When James gets a job at the old pizza place he once went to as a kid, he feels ecstatic. However, when he arrives, things aren't exactly all they cracked up to be. However, maybe he'll find what he's looking for.


2. Two


    Slowly, I feel my consciousness return, and immediately feel odd. Everything feels wrong, yet right at the same time. I feel a slight shock seem to go through my body, as I immediately feel awake. Slowly, I begin to hear voices. 
"-Are you sure? The way you did it wasn't necessarily the best way of doing it."
"Yar, I be sure. How would the lad have made it anyway? When I do it I make sure ta be thorough."
"Yes, but how do you know he'll stay that way?"
"Ugh, ye can be so annoying sometimes, ye know that, right?"
"Yes, but I'm only acting how I need to."
"Argh! Ye are so annoying!"
"If you're so sure of it, then you can stay here and watch him. That's fine with me."
I hear the sound of metal feet walking across the floor away from me, slowly fading away. 
Slowly, I begin to feel something pressing against my back. A wall. 
I open my eyes and see a red furred fox sitting in a chair facing away from me, his tail drooping on the floor. I can hear him muttering faintly to himself, as he holds his head upon his hand. I turn my head, looking around the darkened room. There is absolutely no light in the room, yet I seem to be able to see just fine. Shelves line the walls, laden with what look like spare parts. I shift, moving to sit up.
Suddenly, I hear the fox speak.
I turn to see him standing, his arms crossed and a grimace on his face.
"Why ain't ye dead?" he asks me, a heavy scottish accent to his voice. 
"W-What do you mean?"
"Ye should be dead." 
Suddenly, I begin to see a multitude of images, rapidly flashing across my vision. I only see each for a second at the most, yet I can make out every one of them in exact detail:

A 10th birthday party, a first date, a job interview, a 16th birthday, a first car, a second job, etc. 
They all feel so unknown, yet familiar, familiar in such a way that they could only belong to one person. Me.
Suddenly, I feel negativity surge over me as the memories end in something horrible. Murder.
Looking up, I feel a sudden and heavy resentment towards the fox, the feeling tinged by unforgettable fear.
I remember this fox doing something horrible, something unforgivable to me, something... irreparable.
A name slips into my mind - Foxy. 

Holding off the anger, I try to remain calm.
"Where am I?" I ask, my anger adequately hidden for the moment.
"Be quiet, ye miserable whelp." snaps the fox.
"Hey, I'm just trying to ask you a question!" I respond, the fox's response having weakened my restraint.
"Alright. Ye'r in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza."
The name seems to cause a reaction. The memories suddenly become clearer, as the feeling of resentment grows.
Another name snaps into focus. James. 
The name feels right, and I accept it as my own.
Sitting up, I stare at the fox, silent. This goes on for a few moments, until it becomes unbearable. The fox is the one to break the silence.
"Alright then. I might as well accept it. Freddy's gonna be pissed."
"What do you mean? What reason would he have to be upset? Who even is Freddy?"
By saying the name, I feel the memories grow even more detailed.
"Freddy? Aye, Freddy's the leader of our group. He's the boss around here. Ye'd best not anger him lad, or else you'll wish ye'd never come back."
I gulp, moving to stand. Instantly upon getting to my feet, I feel lightheaded, and stumble, almost falling back to the ground face-first.
    I hear what sounds like a snicker come from the fox, as I sit back against the wall. I see the fox seems to be smirking. 
Rolling my eyes, I go to stand once more, this time using the wall to brace myself. I get to my feet, and immediately feel taller than usual. I wearily take a step forward, shaking as I do so. I take another step and feel my balance return. 
I take a few more steps forward with ease, and make my way across the room. I turn to see the fox watching me, smiling.
It says something I can only barely hear, then shakes it's head. 
"Well, you stay here, I'll go get Freddy. Got it lad? Good." says the fox, before turning and walks towards the door and exiting the small room.
    When the door opens, light floods the room for a split second, but it's long enough to blind me, causing my head to start pounding. However, immediately upon the door closing, the pain fades.
"Alrighty then." I say to myself, my voice echoing slightly in the room. The room is oddly silent, the room empty.
I look around, noticing a soft yellow light seeming to faintly illuminate the room. One wall of the room is lined with metal shelves, laden with what looks like costume pieces, and metal pieces and tools of sorts. A storage room maybe?
A few minutes later, I hear voices approach the door.
"-If yer right, then does that mean he's back?"
"Perhaps, or maybe it simply means his soul was strong enough to stay with us."
"Fer his sake, I hope so. If he is back...."
"Yes, I know Foxy. Now, not another word. I'll handle it from here on out."
    Remembering the pain from earlier, I look away as the door opens. I hear two pairs of footsteps enter the room.
"What can you remember?" says a voice. A deeper one then the fox's, but unique.
"You wouldn't mind shutting the door, would ya?" I ask, still staring at the wall.
The faint light from outside fades as I hear the door close.
"Now. What can you remember?" 
I turn, seeing a brown bear standing beside the fox, it's arms crossed and a serious look on it's face. A black top hat rests atop it's head, as well as a black bowtie wrapped around it's neck. Beside it, the fox seems nervous, yet calm at the same time. 
"Alot. Nothing very clearly, but quite a bit. Like, I can't recall any specific details, just little things, like voices, images, and emotions. Things like that." I lie, feeling that maybe I shouldn't blurt the truth quite yet.
"Now, I've given you my answer. I'd like some to my own questions."
I hear the fox mutter something under his breath. It sounds like some kind of curse.
"What's going on? I know something bad happened to me, and none of this feels normal. Everything feels wrong. Would you mind explaining that?"
The bear seems slightly annoyed, yet amused.
"How can I say this? Hm..."
The bear closes it eyes for a moment before speaking again.
"We... killed you. You're dead."
The statement confuses me, yet seems correct.
"W-what do you mean I'm dead? I'm standing right here aren't I?"
"That's exactly it. You were supposed to stay dead, but you didn't."
The statement seems to fit, sliding in like a missing puzzle piece filling in a hole.
"B-but how? I-"
"I know it's hard to take. We went through the same thing. But y-"
"SHUT UP!" I yell, my tether long broken. 
"You've got to be lying! There's no way I could be dead! I-I-...I don't believe it..."
My memories suddenly clear up completely, all static removed.
I remember the pain of it, the gruesome sound of bones snapping and cracking, the sound of flesh tearing and the feeling of warm blood creeping down my body. I remember it all.
    A sudden feeling of fear and rage hits me, and I scream. 
"G-Get away from me! Y-You're nothing but heartless monsters!" 
I close my eyes and shove my way past them, too infuriated to mind the pain of the bright lights on my eyes.
I run, with no destination in mind, only somewhere away from here. Somewhere far away from here. Far, far away.
I run until I reach a long hallway, lined with doors on either side. Frantically, I look left and right for somewhere to go, my eyes burning. I feel tears begin to slip down my face, reminding me of what's happened. I hear footsteps approaching from behind me. Scared, I duck into the nearest room and back up against a wall, slumping to the ground. The light being off, my eyes slowly stop burning. I close my eyes, sobbing.

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