better, and was willing to cross the line. I was no Hero, yet I had to be as brave as one. For Him and Timothy.

           'I'm not asking you to need me Russell. And to be honest I've never asked anything of you.' I griped out heavily and he grimaced down at me, unable to deny the truth.

I looked past him into the Living Room, spotting three packed suitcases and I rose an eyebrow. 'You're running?' I asked incredulous and he growled sharply, capturing my attention.

             'I don't have a choice do I? Now can you please leave. I don't intend to be killed, and neither is my Son going to die by the hands of a Criminal involving something that has absolutely nothing to do with him.' He retorted, his voice lowering dangerously.

            'Let's say you run Russell. But that would mean looking over your shoulder everywhere you go. Not knowing if Chibald is after you. You didn't steal his damn Gold and he shot you for god-sake.' I went on and he glanced at me, with heavy annoyance in his eyes. 'Is that the life you want for your Son Russell?' I asked and his lips twitched, as he seemed to try and control the anger that boiled inside him.

              'I don't have a choice!' He shouted, before catching himself as he clenched his fist.

              'Well ain't this interesting.' Came a familiar voice, that caused ripple of fear to run wild inside me.

I spun around to find Chibald standing right behind me, at the base of the Porch. This time surrounded by at least four men, who were undoubtedly strapped.

               'Chibald,' I breathed heavily, hoping that Detective Franko and his Squadron were already on their way.


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