When James gets a job at the old pizza place he once went to as a kid, he feels ecstatic. However, when he arrives, things aren't exactly all they cracked up to be. However, maybe he'll find what he's looking for.


1. One


    Groaning, I raise my head up from the hard, wooden desk it had been resting upon. An unfinished essay sits shoved off into one corner, ignored in spite of my roommate's various attempts to get me to do it. A few paper balls lie scattered across the desk, and a blank sheet of paper lays in front of me, a pencil resting atop it. The sun is attempting to futilely push it's way through the blinds, but to no avail. I must've passed out while working on something last night. I stand, the wheeled chair I had been seated in creaking slightly. I make my way towards the bathroom, and I'm pretty sure I stubbed my toe on almost everything along the way. I remind myself to open the blinds when I get around to it. As I relieve myself, a nagging thought creeps into my head.
 Suddenly, it hits me - It's Thursday. My first day on the job.
Around the beginning of summer break was when I made the decision to find a job, as I decided the money couldn't hurt, nor the experience. But I hadn't expected to find a job that seemed to hit so close to home. 
I walk over to the blinds, pulling them open and letting in a bit more light and revealing the everyday commute of Starksford, the small town I call home. I stand motionless for a few seconds, watching people walking by, as the occasional car drives by. The sun seems almost blinding, illuminating even the darkest corners of my small apartment. Smiling, I make my way off to the kitchen to get something to eat.

----------------------------------------------------------------------6 Hours Later---------------------------------------------------------------------


    I yawn as I pull into the building's parking lot, the whitewashed walls of the building seeming to glow in the dark. Smiling to myself, I look up and read the large colorful sign sitting atop the building's roof. 

"Freddy Fazbear's Pizza - Come be a part of the show!" 

  I smile at the sight of the familiar faces of Freddy, Bonnie and Chica, and even Foxy. I'd heard a rumor recently that they were planning to demolish this place and build a new one. Something about avoiding lawsuits and the whatnot.
"I'm finally back. I'm finally coming back to this place." 
    I climb out of the car, and begin towards the buildings double doors, the sign radiating a positive light, almost as if welcoming me back. Strolling inside, I almost walk straight into a young man, dressed in the customary uniform of Freddy Fazbear's. His hair seems to have been dyed an artificial silvery color. He pushes his way past me, a look of fear on his face. I watch as he rushes off down the street. "What was that all about?" I say to no one in particular.
I jump when I get a response from behind me.
"Oh nothing, just an out-of-sorts employee."
I turn and see a slim figure, a male. His skin seems almost pale, brought out even more by the purple suit, he's wearing.
    Shrugging off the scare, I turn towards him. He seems to be smiling. He's a gangly fellow, he's thin, not thin like someone who starves himself, but close. He holds a hand out to me.
I reach out a shake it, speaking up.
"What do you mean 'out-of-sorts'?" I ask, shaking his hand.
"Oh nothing much, he just started rambling on about something."
"Well then. Ok." 
I nod, slightly shook up from that incident, but the shudders subside within seconds.
"I'm Will,. And this-" he gestures toward the restaurant behind him. "-is my establishment!"
I smile, any sense of suspicion long gone.
"You must be James, am I correct?"
I nod, looking around and admiring the old building.
"Alright, let me say this: You have been given a wonderful opportunity by taking this job. I'm sure you'll find it very welcoming here. When you get into the office you'll find a phone. There should be a few pre-recorded messages on there. I guess the last guy before you left them to help guys like you out. And last of all, good luck." Smiling, he turns and exits, the doors swinging shut behind him. I watch him for a few moments, an eerie feeling of being watched slowly becoming more and more apparent. Shuddering, I turn back towards the lobby, looking around. 
  A small pay counter sits deserted, the time for food having long passed. It sits clean, almost sparkling in the overhead light. A small cash register sits atop it, with a sheet of paper clipped to a clipboard resting next to it. Examining the paper closer, I read what seems like a list of names.

    "Nikolai Yakob - X
    Melanie Isaacson - X
    Jonathan Linus - X
    Clark Woods - X
    Alexis Woods- X
    Joey Michaels - ?" 

Each name seems to have been crossed out except the last.
"What's this?" I ask aloud.
Shrugging, I ignore it, the feeling of being watched getting stronger.
Turning the corner, I stop within seconds of seeing the large dining room. 
The tables seem to shine, and the floor looks immaculate. Balloons float above tables here and there, tied to the tables leg.
  The biggest tables are closest to the stage, looking like they could seat at least 12 people at one time. 'Front row seats.' I think to myself, smiling and looking up at what rests atop the stage. Three figures stand motionless atop the stage, the dim light from the lobby glinting off their glass eyes. Their eyes look almost real, seeming to follow me as I stroll closer. Atop the stage stands a bear, it's brown fur looking almost real. It holds aloft a microphone, a top hat atop its head. Standing to it's left is a rabbit, it's fur purple. It holds an electric guitar, it's shiny surface painted the same shade of red as it's bowtie. Directly opposite the rabbit stands a yellow chicken, a small tuft of feathers peeking up above it's head. It holds a platter in it's hand, a cupcake with two round eyes embedded into what looks like pink frosting. 
"Evening Freddy. How've things been?" I ask aloud, smirking. 
Shaking my head, I turn and make my way down the long hallway towards the building's security office.

-=Night One: 1 Hour Later=-

    I shift in the cushioned desk chair, looking over the cameras as I do so.
"This is easy!" I say aloud, smirking as I power down the tablet and set it on the desk. 
Leaning back in the chair, I stretch, and put my feet up on the desk, relaxing in the chair.
Suddenly, I hear a loud THUD from the direction of the kitchen, startling me.
"What was that?" I say, picking up the tablet and turning it on. 
I flip quickly through the cameras until I get to the kitchen camera, remembering it's broken right before I reach it.
"Damn it. Looks like I'm gonna be checking it out in person." I shudder, grabbing a flashlight from one of the desk drawers.
    Turning it on, I gulp as I step out into the dark hallway. The only light is the faint circle provided by the flashlight in my hand. Slowly, I make my way to the kitchen. Upon reaching the end of the security hall, I stop dead in my tracks.
Only two figures stand atop the stage. 
"W-where's Chica?" I ask, a chill going down my spine. Swinging the light back and forth, I look frantically for the chicken, but find nothing. Shuddering, I shine my light in the direction of the double doors leading into the kitchen.
    Gulping, I make my way toward the doors. Peeking through the window of the left door, I shine the light into the kitchen. Metal counters shine from the light, reflecting it back at me and looking almost like eyes. Seeing nothing unusual, I cautiously push the double doors open. 
"You shouldn't be in here." 
    Startled, I spin around to find the source of the voice. Standing right behind me, blocking my path to the exit, is Chica. She seems to have lost her cupcake, and her usually purple eyes have faded to black, the pupils replaced with glowing white specks. She stands at least a half-foot taller than me, and the dim light of the flashlight glints off her beak in just the right way to make it shine like a razor.
"Yep. That's me."
"W-What are you doing o-off stage?" I ask, my fear apparent.
"Didn't he tell you? I guess not."
"Oh, I guess you haven't met Joey then, have you?"
   Gulping, I slowly begin to back away as the chicken raises a hand to her chin, looking up slightly. 
"Nevermind, that doesn't matter now. This is more important."
I gulp as I feel my back come into contact with the cold stone wall of the kitchen.
"Nowhere to run now." She says, and eerie smile creeping across her face.
Suddenly, I remember the flashlight in my hand. 'Maybe..just maybe...' 
"I don't need anywhere to run Chica."
"Oh? Why so?"
"Because I can do this!"
    I whip my hand up and aim the beam of light from the flashlight directly into her eyes, yet she only stands there, a confused expression on her face. 
"Do what? Did you really think that would work?"
She laughs, her voice almost squeaking with each laugh.
"You shouldn't have left the office." She says, starting towards me.
    Panicked, I look around for something, anything to aid me in this situation. In seconds I find a handle. Wrapping my hand around it, I swing it with as much force as I could muster, aiming directly at the animatronic chicken's head. It connects with a resounding BANG and sends the animatronic stumbling back slightly. Using this to my advantage, I run out the doors... and right into a large mass of red fur.
"Where do you think you're going laddy? You've nowhere to run Ye'd best just up an' take it lad."
Looking up, I see a glowing yellow eye staring down at me, a menacing grin across the animatronics face.
"What do you want?! J-Just leave me alone!"
  I look around, frantically looking for an escape route. Behind, Chica approaches, her arms crossed and the same grin on her face.
I gulp, closing my eyes as I let out a whimper unwillingly.
"I don't want to die..."
    My back pressed against the wall, I wait for the unknowable.
After what feels like years, I open my eyes to see the two standing there, staring at me. Their eyes faintly glowing.
"Agh, ye should do it lass. Ye are the one who caught him after all."
"No, you should Foxy. If it weren't for you, he'd be long gone now, safe and sound back in that damned office."
"C'mon lass. He did hit ye in the head with a frying pan."
"Yes, he did. And it hurt. I wouldn't mind some payback. But still. You should do it"
    Daring to pipe up, I speak. 
"D-d-do what?" I ask, my voice almost no more than a whisper.
"Ye'll see." says the fox, staring straight at me.
"Now, Chica, ye- Oh nevermind. I'll do it."
"Yeah, you should. Besides, you haven't done it in a while Foxy."
I gulp, sliding down the wall and curling up, my head on my knees.
"P-please don't kill me..." 
    Whimpering, I sit there as Foxy approaches me, grinning once again. the hook replacing his left hand glints in the dim light. It's tip seems to be caked with something, I close my eyes, not even wanting to think about it. The sound of his metal feet hitting the tile floor echoing throughout the building. I feel his cold metal hand grasp a handful of the purple uniform I'm wearing, and lift me off the ground. Daring to open my eyes, I see I'm face-to-face with the fox, his yellow eye glowing. 
"Now. Im'a ask ye one question lad. What's yer name?" 
I gulp, and answer.
"And yer last name?"
He laughs. Smiling, he stares at me, his eye looking me over. 
"Ye hear that Chica? He says his last name's Foxx."
She giggles, sounding akin to a teenage girl.
Squeezing my eyes shut, I wait, but am surprised when he sets me back down on the ground.
"Chica? Ye still want that payback?"
She smirks, speaking.
"I'd love it. How 'bout I return the favor James?"
"F-For w-"
Suddenly, I feel a massive pain in my head as something metal slams into my head. I scream, stumbling and falling to the ground. I feel something wet trickling down my face, and see Chica standing with a frying pan in her hand. I feel light, almost weightless, as I feel my consciousness slip away. 


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