When James gets a job at the old pizza place he once went to as a kid, he feels ecstatic. However, when he arrives, things aren't exactly all they cracked up to be. However, maybe he'll find what he's looking for.


4. Four

    Unknown POV: 

    I stare up at the building's bright, colorful sign, a cold breeze blowing by. It's cold tonight, going right through my thin coat. Covered by a thick layer of clouds, the moon provides little light and causes the sign seem to shine like a candle in the dark. Standing beside me, his hands in his pockets. He smiles, looking at me.
"We did it Scott. We've planted the seeds, and now we only have to wait and watch as they bloom."
"Yeah. We sure did. But it's mainly due to your help. If you hadn't made that deal, this would've never happened in the first place." 
He chuckles, sounding nervous.
"Well, why don't we enjoy the spoils? C'mon, I've got something to show you."
Smiling, he begins towards the building, beckoning for me to follow. Upon reaching the building's glass doors, he stops and turns to face me. Shaking my head, I follow after him. When I reach him, I see him digging through his pocket for something. A few seconds later, he pulls his hand from his pocket. In his hand is a key, but it's unique. The end of the key is shaped like a black top hat, seemingly freshly painted. He puts it in the lock and opens the doors. Turning on the lights by inserting another key, this one oddly shaped, into a slot in the wall. The black & white checkered floors shine in the light, obviously recently waxed. Will steps inside, stepping foot into the lobby. Against the wall sits a metal desk, a cash register sitting atop it. Behind the desk sits a cushioned office chair. On the wall behind the desk sits a large hanging, decorated like a pepperoni pizza. I watch as he makes his way down a corridor towards a large dining room. Rows of tables sit spaced throughout the room, The biggest grouping in front of a polished wooden stage. The curtains are pulled closed, and I can make out a faint glow from behind it.
"Remember how you said we'd have to use costumes for the characters? Well, I found a way around that. Apparently there's this company that manufactures this things called 'animatronics'. They are exactly what we needed!"
Inserting the oddly shaped key into another slot, he makes the curtains slide open, producing little noise. The red curtains slide apart to reveal three figures standing together on the stage, the spotlights  shining directly on the three. Standing in the lead is a brown bear, it's blue eyes reflecting the spotlight. It holds in it's hand a microphone, and wears a black top hat and bowtie. To it's right stands a yellow chicken, holding a plate with a cupcake atop it. It has pink frosting, and a lone candle atop it. Embedded in the frosting are two small eyes. Standing to the left of the bear, is a purple rabbit, holding a flashy red electric guitar in it's hands. It also wears a bowtie, but it's tie is the same shade of red as it's guitar. I'm speechless, as they begin moving around atop the stage. 
"What can they do?" I ask, my excitement apparent.
"Almost anything a human performer can do. Even some things a performer can't do!" 
"Alright, how much were they? A lot, I can imagine."
"Absolutely free."
It takes me a few seconds to register what he said, but when I do, I feel my jaw drop.
"They couldn't have been. C'mon, stop joking with me."
"Free. I'm being serious Scott. They were completely free! I only had to do an old friend a favor."
"Wow. J-Just wow. What about Foxy?"
"Same thing for him! They're all animatronic!"
I feel myself smile, as I turn and look at Will.
"I have no idea how to thank you. I-you've just given me exactly what I needed. Thanks."
"No problem Scott. I'm glad I made the right choice."
"Thanks Will."
Smiling, I turn and make my way back out into the parking lot to head home.

AN: Sorry for the chapter being so short, I plan to try and make the chapters longer. Any support would be great.
And as always, thanks for reading.

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