Timothy held onto me tight, sobbing inaudibly as Chibald and his men held us up at gun-point. We had moved into Russell's Living Room, just a minute after Chibald had arrived. Minutes had passed, and Detective Franko and his men were yet to be seen. Making their entrance, to carry forth the contingencies planned thereof.

             'Is that man going to hurt Daddy?' Timothy asked me, as we stood a distance away from the scene that unfolded before our eyes.

I slowly bent down to my knees, holding Timothy's shoulder in unsure assurance. Gazing at the frightened boy, with pitiful eyes. 'Don't worry Timothy. Everything will be fine,' I offered with a trembling voice, watching as tears stained his reddened cheeks.

I grew nervous with fear and angst, as I felt my energy plummet intensely. Wavering off any innervation of hope. Hope that my quandary didn't make matters worst, as they already were.

             'You know Russell, I thought you would be foolish to try and run. But I thought you would have been gone by now. Forcing me to waste money on resources and men to find you and your brat.' Chibald remarked with a sinister chuckle, emanating from his lips.

Timothy gazed up at me, with tear filled eyes. Fear for his Father and himself evident, in his face. I turned my attention to Chibald, who strolled idly to a fro. Waving his pistol around as if it were a toy to him. It was apparent that he was playing a game, in hopes of entertaining himself and his men. Who stood dressed in black suits, and well-shined shoes. Gripping their guns before them, with straight faces and a cool complexity that didn't assure our safety. Despite my worst fears, and the words I'd offered Timothy.

             'I had nothing to do with your missing Gold. You should be chasing Chuck. Not pointing a Gun at me and my Son.' Russell retorted, taking a threatening step forward.

Chibald rose his gun, pointing it directly at Russell's head. My heartbeat accelerated, as Russell halted. Timothy gazed up at the Man, with a hint of fear and cluelessness in his bright, little eyes. Very little understanding of what was happening, before him. 'Don't even think about trying any funny shit Russell. I could put you down here and now.' Chibald threatened in a serious tone, and I gripped onto Timothy.

              'How many times are we going to go down that road Mr. Adams?' Chibald asked, strutting forward. Pressing the nuzzle of the Pistol into Russell's forehead.

Russell dressed back, still standing tall and mighty. Yet powerless to do anything, with Chibald's men all holding guns before them. Reminding me of many movies I'd watched. Only it didn't make me feel safe, that Franko and his Men were close by. Because they should have arrived already, to apprehend Chibald and his Men.

The only thing left for them to do, is to give the Detective more reason to barge in. 'I don't know anything about your stupid Gold.' Russell spoke once more, but Chibald was obviously unconvinced by his words yet again.

             'I had a little chat with your Friend and he swore on his Mother's grave that he didn't steal my gold. In fact he told me where it was before he begged for his life.' Chibald said with a deep chuckle, and Russell's face fell to the floor. 'So please tell me Russell. Why would he rather die than give up the Gold? And why did he insist that you have it and not him?' Chibald asked with a narrowed gaze and Russell grimaced. No sense of knowledge being offered to him.

I was appalled that Chuck told Chibald that Russell had the Gold. Losing his life in the process. For it was clear he wanted to get away without a mark. But that wasn't the case, for Chibald had already made things clear with his words.

I let out a short hassled breath, as I read into Chibald's words. Not wanting to believe that he had killed Chuck, Russell's Friend and co-worker. For if he did, he should've killed Russell already. Or maybe he needed something from Russell, that skipped my knowledge. And yet it couldn't have been the Gold, for Russell would hand it over immediately for the safety of his own Child.

           'You Son of a Bitch. You killed him didn't you?' Russell asked, his voice hardening with contempt and rage.

            'Oh come on Russell. When my shit went missing he ran for the hills. Only a guilty man runs, unless he's a cop that's being framed.' Chibald shrugged nonchalantly, as if murder was a game to be played. 'His body hasn't been discovered yet. But when they do find it. I don't plan on being implicated. So somebody's gotta take the fall,' Chibald finished and my eyes narrowed.

I put Timothy behind me, and stood up straight. Gazing at Chibald as he smiled at Russell. 'You want to frame Russell for the death of his Friend,' I revealed, as I glared at Chibald.

              'Look who's the smart one.' He clapped, turning towards his Men to have a laugh. And they all cackled with Chibald. 'See I'm a hustler up in these streets. The Police are watching me and just waiting for something to turn up so they can throw me in a cell. But see that ain't happening.' He divulged with self assurance.

              'You shot Russell,' I started, shifting my gaze to Russell who glared at me with frightened eyes. 'Then you killed his Friend so that you can frame Russell for murder? So why are you here tonight Chibald? To put on a show?' I asked and Chibald's smirk faded in a second as he realized that I was taunting him with my sarcasm.

             'Yes I did kill his Friend, and yes I shot Russell. But I don't want to kill him just yet.' He spoke with a grin, pointing the gun at me now. 'I want to kill you for being nosy. It's clear that you have some sort of Faggot attraction for Russell,' he smirked down at me, and my skin grew hot with angst. 'The way you was smiling and grinning in that Cafe like a Schoolgirl. You're a loose end that I intend to tie up,' he chuckled and Russell gazed at me with and intense look, that showed confusion.

I avoided Russell's gaze, but I could feel his eyes burning holes through me. Yet I kept my cool, the minute I spotted Detective Franko, slowly making his way into the room. Out of Chibald and his Men's sights. His Glocked raised, as we made eye contact. He nodded at me simply, and I averted my gaze swiftly. Eyeing Chibald as he looked down at me in quaint annoyance.

              'Thank you,' I muttered with a slight smile.

Chibald let out a low growl as he cocked his Gun, removing the safety in a quick second. 'You think this is a joke?' He asked roughly, taking a threatening step toward me. Gun still pointed at my face.

              'No I don't. But I'm sure you'll think of yourself as a joke when you get arrested. You just confessed to Murder.' I smiled as my confidence flowed back inside me, surmounting into a feeling of relief.

               'Hands in the air! Put your weapons down on the ground and step away from the Civilians.' Detective Franko's voice rang through as he and his Tactical Team sauntered into the room. Guns raised and stances strong.

                'Put the Gun down Chibald. I got you now you Son of a Bitch. Now let's see you lawyer your way out of this one you piece of shit.' Detective Franko growled as he grabbed Chibald roughly.

Chibald grew white, as he dropped the gun swiftly getting down on his knees. For the first time, he actually looked frightened. Recognizing the proud look in my eyes, he sputtered maniacally but nothing came out as he and his men were all being handcuffed.

I swiftly dropped to my knees, pulling Timothy into a tight hug as my heart rate slowed to a steady pace. 'It's ok Kiddo, we're safe now.' I added as I pulled back, smiling weakly at the sobbing Boy. 'I told you everything was going to be fine,' I spoke with a heavy voice.

            'Timothy,' Russell exclaimed and Timothy pulled away from me and ran into the arms of his Father. Hugging the man tight around his neck, as Russell sobbed quietly into his Son's shoulder.

His eyes drifted to me for a second, with a look of relief and confusion. 'Thank you,' he spoke quietly and I nodded at him with a small smile.

I turned my attention to Detective Franko who smiled at me widely. A look of pure pride and a hint of victory in his gaze. He nodded at me as he pulled a now scared looking Chibald away.

'You won't hold me for long Franko,' Chibald said bitterly and the Detective smirked at the man. The Detective quickly holstered his gun, slapping the handcuffs onto Chibald's hand.

'We have you threatening a Family, and confessing to Murder on audio. Not to mention attempted Murder. I'd say 35 to life Chibald, and not to mention all the other things we couldn't quite prove that you did. You'll now answer for all your crimes in this Town, now move it!' Detective Franko ordered gruffly as he shoved Chibald away in handcuffs.

But not before Chibald could pass me a daring glance, filled with hatred and contempt. And even though I was scared out of my mind, I still held a proud face up.

Chibald's operation was now dead and, his cronies would now have to either disappear. Or run for their lives, while shitting themselves.

I turned to see Russell, with Timothy gripping onto him as he stood beside his Father. Russel eyed me, with that same look he had in his eyes the moment Chibald spoke of my so-called feelings for the him.

After five minutes, everyone gathered outside the Residence of the Adams Home. Blue and Red light blinked incessantly, as neighbors gathered on the sidelines to watch the scene unfold.

              'Have you ever thought about becoming a Cop?' I heard Detective Franko ask from behind and, and I spun around to face him with a wide smile.

              'Not at all. Law enforcement isn't my thing,' I shrugged and the man chuckled as he shoved his hands deep into the pockets of his Pants. 'Though I have to say that was scary and a little bit intense.' I added and he nodded with an understanding gaze.

               'That was a smart move. Getting under his skin enough for him to confess to a Murder. Chibald won't be hurting you or anyone else anymore. I give you my word.' He spoke with gratitude and I nodded up at him, folding my hands across my chest, as I felt the chill of the night deep through my skin.

                'Thank you for listening to me, and saving Russell and his Son.'

               'I should be thanking you Kai. You may not know it, but you were very brave tonight. You saved a Man and his Son, and helped me put away Trinity Cove's most ruthless criminal. You did good,' he smiled as he patted me gently on the shoulder.

               'Do I get a Badge?' I asked musingly and he chuckled down at me.

                 'Maybe if you join the Academy.' He spoke with a smile, and I returned it. 'Well I have to go book Chibald. Then get Mr. Adam's statement. I have a feeling there's even more paperwork to do now that we finally have Chibald in custody.' He grimaced, and I nodded.

He turned away, making a beeline through Media Personnel and other Police Officers. He then confronted Russell, who had Timothy by his side as both men spoke. I smiled to myself, knowing that even though I got myself involved. I kept them safe from a perilous future. Despite my efforts of being Russell's Friend, going down the drain. I still felt a sense of accomplishment, deep inside that ignited a fire that I missed all too much.

Detective Franko was right, about me making the right call. Getting Chibald to confess, over live audio feed took the cake. And it was indeed a smart move to make.

I dreaded having to talk to Russell about Chibald's words, so during the whole commotion of the News and press arriving. I slipped away, despite Franko's suggestions to stick around for further proclamations.


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