Russell's House - Cont'd

                'This is unbelievable,' I let out frustrated as Russell groaned in agony. Deciding to waste no more time, I sterilized both of my hands, making sure my nails were also cleaned in the process.

              'You should go Home. You shouldn't be seeing this," his face twisted in pain, and my heart raced heavily in my chest.

               'You shouldn't have called me then. What do you expect to do? Die and leave Timothy all alone with no Father?' My questions were hasty and harsh, but I didn't care at that point. He knew I was right about him leaving his Son all alone.

                'If you know how to get a Bullet out, then by all means.' He griped out, sounding exasperated.

I dug my index finger inside the wound, gaining a deep, agonized groan from Russell. I felt his hand tighten painfully around my upper left arm. It was sure to leave a bruise, but my finger touched a cold bump inside him and I dug deeper as I felt the already cold Bullet inside him. His blood gushed from the wound but I was successful in removing the bullet, before it was lodged too deeply into his body. He grimaced as he tried to ward off the pain. His hand began loosening from my arm and I felt the blood rushing back down to my fingers. It felt sickening, but I wasn't planning on letting him bleed out.

I quickly cleaned the wounds and offered him pain tablets. Pressing a thick fold of Gauze, and tightening it with Tape from the First Aid Kit. Soon enough Russell Adams was snoring lightly as he slept shirtless on the couch. I had removed it completely, so I could clean him up properly. The pain must have knocked him unconscious but his pulse was still beating rapidly when I checked. I breathed a sigh of relief, and pressed the back of my hand against his Forehead and neck. Checking to see if he had developed a fever, or simply to make sure that his skin was warm and not cold.

I gazed around the living room and I started to grow annoyed at how messy it was. I'm sure he was a busy man, but the place needed a good scrub down. And so I began cleaning, every corner and every cupboard. Leaving the place spotless, with hopes that he wouldn't be too annoyed by me imposing. He was already annoyed with me, so the thought quickly left my head. I felt deep relief, as I would check on him from time to time. Seeing the shallow rise and fall of his chest, as he fought to be comfortable in his sleep.

I even went as far as doing his laundry, hoping to God he wouldn't throw me out if he woke up to see the place looking unfamiliar. God knows that would be embarrassing, but I continued regardless. Still hopeful that he would heal, and Timothy wouldn't be grieving for the rest of his life.

The place was quite large, and offered enough space for both Adams men. The house was equipped with a moderate sized Kitchen and one average Bathroom, it also had a small Living Room, five Bedrooms, a small Dining Room, a bar and a snug Storage Room.

The building was obviously shaped like an L. Extending into a covered patio circling around half the house. The second floor was bigger than the first, which created a stylish overhang around the entire Property. The top floor had a different style than the one below, but it was obviously where their Bedrooms were. The roof was low and triangular, covered with flat roof tiles. One large chimney poked out the center of the roof. Several small windows let in just enough light to the rooms below the. The house itself surrounded by cut grass, a huge tree in the center and bushes on the borders of the plot. I was partly surprised they didn't have a Farm as well, for the house gave that feel. Though it was filled with modern Furniture, a few antique but beautiful. His Appliances were also modern, and almost every room had a flat screen Television of moderate size. The one in the Living Room being the largest.

It took me four hours exactly to clean up, and Russell slept peacefully after I'd given him a sedative. I decided to leave him on the couch, so that he wouldn't aggravate his wound. I'd thought about calling the paramedics, but for some reason I wanted to respect his wishes. But questions were sure to arise, and I'd possibly have to threaten him to get answers when he woke.

                'You're one mysterious man Russell Adams,' I whispered to myself, covering him with a soft blanket. The air felt chilly, and I couldn't allow him to catch a cold.

I was starting to wonder if Timothy wasn't hungry, after deciding to try and make it home so I could make myself Dinner. The Boy sat in his bed, with a coloring Book when I walked into his room to check on him. He looked up from his book and flashed me a quick grin.

              'Is Daddy ok?' He asked concernedly and I nodded, walking up to his bed.

               'Your Father is a little sick right now. But don't worry, he'll be fine in a few days.' I answered and Timothy nodded his head.

I looked down at his work, and smiled proudly as he rarely colored over his lines. He was getting much better at coloring, but he wasn't one to not get the job done. He tried his best, and aimed to please at all times. His relationship with his Father wasn't anything to be suspicious about. Yet the actions of Russell Adams was questionable, though I didn't know of them as much as I'd want to. I admit that I'd judged him a bit wrongfully, but I was worried about his health. A part of me wanted to go downstairs and ask him what happened. But a part of me wanted to allow him his privacy, and respect whatever wishes he had.

               'Hey you hungry?' I asked Timothy and he nodded up at me, smiling eagerly. "Wanna order Pizza?"

               'I had Pizza last night,' he added and I nodded, thinking of what I could get him to eat. I cleaned the Fridge earlier, and there was surprisingly a lot of Food there for cooking purposes, so I decided on making him something real quick to eat. "I want Mac and Cheese," he threw his hands up and I chuckled lightly, rising from his bed.

                'Ok lets go to the Kitchen,' I ordered gently and Timothy hopped off the bed.

He took my hand and we both walked to the Kitchen, where we both chatted as I made him Mac and Cheese. I steamed some broccoli for him, and was surprised to see Timothy eating Celery straight from the sealed packaging. He obviously liked his vegetables, so it gave me another reason to like the Boy.


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