'Timothy don't go anywhere near that Cocodile Pit ok?' Russell called to his eager and excited son. It was a cool Weekend so he had decided to bring Timothy to the Zoo, hoping maybe the cool air would ease his mind a bit, as to also calm Timothy's incessant demands to ride with the lions.

           'But they're so cute.' The boy argued and his Father shook his head, smiling down at the small boy.

           'I bet they won't look so cute with wide jaws and razor sharp teeth locked around your right hand.' Russell mused scooping up the boy, who just giggled loudly, clutching on to his Father's neck. The thought scared him to death, but he'd rather die than see his son harmed by the creature. Timothy was always oddly smitten with the most dangerous species.

           'Can I get a lizard then?' The boy's blue eyes gazed up into his father's face, where less life filled the Man's somber eyes. Russell rose an eyebrow at the his son, but he nodded primly setting him down to walk beside him.

            'We'll see what pet you want when we leave, you'll have a lot to choose from.' Crowe offered and Timothy only beamed in excitement.

            'Then we can get a house load of pets then?' The boy asked, hope filling his bright eyes.

            'Don't push it,' Russell droned and Timothy pouted slightly, but clutched on to his father's hand.

Russell smiled down at the boy as they walked through the Zoo, with other Family members bustling about. Russell spotted a family not many yards away from where he and Timothy stood. He instantly recognized Timothy's teacher from two days ago, and he looked down at his son. Who hadn't even noticed his Teacher standing there. His soft brown eyes, now the color of Honey. Kissed by the Sun's bright glare. A pretty woman in blonde stood beside Timothy's teacher, holding a child between them both. Russell didn't expect such a young man to have a family, but he wasn't all too surprised since he had only been 21 when Timothy was born.

            'Come on Timothy, lets go look at the Lions." Russell suggested and the small boy beamed, as he skipped beside his father.

             'Mr. James!' Timothy shouted, startling his Father. Timothy had seemingly noticed Kai James, and he made sure Kai noticed him too. Russell wasn't surprised, but he wasn't exactly fond of another awkward exchange with the Younger Man.

Russell's eyes travelled back to the teacher, standing beside the beautiful Blonde. The child that stood between them, slowly licked on an ice cream cone as she gripped on to the young man's hand. Mr. James was smaller in body than Russell had remembered, but he wasn't paying attention enough to decipher the man's size that day they'd met. Timothy pulled away from his Father, running in the direction of his Teacher. Making Russell panic slightly as he rushed after the swift Boy.

Kai James looked ahead of him to see the small boy Timothy, running towards him. His face lit up as he was quite fond of the Boy.

           'Timothy, what a surprise- whoa," Kai's eyes widened in surprise as the small boy launched himself onto him. Kai picked up the smiling boy and a short laugh emanated from his slightly parted lips.

           'Timothy, what did I say about running off like that?' Russell's deep voice followed and Kai looked up at the larger man, hovering over him. The Woman he stood beside smiled up at Timothy, then cast a warm smile to Russell.

             'So you are Timothy's father?' The pretty Woman asked and Russell smiled warmly at her, pausing a few feet away from them.

Kai placed Timothy down, who grabbed on to both men's hand. Russell and Kai's gaze met, and Kai's cheeks became a light shade of pink. Russell grimaced slightly, but he didn't quite mind that the boy was so comfortable with his Teacher. It only meant that Kai James was not only his Teacher, but his Friend. And at least he was in good hands at School.

             'Yes, I'm Russell Blake. And you are?' Russell asked, pushing his right hand forward. Greeting the woman kindly, much to Kai's dismay.

            'Nice to meet you. I'm Ashley James this is my Daughter Jaimie.' They shook hands briefly and the Woman shifted her gaze to Timothy's teacher.

             'I'm gonna go get Jaimie something to drink and gather the rest of the gang. Meet you back here in an hour.' Kai nodded at the woman smiling, and she turned away after flashing Russell a flirty gaze.

             'Bye Timothy,' the woman called and the Boy waved at the Woman, who had already began making her hasty retreat.

Russell turned to Kai and he smiled up at him, making Russell shift on his legs as a short jolt shot up his spine. Russell ground his teeth together, tearing his eyes away from the admittedly attractive Kai. His gaze falling onto his son who looked up at him with eager eyes.

              'Hi, I'm Kai James. I'm sure you're already aware that I'm Timothy's teacher.' Kai tried and Russell gazed down at him, his face unreadable.

               'Yes I am. Nice to meet you." He said simply and Kai frowned slightly, wondering why the man had to be so much like concrete. Kai acknowledged the fact that Russell was more open to greet Ashley, but it shouldn't have bothered him.

               'Well, I'm going to go get some lunch. See you at School Monday Timothy.' The smaller Man said ruffling the Boy's hair, gaining a bright smile from the boy.

Kai let go of Timothy's hand and began turning away, avoiding Russell's steely gaze. Russell took notice of his own cold demeanor, and he felt bothered that he had to come off that way. The last thing he wanted to look like was an asshole, but he was so detached from himself that he didn't find pleasure in acquaintances anymore.

Russell shifted on his legs slightly, knowing that he would regret the next words that came out of his mouth.

            'Would you like to join us? We're about to get something to eat as well.' He offered, completely forgetting he was to take Timothy to see the Lions. Timothy however didn't mind, for it seemed he took a liking to his teacher.

Kai Spun around, his eyes narrowing slightly. He hesitated for a second, and Russell knew exactly why he was considering it. "Are you sure you don't mind?" Kai asked stuffing his hands down into his jeans pockets.

             'I wouldn't have asked would I?' Russell added, his voice low and husky.

             'Ok,' Kai shot him a nervous smile, but Russell only turned to walk away. Kai took a few long strides to catch up with the man and his son, but he avoided Timothy's side. Knowing the Boy would only hold on to his hand, and Kai had a thing about making people uncomfortable with his presence. He didn't like sticking around people for long, if they seemed to not want his company. But Russell Adams was just confusion, in all sense of the word.

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